Jamie Lewis Profit Injector Review : Legit or Just Another Scam?

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Hi guys, Ross here, hope you are doing well. You’re probably doing a bit of research on this program called profit injector. Profit injector is an offer on Clickbank. Maybe you saw this on Clickbank, maybe you saw somebody else promoting it on YouTube, Facebook or Google or email. Wherever it is, you’re here to do a bit of research to find out if you should buy this program. I’m gonna give you a full review and then you can decide whatever you want to do with this particular program.

Is it really possible to earn money through videos of other people? Is there a program which can help people do that? Is Profit Injector a legitimate program? These are the questions many people wonder about. If this question has also crossed your mind, then we are here to uncover the truth for you.

The first thing a person should do is to carry out research before putting his/her hands in any money making project. Quite a few cases of fraud had come to surface, so it is always a good idea to do your research so fraudulent activities and scams can be avoided.

If you wish to get comprehensive information about Profit Injector, then you have come to the right place. Read below article and decide for yourself if it’s a suitable product for you.

Profit Injector in a Nutshell

It is a software that helps you to find YouTube videos that are getting a lot of views and are not currently monetized, meaning that they don’t have a link in the description to an affiliate offer or anything. There’s just nothing in the description that would allow that person to make money. The software helps you define those videos and then show you how to approach the owner of those videos to get a JV part so so that you’ll be able to use your affiliate link in the description and you can split the profits.

Profit Injector Review

Product Name: Profit Injector
Website: profitinjector.com
Owner: Jamie Lewis
Price: $37 + upsells
Recommended? Yes and no (Will be elaborated in the article below)

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The Owner of Profit Injector

Jamie Lewis is the guy in the sales video. It is pretty funny because he’s basically in his pajamas and he’s got a whole bunch of money laid out on the table and he’s got a money counting machine. He has been online for he is 10 or 15 years so you can see he is a real person unlike a lot of the Clickbank products where they have a spokesperson and he is the real deal  and he’s made millions of dollars online. Jamie Lewis is a very experienced and he’s a very successful internet marketer. However, some of the products that he releases are questionable, I think a lot of them don’t give you deep enough strategies to get you to where you want to go, but that’s my personal opinion. Some people have been successful with these products, but I think that a lot of them are lacking deep training that you need in order to be truly successful online.

His other products include Bank Ramp and Profit365.

Profit Injector Owner

Aside from Jamie Lewis,  this course is also mentored by well known colleague of his, Matthew Tang and Tom Lua.

What is Profit Injector?

Profit injector is actually teaching you to basically go to YouTube, find videos that have lots of views. Contact the actual YouTube owner and then strike a deal with them and ask them to put your affiliate link into their video. That is basically leveraging off that youtubers views and when you put your affiliate link on any products that you’re trying to sell, when people click on it then they will go to your Clickbank offers or whatever you’re promoting and that way you get free traffic and maybe you split 50-50 with the YouTube owner.

I’ve heard about Profit Injector as it was promoted in my email, it looked a bit unique so i went ahead and decided to see what it’s about.
Their sales page was quite different from other sales pages that I previously reviewed, this was surprising to see as many money making online products being sold by ClickBank often have scam like sales page. Project Injector’s distinctive page looked promising from afar.

Profit Injector claims to deliver methods through which a person can earn commissions via other’s videos.

A qualified Internet marketer, Jamie Lewis (a legitimate person, not some paid actor) says that now you won’t have to spend your hard earned money on ads nor will you have to waste time on complex methods.

The products I’ve previously reviewed do not come with detailed explanations, but Project Injector has provided its potential clients with the necessary information.

He says basic computer skills, 2 hours of work and an email informing him about daily results is all you need for this work. These requirements can be easily met by majority; will that make Profit Injector a viable source of full-time income for people?

I would admit that their sales video looked a bit scam like as Jamie displays money and income proofs quite a lot, which is usually a recurrent theme in many scam websites, as they tend to attract people by showing lavish lifestyles.

He also makes this product sound a bit too good, when he explains that the entire process is automated, which honestly is not an easy task to do.

With that said, let’s now try to understand how Profit Injector works.

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How it Works?

A genuine business model known as affiliate marketing is used by Profit Injector to make money. Affiliate marketing is related to promotion of other people products and receiving commissions for each and every sale you end up making.
I personally make use of this business model and earn a decent monthly income; I also have knowledge about various methods used and the ins and out behind these models.

In the case of Profit Injector, emphasis is placed on promotions of affiliate offers on other people YouTube videos.
They will teach you to look for videos that are not monetized and you will be required to contact their creators. Once the deal is made, the creators will have to post your affiliate links in their video descriptions.

People who watch videos will sometimes click on those affiliate links and purchase the products recommended, which will allow you to earn commissions. Some portion of the commission will also be paid to the creators of videos.

Inside The Members Area

Profit Injector Members Area

First thing you see is the training videos , basically Jamie’s doing the first couple of videos which are basically an overview of the method and how to get started doing it.

The rest of the training was done by Matthew. He’s gonna be doing the rest of the training which is going to show you how to use the software and then further on how to monetize from these people. 

You also have access to YouTube keyword tool  which is not really good in my opinion, so I wouldn’t bother use or recommend of using it.

Both you and the video creators will benefit from this, so it’s a win-win situation for everybody. They are providing you with free advertisement, and you provide them with profits through non-monetized videos.

The training is not solely focused on the niche of “online money making”, other niches are also involved like health, beauty, travel etc which makes Profit Injector unique from other products.

When you decide to purchase Profit Injector, video training will be provided to you, along with PDF guides on how the entire process actually works. Software by Jamie, keyword tool and email swipes will also be sent to you to guide you on things to mention to video creators to secure a deal.

The training is not suitable for beginners, as they don’t provide you with sufficient information to get started; however it is still pretty good. There are certain information beginners need to know, like how to look for affiliate networks etc which are absent from this particular training.


Youtube Bible

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Actual cost

The initial fee is $47, which is the beginning fee of Profit Injector sales funnel.Every other money-making product have upsells, it is not surprising that Profit Injector also offers its customers upsells.
Once you purchase this program, three kinds of upsells will be presented to you. The first one is the training class with Jamie for $197 one-time fee, the second upsell is the training class for six months $497 and then the upsell number three is the profit injector business in a box for 297 dollars .

If i tell you my personal opinion I am never in favor of products which have upsells because it means that the initial product provided to you is not good enough and besides complete products don’t even require upsells, right?

Is Profit Injector a scam?

In my opinion Profit Injector is not a scam, it looks like a proper product as it includes some kind of tools and training which in turn generates profits. As ClickBank is selling this product, a refund can also be requested if you don’t like the purchased product.

One thing I would like to add is that James has not earned his fair share of income through this method only. If you are just beginning, don’t set yourself high expectation as you won’t be able to earn a large sum of money in an extremely short span of time. It takes time to learn about the system and gain experience.

This method is not suitable for creating an entire affiliate market business as it doesn’t provide complete training on how to launch your own personal website. YouTube content creators are free to do whatever they feel like, so if they decide to replace your affiliate link with another without telling you, there is not much you can do to stop them.

Beside, you need to invest a hefty amount of time searching for non-monetized videos and still they is no guarantee that you will earn a lot of money by clicks, since not every person will purchase a product after clicking your affiliate link.

This may not be the most costly way to establish a business, but it is still risky. I would say that Profit Injector is not for beginners, but for intermediate and advanced marketers who wish to expand their affiliate marketing business it is a good product.
I would not recommend beginners to avail the services of Profit Injector.

Sales Video


Profit Injector sounds really great and seems easy but the truth is, I’ve tried the strategy before and it’s one of those strategies that will be extremely difficult for you to be successful. First of all, in order to find videos on YouTube where they’ve got lots and lots of views, where that particular owner is not already doing something with that video is very difficult because imagine if you’ve got people on YouTube that have channels where their videos are getting like thousands or hundreds or tens of thousands, or millions of views every single day, week, month, or year. Why would they ever want to work with an affiliate marketer like yourself so that you can stick your link in there and and you make money instead of them making money? Does that make sense right? if I was a channel creator, I would put my own affiliate links on my own videos. In theory, this strategy makes sense, but in real life, it doesn’t really work. 

I hope you guys have learned something about my Profit Injector Review.


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