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Hi guys! Welcome to my JobCashing Review!

Have you ever encountered this website that claims to pay you for every referral and referral link clicks you make? Are you planning to be a member of and promote your referral link?

You are here because you have a certain doubt that this site could be a scam and you want to find out more about it.

Fortunately for you, this review will show you why you should stay away from this site. Don’t ever be fooled by this garbage website.

You will just spend your time promoting your links without any benefit to you. All your efforts will be for nothing, so don’t even bother join this site.

There is a group of people that make this kind of website. The same scam, different names which I also made a review recently.

The following websites are owned by the same person or organization of scammers:


This review will prove that is a scam. I am 100% certain that this is a bogus website that scams people for their benefit.

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JobCashing Review

Product/Platform Name: Job Cashing

Website :

Owner: “Anonymous ”

Recommended? No

What is JobCashing?

Job cashing is a website that is full of BS. All the claims are just ridiculous and does not make any sense. The member’s area is reflected in below image.

You will be given a referral link to promote, and according to them, promoting it will be your first job or task. They allow you to share your referral link in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. They also encourage you to post it in forums and group chat for more exposure of you link.

Job Cashing Members area

I really don’t understand how you are going to make money because they only say the you could get paid by just sharing you referral link (which actually does not make sense again).

This could be a get-paid-to site or GPT, but again, this website will not pay you. Nothing is really good with this website.

JobCashing is a Scam – 7 Reasons Why!

1. 5-10 Dollars per Click

This claim is so bold and ridiculous. Why would someone pay for that amount for a certain link click? If you are the advertiser, would you pay for 5 dollars if someone just click your link?

Can you imagine the amount of money you will lose if you do that. Pay per click advertising does not work that way.

In pay per click advertising, the people that you target are those who have similar interest in the product you are promoting.

This is in contrary with, where you just share your link in random places like social media and forums.

You don’t know the specific interest of the people that click that link, and as an advertiser, you will not make any profit.

So the question here is where would they get the money that they will pay you for each click? As I’ve mentioned, no advertisers will pay for that amount.

This reason alone will suffice that this is indeed a scam. But if you want more proof, just continue reading.

2. Bogus Owner

Do you really think you will ever know the owner of this website? No, that is because this is their business, to scam people and their identity should be hidden so that they can continue to scam people.

They make hundreds of websites that are similar to this and hope that they can scam as much people as possible.

You can call them the serial scammers!

3. Copyright Year

At the bottom of the site, copyright was 2017-2018.


But when I search the whois of the website, I found out that this website is still 220 days old (from the time of writing – 03-May-19).

domain age of jobcashing

4. Minimum Cash Out

$300 minimum to cash out is insanely high. They are doing this so that they can use you for a bit longer before you know that you were scammed.

Most get-paid-to or paid-to-click sites’ cash out is only around 10-20 dollars. You should be very careful if you see this kind of cash out minimum.

Most probably, that site is a scam.

5. No Payment Proof From Real Member

Have you seen any real proof from I bet none, because not a single person was ever paid.

I also tried to research if I can find some proof in the internet, but unfortunately, none as expected.

For GPT sites, payment proof is very important since many website will not pay. For, I am sure that they will not pay you too.

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6. How JobCashing Earn Money

While reading this review, in your mind, you may be asked this question, “how was I scammed if it was free?” Well, scam is not only about in terms of money. You’ve been scammed because you were deceived and you waste a lot of time.

Time is priceless and even more significant than money. And you can never get back the time spent doing useless task.

Let’s go back to the question, how they make money? As a member, you promote your referral links and then there are also other task that they let you do. Such task were from their advertisers.

A legit GPT sites usually share their income to their members and also, the amount is not that much. In, that is not the case. They will not share a single penny to you. Just imagine if there are thousands of members already, they will make a lot of money.

That makes you a slave because you work for free. Lol.

7. 1,000 Dollars in Your Account

After promoting your link, you probably generate a supposedly an income of 1,000 dollars. You are exited to see your earning reach that high.

The you begin to cash it out and for no reason, they will not release your money. Your efforts will be just for nothing because they will probably ban your account and accuse you of violating their rules. They will say that your clicks were all fraud and that’s it.

In just a snap of “Thanos'” finger, your money is gone. That is just sad, so sad.

Final Verdict

Why do you think sites like this exist? Most people really love to earn money while doing less work. That is just the reality, human nature at its finest.

These scammers just take advantage of this human flaw to make money out of it.

They will do everything to scam you for their own self interest. The selfishness of these people are so extreme that they don’t care about other people.

Once again, job cashing is a scam! Move away from this website and find a better way to make money.

I thank you for reading my jobcashing  review. Good luck in your next online venture! Cheers!

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