Is Zilis a Scam? [The Ultra Amazon CBD MLM?]

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Welcome to my review of Zilis!

There has been a lot of talk circulating the internet on this relatively new company referred to as zilis.

There is so much hype about this opportunity, you must be wondering if it’s one of the many scams that flood the internet. Many people are interested in this opportunity but they are not sure if it’s something they can trust. Luckily, I am here with all the information you are looking for about this company.

I will take you through the company background, its products, compensation plan and anything else that you ought to know. The truth is we all don’t want to miss out on a good business opportunity. On the other hand, it’s never a pleasant experience to fall into a trap laid out by scammers. That is why am happy you have taken the time to do some research on zilis. So let’s get started.

Zilis Review Summary

Company: Zilis


Owners: Steven Thompson & Angie Thompson

Zilis owner steven thompsonZilis owner angie thompson


Zilis is an MLM company is referred by some as the amazon of CBD. This article is more focused on the business it provides and whether you will make money with this or not.

Recommended? No! (In terms of the business opportunity )

A Much Better Opportunity:

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What exactly is zilis?

Zilis is a CBD MLM business first launched in 2015 by the couple Steven and Angie Thompson from Texas. According to the corporate bio provided for the Thompsons, it claims that the couple has a vast experience in the MLM industry. They have a career that spans over three decades in the wellness and direct sales industry.

The bio goes on to state, the Thompsons have built teams spiraling to over 250,000 people in about 40 countries across the globe. Furthermore, Steven Thompson was the vice president of sales for Livesmart 360 which is also referred to as cyberwise. Liversmart went out of business in 2015 which is just about the same time the couple established zilis. It seems like Steven left the previous company at the exact time it was about to hit rock bottom.

What are their products?

Zilis is quite different from the typical MLMs. In this case, it does not manufacture its products or have them manufactured by a 3rd party. Instead, what they do is they select the best Hemp oil in the market and CBD products. These are mainly the products most beneficial to its customers. Afterward, zilis sells these products on its platform.

Zilis calls itself the amazon of the CBD industry. There are very many products on their platform and it’s impossible to list them all here. I will simply talk about the few best-selling ones;

Zilis Ultra products

7 Hemp oil

The 7 Hemp oil stands out from the rest due to the fact it has CBD absorption of around 6%. Furthermore, this product comes with the PurZorb technology which helps it has about 85% bio availability of the hemp oil.

Zen Arterosil

These products work to improve your cardiovascular health in just 1.5 hours after consumption of the required dosage.

Here are more of their products;

  • Elementa Essential oils
  • Vera Life – this is liquid nutrients
  • Wright Family Organic SkinCare
  • Common Sense – nutritional supplements
  • Aleris SkinCare and Cosmetics
  • Cutting Edge Health and Wellness

As I had already said, there are so many products and I can’t possibly mention them all. The list is endless.

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Zilis compensation plan

There are two ways members can make money on zilis. The first way is through selling their retail products to customers and the other by recruiting people into the program. I will simply explain how you can earn money on this platform;

Retail profit

This is the simplest way to earn an income on zilis. You get a profit from selling zilis products. There is no much information provided about retail profits except for the fact that you can earn up to 100% of the profits. Besides, customers on auto-ship are entitled to receive a 50% discount.

Direct recruitment commission

Similar to many other MLMs, people make some money through recruitment. You get a commission each time you manage to convince someone to join the program.

The amount of money you make largely depends on the package the newly recruited person decides to purchase. For instance, if the person you recruit opts to buy the bronze package, you are awarded $20. The silver package earns you a total of $60 and the gold one is worth a commission of $120.

Residual commissions

Residual commissions rely on the binary structure. This means that the people you recruit are allowed to get others to join the program. As a result, you also earn a commission from this. There are two sides to the binary structure which are the left and right. For you to qualify for the residual commissions, you will at least have to reach a minimum of 300 GV.

Additionally, the commission depends on your affiliate rank and the package which you signed up after joining. Those at the highest-ranking make the most money and this can go up to $10,000 in a week. On the lowest rank, you get to earn at least $250 a week.

The bonuses

There are so many bonuses on this platform from which you can make some money for yourself. You are required to meet certain goals before you can qualify for a specific bonus. You have to up your game and learn more about making money with zilis before you can even think of the bonuses. These are some bonuses;

  • Rising star bonus
  • Blessing bonus
  • Healthcare bonus
  • Jeep bonus
  • Presidential bonus

zilis jeep bonus

What is the cost of joining zilis?

All new members joining zilis have to pay a membership fee totaling to $99. On top of this, the members can buy one of their starter packs. There are three packs;

  • Bronze starters pack – it goes at $199
  • Silver starters pack – it goes at $599
  • Gold starters pack – it goes at $1299

You are entitled to earn higher commissions when you buy the higher-priced packages. Also, each starter pack has different products included in it. Not forgetting the $29 monthly fee for the back office. As you can see for yourself, the cost of joining this program is not exactly that cheap. You may be forced to spend a huge amount of your money.

Advantages of zilis

They are rated by the BBB

The better business bureau does not accredit zilis but they still give them an A+ rating.

Hot products

For starters, their products seem to be of high quality. CBD oil is everywhere and so many people are buying it. I won’t be surprised to see many more companies following in the footsteps of the CBD industry. Furthermore, the law changes that have occurred recently will make CBD products more in demand.

Strong leadership

The founders of this company have experience in the MLM industry. This gives it a better chance of success.

Disadvantages of zilis

The success rate is low

This is always the case with so many MLM businesses. Believe it or not, the odds of making money here are very low. Both selling and recruiting people into the program require some skills which the majority don’t have. Many people lose a lot of their money and don’t even get the chance to make viable profits.

The starter packs are expensive

The company says that getting the starter packs is an optional choice. However, to upgrade your earning potential you have to purchase them. This means that they are not optional because you are forced to buy them so that you increase your income. Keep in mind, the starter packs are quite expensive. You need enough money at hand to invest in this business.

There is a heavy focus on recruitment

Retail sales can earn you money on this platform but it doesn’t seem like the company has its focus on that. Their main focus is on recruitment. Take a look at their compensation plan. There is a section which explains in detail that you will be earning great commission from the recruitment you make. The worst thing about these kinds of businesses is that people often fail when it comes to recruiting.

It has the same characteristics as a pyramid scheme

Zilis may not be directly a pyramid scheme but has the characteristics of one. For starters, the most dependable way to make money on zilis is through recruitment.

The more people you recruit under your team, the more money you will earn. You are getting paid for recruitment. This makes it more or less a pyramid scheme.

Is zilis a scam?

Zilis is not exactly a scam because they have legitimate products which they sell. Also, zilis does not rely on recruitment as a way to get revenue. They offer and sell real products.

On the other hand, this opportunity is not for everyone. Those people who are not good at selling products and convincing customers will have a really hard time. You have to be very determined to survive in this business.


You have all the facts on your fingertips. If you feel you can handle zilis and all that comes with it, the go for it.

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