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Welcome to my review of John Crestani’s Super affiliate system!

Have you had a chance to read ‘’Work at Home secrets and Scams by John Crestani?’’ if yes, then I am sure you are here because you want to get more insights. In his new book, he’s proposing a super Affiliate System a reason why many people want to find out whether it’s true or just a scam.

The super Affiliate System has been here with us since 2015. When I first came across this system, I wanted to get more information and establish the genuineness of the tactics that John was teaching. As an affiliate marketer that has been making money online through Affiliate programs and several other channels, I am always cautious with any information I find online.

With that said, I must admit that John’s Course is one of the few tactics that are sophisticated and at the same time very reliable. However, before we get that deep, we will have to start by guiding you through. We, first of all, have to ensure you have all the information about this Super Affiliate program.

John’s work is a handful of online training programs that we have to closely determine and recommend with supportive data. If you are a starter in online money making, you better be very attentive as we review this program.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Overview

Company: Super Affiliate System



The super affiliate system was created by John Crestani, a relatively well-known affiliate marketer. It is a training program on how to make money online using affiliate marketing business model.

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The purpose of this Review

We want to help newbie affiliate marketer that wants to learn all the skills of making money online. John Crestani is a big name in the affiliate world and so we are here to infuse all the skills learned in his recent works in your head.

To give you an informative review, I went along and bought the program to see what its all about and to check whether all the praises out there are true. I have been a member of many online subscription-based programs and for that reason, I wanted to see how different this program is.

The main aim of this review is to help you make an informed decision before you proceed to buy the program. We also want to make sure you are quite certain about the benefits you are going to reap from Super Affiliate System 2.0.

Who is this John Crestani?

John Cristani Photo

I wouldn’t continue with this review before we understand better the man behind this program. In case you didn’t know John Crestani, he is a very popular man in the affiliate world. He is one of the most influential personalities in this field. In simple terms, John Crestani is an online marketer and also an expert in affiliate marketing.

The man has been in this industry for a long time making money through the same channels and also influencing other people to get the same through affiliate marketing. The man has made a significant living from affiliate marketing. He’s that man with a beard and a white Lamborghini speaking in almost all conferences about making money online.

I would praise John Crestani as a Digital nomad because he has made a lot of money moving around the world teaching people and also investing in different channels.

John has launched different courses over the years with most of them getting influence from all over the world. However, one of his most influential works that have changed the world of affiliate marketing greatly is called the Super Affiliate System or Internet Jetset.

John Crestani is also a powerful YouTuber with almost 300,000 subscribers. Most of his videos also get over thousands of views within a very short period.

Negative reviews about John Crestani

You may be wondering whether this man has any negative reviews. If you took the time to check the internet, you will probably realize that there are many negative reviews about John Crestani. Most of them claim that John Crestani is a scam and many others claim that he gives non-practical advice about affiliate marketing.

You are also likely to get many positive reviews about the man. This puts you in a puzzle that you need to solve before you make a decision. However, it’s a good thing to first of all check the footer of these reviews.

Most of the reviews are from his critics and others are aimed at putting him down by the competitors. Verily, you will notice that most of the negative reviews are from other affiliate marketers from various affiliate marketing training platform, which proves it’s a war of competition.

Why should you trust John Crestani?

With so many different reviews about John Crestani on the internet, you may wonder which of all the reviews is trustworthy. For that reason, I want to give you a few reasons why you should trust John Crestani and his works.

  • First of all, He has great knowledge about Affiliate marketing
  • Crestani has great knowledge about all forms of paid advertising from Google
  • John Learnt the art of affiliates marketing while still working and he was eventually fired
  • He makes a lot of money through the same tactics he teaches.
  • His YouTube presence proves he’s real.

Let’s now get to the business of today which is to review John Crestani Super affiliate program. However, before I delve deep into this review, there are three things that I want to make clear.

First, I am not in any way related to John Crestani. This is a clear indication that I am not here to compromise the truth and market his work.

Secondly, I am not a competitor to John Crestani. Meaning I am not writing this review to tarnish his name or affect his sales in any way. The review is a genuine carry of all the facts about his work to inform you and help you make an informed decision.

Lastly, the ideas and information shared in this brief are based on the available information on the internet through research and personal experiences with the program. We had to get the program and try the best to exploit all the information for this detailed review.

What is the Super Affiliate System 3.0?

I know you are wondering all along what we are talking about. This program is one of the most influential affiliate programs that we have in the market today. I have got it and so I can show you what the whole book is about.

That is the summary of the entire book and the things you are going to learn when you purchase it. There are several other things you are supposed to, first of all, get through before you get started.

John wanted to make the program as detailed as possible. For that reason, he included a section of the things to do and where to start before you proceed to the information.

The course has several goals but the main goal is to help you start as a paid traffic expert marketer. The course promises that you can get to this rate within 6 weeks.

Over these six weeks, you will be subjected to 50 hours of content videos across all the spectrum of affiliate marketing. This course has the below contents;

super affiliate system 3.0 landing page

  • Introduction and System setup
  • Success skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Facebook and Google Ads
  • Native  & YouTube ads
  • Scaling & Outsourcing

Module 1

This module covers the introduction and system setup. This is the module that will check in goal setting. After that, you will get a guide on how to join affiliate networks. John goes further to giving you some suggestions about the affiliate networks you can join including ClickBank.

This doesn’t mean people in countries where ClickBank is banned cannot benefit from the courses. There are several other alternatives including MaxBounty, Warriorplus, JvZoo, Peerfly, and Shareasale.

The first module will also help you with setting your landing page, website and presale page. After that, you will be walked in through the process of setting up your first Facebook Ad and how to link this with your affiliate network.


This module is about the success skills that are facilitated through mindset videos. I am not so into mindset skills but I prefer checking these because they can greatly help.

You get all the ideas about your niche, how to research it, finding an offer and eventually depth niche research. Lastly, the module will teach you how to network effectively and understand the intent.

Module 3

Marketing skills and several other skills you will need to get your ideas to potential customers are taught here. This module teaches you how to become an effective marketer. This is especially through the psychology of ads. You get all the ideas of creating and to structure wonderful ad copy.  The module comes with John’s 17 step formula that will help you become a copywriting expert.

Module 4

This is where all the earning skills will be invested because the module is all about Facebook and Google Ads. The good thing about this man is that he knows how to market on Facebook Ads very well and that is what he wants you to learn too.

This module looks at the importance of FB ads and how you can be compliant when you are marketing affiliate offers through this platform. John advises that if you are not very careful, you may get banned.

Module 5

This is the module that covers Native and YouTube ads. These are the strategies that most programs will not cover. The module teaches you how to set up native ads with some of the main platforms including the Outbrain, Voluum, Taboola, and MGID. The world of YouTube ads can be very expensive but John will guide you through.

Module 6

This is the module that will talk about Scaling and outsourcing. Now that you have all the skills, it’s up to you to make sure that you outsource and scale the right way. This goes beyond starting in this career.

The module will teach you how to use sales Funnels such as ClickFunnels. This is what helps you increase the ability to successfully capture leads. John will also teach you how to scale through some of the most common studies and media buying tactics.

How does Super Affiliate system 3.0 by John Crestani work?

With all the above information, you are probably wondering how this system works. First and foremost, this program tries to teach the following things:

  • The functionality behind his marketing funnel networks
  • How to market and get customers online as he does
  • How John writes his ads
  • What it takes for him to do video marketing
  • How he goes about copywriting
  • How he went from zero earnings to about 700,000 dollars every single month.
  • Gives you a template for you to start the business

To whom did John Crestani create the Super Affiliate System?

One main fact is that this program can work for almost every person but especially those that want to start in such a career. This means that there are some groups that the system would not help the right way. So, Super Affiliate System by John Crestani is for you if:

  • You want to take what he’s done and make it your own
  • You already know web design, copywriting and website conversions optimization. This is actually what makes it very tricky for everyone to benefit from the program.
  • You want to master affiliate marketing field and internalize all the schools of thought and tricks in the industry.
  • You have an ad budget
  • You have a supportive community
  • You have an online business that you want to scale through new tactics.

What is the format of the Super Affiliate System by John Crestani?

This system is a training program with about 5 hours of the core curriculum and several, other live training. What this means is that after the purchase, you are likely to get this program in PDF and video formats.

Super Affiliate systems support

Once you have purchased the program, you might be wondering whether there’s any support that you get from John Crestani. First of all, he provides support through phone, email inquiry, membership forums, and help desk. This is a clear indication that you will never run into any trouble.

Why do I like Super Affiliate Systems by John Crestani?

I have personally used this program and came to realize that there are several areas that this system does well. These are the areas that I love the most and the reasons why I praise this system by John Crestani. Here are the areas that the system does well.

  • The methods taught in this system work
  • The man creates compelling ads
  • There’s a motivational story of how John got up from making zero to making a significant amount of dollars a month.
  • The support response is super fast. He will always get back to you regardless of the time of the day you text or call him. This is an indication that you will never run into any trouble when you are implementing the program.
  • There are several business models that you can implement to run a digital agency
  • The modules contain traffic generation methods which include Google SEO, Paid Google Ads, paid YouTube ads, Video marketing, and Facebook ads.
  • You are likely to benefit from his training on choosing keywords.
  • The strategy used to create YouTube videos is awesome and effective
  • John Crestani is an experienced affiliate marketer with all the knowhow to help you along.
  • He’s a living testimony that his work is effective-This is because he makes thousands of dollars every single month.
  • The man shares his exact funnels and ad copy for the student. This is a clear indication that he wants you to get everything he does well.
  • There’s a community element
  • The system is easy to navigate and the user experience on the inside is awesome
  • You can benefit from customer support through Phone calls, emails and membership community.

What I don’t like about Super Affiliate System by John Crestani

With so many positive things to talk about when it comes to this program, there are several things that I didn’t like. These are some of those things that I want you to be familiar with to avoid all the frustrations that may accrue. Here are some of the cons of the Super Affiliate System by John Crestani.

  • He missed a point when he said that website optimization, web design, and buyer psychology are the key elements for success. I expected to hear more about this because it’s quite important. After purchasing this system, you will also notice that you needed more information on the same.
  • How to create your brand? I would like to hear and see more here. I was left floating in the air without any answers. However, after contacting the customer support, you are likely to be issued with additional information that can be very beneficial.
  • There are some things he missed on how to create your website with the branding. He didn’t include images to make understanding easier.
  • How to write your ads should be explained further
  • Are there more success stories from previous users? I would want to know what the previous users are saying about the program. I would like more people to testify whether they benefited from the systems and how significant their benefits were.
  • Very few reviews-are there any reviews that I didn’t see? I think it would be easier to trust the program if there are additional reviews from the users. I needed to see their thoughts about the products and to hear their complaints too.
  • There are no third parties reviews-Most of the available reviews are from the affiliate marketers. However, it would be better if I saw some reviews from non-affiliates. I want to see whether this program can significantly help beginners or startups. I would also want to know what are some of their thoughts about the effectiveness of this program especially if they didn’t have enough information about affiliate marketing.
  • In the membership area, there is less engagement-I would like to see more engagement.
  • The information on email marketing and follow up methods was unsatisfactory.
  • There’s no estimated budget of tools and paid ads. This is a little confusing because the people would not be in a position to understand the amount of money they are likely to invest in.
  • The system comes with countless hidden costs. If you thought you are only going to spend on purchasing this system, then you are wrong. You are very likely to incur additional costs on the tools and several other things.
  • In my opinion, the sales tactics are very gimmicky.

Third-party reviews

I am sure you want to hear what other people are saying. You also want to hear from previous customers. Unluckily, there is a limited number of third party reviews. This means that you are unlikely to hear from prior customers and other third-party customers.

This is actually where the program has failed the most. However, if you took more time to check on this, you can get mixed third-party reviews. As you all know this system teaches affiliate marketing. For this reason, some people are making some significant amounts of money from marketing and selling it.

For the above reason, such programs always have biased reviews which are the reason why I wouldn’t rely on the available third-party reviews to write this review article. Most of these programs have high commissions, others also have huge costs and customers want to get their money back a reason why they will not give their genuine thoughts.

What I am trying to mean is that you are supposed to be very careful when you are reading such reviews. You also have to consider seeing if the program offers information and tools that can benefit your business.

If you want to make sure that the reviews are genuine, I would also recommend checking on the reviews to see whether they have achieved what they are claiming to have achieved. This is easy, find their online accounts and with the time you will be able to see whether these reviews were genuine or just a way of getting their money back. If in any case you are reading these reviews and you haven’t had a chance to verify their claims, then you are supposed to consider them void and null.

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John Crestani Super affiliate system pros

  • It’s user-friendly
  • Easy to follow tactics
  • From an experienced author and affiliate marketer
  • The methods have already worked for John Crestani
  • If you take consistent actions, the methods will work
  • The teaching style is good for beginners
  • No email marketing or email list is required
  • The traffic skills you will learn are very reliable.

John Crestani Super affiliate system cons

  • The program shows that making money online is easy which is not always the case
  • The claims are exaggerated-Remember you will hear him say that you can make money online within hours which I consider an elusive claim.
  • This program is comparatively expensive
  • There are many hidden costs
  • You will have to invest in a couple of paid tools to see the results
  • There’s no clear pre-training budget
  • The methods take some time to work.
  • Only one niche is used in the example
  • There are no Native Ads Video lessons

So is this system helpful?

I have shared information about the program both positive and negative which can leave you wondering whether this program works. However, whether this program works or not depends on many things. First of all, it depends on whether you have enough money for the tools and whether you have the right know-how.

I think the system will work because it has proven to work for me. So, are you ready, are you patient, do you have all the money required for the tools and do you have the right information to get started? If yes, then I am sure you are ready to take the wind.

To me, I usually think that one of the best ways of being successful is to rub your shoulders with the people that are already successful. In this case, John Crestani proves that these strategies have worked for him. He’s a real character that someone can see and confirm that he’s a successful Freelancer.

Additionally, John gives public lectures about affiliate marketing, ads and other Freelancing methods of making money. With that, you can be sure that he’s a living testimony that making money online is very possible.

The system we are talking about today is designed by John to help you make your first commission. The man claims that the program can help you achieve this within the shortest time possible. While you are online, don’t be shocked when you see testimonies that the program has worked for other people. You are left behind because you haven’t started on this.

Negative reviews about John Crestani super affiliate program

We wouldn’t assume this program will not work but there are many negative reviews that you are likely to come across. I will admit that it’s a positive and effective, valuable training that will help you get started with the affiliate marketing business.

One major negative review about this product is that John is not being 100% honest with his words. First of all, how do you believe his words when he says he makes about 700,000 dollars every single month? That is too good to be true.

It’s a huge amount of money to claim that you can make online in 30 days. Additionally, he claims that it’s easy to make money online within a very short period. I say it’s not that simple, maybe it’s true but you are likely to see that his words are to entice us to buy his system.

The system also comes with a couple of hidden costs that you will incur after purchasing this main program. First of all, he doesn’t tell you that you are very likely to incur some money on buying the tools and other things that you will need to implement his strategies.

Super Affiliate program by John Crestani price

Are you now wondering how much money you are going to pay for this program? If yes, then you have to dig deeper into your pocket and get $997 for the program. I think this amount of money is exaggerated. The product is comparably expensive than most other alternatives that I have come across in the market.

To pay for the program, you can use a PayPal or credit card. They all come with the Clickbank money-back guarantee. If you have thought of giving this system a try, then you can save some money and get in the game. There are also several supplementary bonuses that you can get when you start on this.

Is John Crestani Super affiliate system a scam?

We wouldn’t conclude on this review before we talk on whether this program is a scam or a legit system that can be beneficial to you. Before reviewing any product, I usually take a lot of time investigating and researching. Now that I have used this program, I would be in a position to state clearly whether it’s genuine or a scam.

I wouldn’t take a lot of your time to say this; Super affiliate system by John Crestani is a legit system. This program is not a scam because it includes the information that would benefit you in your ambition of making money online.

My reason is that the program has some proven methods that are very likely to work. The author of this program is known so there’s nothing to hide in this case.

The author also states clearly that there are no ways he could scam you and the methods are already working for him.

There’s a reliable customer service which also means that all your questions and queries are going to be answered. This is a clear indication that you can trust their intentions and eventually trust that they are aimed at helping you learn all the skills in affiliate marketing.

Do we recommend John Crestani Super affiliate system?

The data we have provided above is to guide you along and help you make the decision. Although there are many negative reviews, we accept the fact that this program can greatly help you. For this reason, we recommend the John Crestani Super affiliate Course to all the people that want to learn these new skills and make money online.

However, we don’t recommend this program to someone that is not decided yet. If you are not sure that you want to start on this program and make money through Freelancing and specifically affiliate marketing, then this program is not for you.

We also not recommend the program to people that are not ready to invest a significant amount of money. The product itself is about 1, 000 dollars but you are going to incur a lot more because you will have to but several tools that you will need along the way.

The product is also not a good match for people with little or no information about designing and marketing. What this means is that you first of all have to get the right information before you think this can work for you.

However, for beginners that at least have the information or those beginners that think have the guts to invest thousands of dollars, this program is for you. Though, you must be ready to invest more money in other programs that will help you start wisely and those that will help you sustain the business until you have enough skills and experience.

Should you buy this Course?

This is upon you and what you have learned already. However, if you love John Crestani and like most of his works, you can consider buying this course. Though this should not be the only reason for that, make sure that the program works for you before you purchase it.

I have my reasons why I choose to buy this program. First of all, the program is constantly updated and crafted to cover emerging topics and dynamics of affiliate marketing. After the first purchase, you will not have to pay again to access the new materials. We expect that this course will be updated again very soon.

John has also included files, templates, case studies, copies, swipes and winning campaigns for all the members. You just have to make sure you are not the kind of an idiot who will copy-paste them to their ad accounts and websites. You just have to customize them and make them uniquely yours.

I think I shouldn’t buy the program?

Some people have plenty of reasons to not buy the program. Some of them think that it’s a very expensive program for them. This is not always a cause of worry but if this is what you take seriously, then you can skip the course.

Risk-averse people will not take this as a serious thing but some people; fear that the paid traffic is one of the fastest ways of blowing the capital in minutes. Though, remember this is also one of the fastest ways to see returns.

The other reason why people are considering this course as an unnecessary investment is that it doesn’t include some topics such as SEO which is very beneficial. This takes time but would suit the beginners.

Are there any Cheap and better alternatives to John Crestani’s super affiliate system?

There are many cheap and best alternatives that you can go for. If you are one of those people that don’t want to invest such a huge amount of money, there are some alternatives that you can consider.

Search for names such as Franklin Hatchet who offers a cheaper course known as Savage Affiliates. The course comes with 175 videos covering every aspect of affiliate marketing.

The program by Franklin is very similar to that of John and has proven to work. The only difference here is that the Savage Affiliate is cheaper and covers most of the topics that beginners would want to hear about.

This program shows you how to make money with the funnels, search engine optimization, email marketing, solo ads, social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook and also through native ads.

If you are a beginner, you probably want to know how to build your website and make money more passively. This program retails at 197 dollars.

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate Course final thoughts

John Crestani has invested a lot of time teaching people how to make money through affiliate marketing. For that reason, I think his program is well detailed and has all the information that you would need to make it in the marketing world.

We don’t expect this course to be the last of its kind because he has constantly invested money and time into creating new programs. There are more affiliate networks and paid traffic sources out there that you can utilize to sharpen your skills.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this review. With that information, we hope that you will be in a position to make an informed decision. Though, be very careful with the reviews you find on the internet about this program. Some of them can be deceiving and others misinform you which can be dangerous considering the amount you are likely to invest in this course.

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