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Welcome to my review of VoxxLife!

Are you looking for information about Voxxlife? Maybe one of their affiliates has already tried to pitch you into the program and you want to know more about this company whether this is legitimate or not. Well, you are in the right website.

I came across voxxlife on the internet and I was curious to discover more about it. I have to admit, there are so many opportunities out there but this one seems unique.

Voxxlife is getting lots of attention in the MLM industry. However, as much as it may be a popular program, you have to be very careful with what you find on the internet. There are so many scams out there and it’s prudent to carry out due diligence.

I took matters into my own hands and decided to research on this business. In this review, I will provide all the details concerning voxxlife and what it’s all about. I hope this will help you make an informed decision. So let’s get started!

Voxxlife Review Summary

Company: Voxxlife

Owner: Jay Dhaliwal

Scam: No, it has some interesting product lines


Voxxlife is an MLM company in health and wellness, and apparel hybrid niche. In this brief review, we will try to understand what this company is all about and if it is a good opportunity to venture in.

Recommended? No! (In terms of the opportunity it presents)

A Much Better Opportunity:

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What is voxxlife?

Voxxlife is a multi-level marketing company that sells socks and insoles. These are not just ordinary sock or insoles that we often purchase at the clothing stores. These are specifically embedded with Voxx HPT otherwise referred to as Human Performance Technology.

It was founded in 2010, voxxlife has spent 10 years and millions in research and development investigating the potential of the human nervous system to discover and develop new drug-free and non-invasive technologies to help people live a higher quality of life.

This relentless pursuit has resulted in the biggest breakthrough and wellness in 50 years this breakthrough is Voxx HPT. It harnesses neural stimulation, encoding, and decoding to help the users realize optimized brain stem neurology. voxx HPT achieves improvements in neuro optimization without drugs, without electricity, without surgery, and does it almost instantly.

Users see improvements in greater energy, better stability, and balance, improved mobility, and enhanced pain management and increased neural function. In the ever-changing world of wellness and health care, there is no other comparable technology.

Leaders in neuroscience call Voxx HPT a century ahead of current neurotech and understanding. Voxxlife has had the technology independently verified for efficacy. The results are incredible, the benefits are instant, proven and tested. Its potential is matched only by voxxlife’s mission to help 1 billion people reach their wellness goals with Voxx HPT technology.

Voxxlife HPT is a proprietary technology that activates the neurotransmitters at the bottom of the feet when you step on it. This aids in brain stem homeostasis.

If this sounds like rocket science I will explain further. The socks and insoles are designed to be supposedly 98% effective in alleviating foot, knee and heel pain. The company claims its products not only relieve pain but also increase performance, strength, endurance and boost balance. You won’t even need pharmaceutical products.

There is not much said about this company’s history. The only useful information I picked up from the presentations is about the founder. The owner of the company is accredited to be Jay Dhaliwal, who is also the CEO. From what I could deduce, this is his first business venture.

Voxxlife products

voxxlife products


Looking at their product line, voxxlife brings to the table a wide variety of socks and insoles. Keep in mind these are not ordinary socks and hence it’s not something other people are doing.

The socks come with Voxx HPT as I had earlier mentioned. They state that ‘voxx HPT is a very specific sequence and pattern of neuroreceptor activation on the bottom of the feet which triggers a signal that helps in the brain stem reaching homeostasis.

The voxx HPT is woven into their various products which also includes hosiery and some footwear accessories. The voxxlife socks and insoles cost is between $30 and $45. Some of these products include;

  • Stasis liner socks
  • Athletic stasis socks
  • Stasis wellness socks
  • Insoles
  • Harmony neuropatch

The main products are voxx stasis and voxxsol. Since these are the main products, I will dig deeper so that we get a better understanding.

Voxx stasis

voxx stasis mechanics

These are their athletic performance socks specifically engineered to take your athletic performance to greater heights. Well, those are the company’s words. The voxx stasis socks feature a soft touch top to hold the socks in position.

They also have an Ergonomic Y-heel which is supposed to keep the heel from slipping. Other features such as the nano-tech yarn prevents blisters and is moisture resistant, 2 zone arch for increased stability and ankle hinge for an improved range of motion.

Voxx sol

voxx insole mechanics

This is their line of insoles that are meant to improve balance and optimize stability. This is what alleviates foot pain, knee and back pain. The product is embedded with voxx HPT and they claim it provides multiple pressure points to relax the cranial nerve.

According to what they have posted on their website, the insoles improve training, stability, strength and even your energy. Furthermore, they say that the insoles were tested by several SportTesting facilities. The claim is that the results reflect 25% increased power, 89% increased broad jump, 10% increased balance and 6% increased vertical jump.

Do these products work?

One thing is for sure, these products can either be a hit or miss. This means that they may work perfectly well for some people or give disappointing results to others. They simply don’t work for everybody.

In this case, some people are happy about the voxxlife products. There are positive reviews on the socks alleviating foot pain. However, several customers complain that the products are bogus and did not help in any way.

How do people make money with voxxlife?

If you are reading this review right now, someone may have told you about a great opportunity within voxxlife. You want to know how you can make money once you become a voxxlife associate.

For starters, their products are unique and not the ordinary. In spite of all this, don’t get too excited. Whichever way you think of it, making money is never that easy and it requires hard work.

There are three options in which you can earn money through the voxxlife program;

  • Direct sales
  • Sales commissions
  • Residual and recruitment commissions

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How to join voxxlife as an associate

When you join voxxlife, you are offered a replicate web store and wholesale prices. Afterward, you can now begin promoting the business. It’s more like starting a business of your own.

Another thing is there are no monthly requirements when you join the program. This sets it apart from the typical MLM opportunities. However, if you wish to qualify for commissions, you have to make an average product purchase of $100 in a month. This can either be through your purchase or that from customers. In this case, there is a monthly requirement that is contrary to their claims.

The initial cost to join includes a membership fee of $40 and also the cost of a builder’s kit. Concerning the builder’s kit, there are three options for you to choose from;

  • Bronze – $200
  • Silver – $400
  • Gold – $600

Furthermore, when you purchase products ranging from $200 to $600 wholesale price, you are gifted with a bonus. These include;

  • Bronze – $45 MSRP in products
  • Silver – $180 MSRP in products
  • Gold – $405 MSRP in products

The compensation plan

According to voxxlife, they have the best compensation plan. Their compensation plan pays associates 25% to retail sales from the customers. The products are sold for $30 to $50. In this case, if you sold an insole that goes at the price of $40, you receive a profit of $10.

The company also pays commissions based on recruitment. The amount of commission you earn from all your direct recruitment will entirely depend on the starter kit the recruitee purchases.

  • The bronze kit is sold for $200 and pays a $40 commission
  • The silver kit is sold for $400 and pays an $80 commission
  • The gold kit is sold at $600 and pays a $120 commission

In addition to all this, associates earn residual commissions. The money is paid out through a unilevel system. This means that the money you earn here is based on your rank within the voxxlife company.

What I like about voxxlife

Voxxlife is quite different from the typical MLM programs. So, here are the few things I liked about it;

Good product line

Voxxlife products support foot health and help alleviate pain. Some people attest to it that the products have been quite useful. For this reason, I would say that they have proven to be one step ahead of competitors.

Scientific research

The voxxlife website is full of scientific evidence to back their claims. If at all the scientific studies are true, I would say that this is a beneficial line of products. People who are dealing with knee and back pain may benefit from these products.

Solid compensation plan

Their compensation plan is not very different from the other MLMs but it appears somewhat sustainable. Take, for instance, the company offers a 25% commission, direct recruitment, and residual commissions.

Money back guarantee

This is something you will not find in many of the MLM programs. The starter kits seem to be reasonably priced. The best part is the company provides a 30-day money back guarantee.

What I did not like about voxxlife

Customer complaints

There are numerous negative reviews and complaints from customers. The first thing is that some people say the products did not help them in any way. Also, several customers are unhappy with their customer support which is never available.

Difficult to get repeat sales

Aside from the fact that the products are expensive, it is super hard to earn the trust of customers and get some repeat sales. For one thing, socks or insoles are not consumable products. One customer can stay with a pair for several months without the need to purchase another.

No proof for the studies

Voxxlife only states the scientific studies that supposedly back their products. However, there is no evidence of this being true. They don’t provide any links or proof.

Is voxxlife a scam?

Voxxlife is not a scam. Their products and company appear legitimate. However, I believe that the success rates of this business is quite low. Promoting products will be a huge challenge. The profits you make may not even cover the expenses of running the business. And of course, this is an MLM so another challenge is recruiting an affiliate to become your downline. Success is rare in MLM, in fact, there is a study of FTC about this and based on their studies, only around 1% will make a profit from their investment. That is low, and out of that 1%, only a few percentages make a significant income.

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