Is Tranont a Scam? [Health and Wealth MLM]

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Welcome to my review of tranont!

You must have also got wind of this opportunity and you are wondering if it’s something genuine or a scam. Worry no more; you came to the right place. I’ll take you through details on this company and everything you need to know.

Tranont Review Summary

Company: Tranont

Owner: Lorne Berry

Scam: No, it has some unique products


Tranont is an MLM company in the health and wealth niche. This brief review will answer some questions about the products as well as the opportunity it offers.

Recommended? No! (In terms of the opportunity it presents)

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What is tranont?

Tranont is an MLM business based on a variety of unique products. Their products are unique because they have no relation with each other as it’s usually the case with most MLMs. The company offers a selected range of legal, financial and health-related products. On one side, they sell health products which come in the form of drinks mixes and work in various ways. The other part comprises financial and wealth products such as tax products, credit products, estate plans and protection from identity theft.

Someone may have already invited you to join tranont. Well, part of their business is to allow people to join the program and help sell their products at a profit. If you agree to join, you have to purchase their products and afterward resell them at market value. Return on investment comes from the profits. Furthermore, there is the referral system in which you receive a percentage of the sales from people you had referred to.

The company itself was started in 2014 and it’s based in the US. The founder of tranont is Lorne Berry. He has great knowledge and experience in real estate. This is because he was among the people who planned the legacy mountain cabin development in Utah. On top of it all, Lorne boasts of knowledge in finance and international business. For this reason, I can deduce this is a man who knows what he’s doing.

When Lorne started the company back in 2014, most people were doubtful. This was because he had filed for bankruptcy in 2013. He had accumulated close to one million dollars’ worth of personal debt. However, it seems he was determined and even came up with a successful business.

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Is tranont a pyramid scheme?

Tranont is an MLM but I will have to point out it’s not a pyramid scheme. People generally assume all MLMs are pyramid schemes. This is not the case with tranont. Tranont sells physical products and this never happens in pyramid schemes. Keep in mind; pyramid schemes do not have any retail goods or services.

On the other hand, some aspects of this program are in a way similar to the pyramid schemes. Take a look at their commission structure. Tranont has a recruitment system which is known as creating a team. You get to earn a commission based on the sales of the people you recruited on the team. I noticed commissions go up the pyramid. This means that the amount of money you make is based on your rank on the pyramid.

Tranont pyrmid scheme structure

With tranont, you can sell products or services directly to customers without the need for recruitment. This is the reason why it’s not a pyramid scheme.

One thing people don’t know about MLM is that there is a greater chance of losing money and not making any notable profits. Over 70% of people lose their money.

Tranont compensation plan

Many of the MLMs have very complicated compensation plans. Tranont is no exception and it may take you a while before you understand a small fraction of it. There is a video on their website explaining everything but I am sure you will get bored halfway.

The compensation plan typically consists of referrals, product sales, and other incentives or bonuses. The only problem with MLM businesses is that the people at the lower ranking hardly make any money. It’s only a few at the top who make the most out of this opportunity.

Note that you can earn a total of 35% on personal sales. However, it may take years before you reach that level. You will have to sell so many of their products or services before you can qualify for that kind of percentage.

The other way people can make money in tranont is through referrals. You earn an amount of money from the resellers you signed up under your wing. Besides, a small amount comes to you from the sale profits of the resellers recruited into the program.

There are incentive-based ways to make some extra cash but reaching that level is quite difficult. Only a few people manage to gather enough sales to take them to that level.

How to get started with tranont?

Tranont is considered one of the most expensive MLMs in the industry. For starters, when you sign up there is an activation fee of $99 that has to be paid. Additionally, you are charged $25 every month as support fees.

On top of that, you have another monthly subscription fee that is based on the package of your choice. It’s more like purchasing the products. These are the various packages;

  • Health goes at $150 per month
  • Wealth goes at $125 per month
  • Builder goes at $250 per month

The tranont fees can easily cripple a startup business. Many people will not be able to keep up with this amount of money.

Tranont products

Like I had said, tranont has set itself apart from the typical MLM businesses which tend to concentrate on just one product. On the one side, they have health products while on the other they offer finance and business services.

Retail products

Tranont health products

The retail products mainly come from the health niche. These are supplement shakes and energy drinks which are popular in network marketing as well as affiliate marketing.

They don’t have a wide variety of products in this niche. This means that you will be selling similar products every other day.

Some of these products include;

  • ICARIA Glow: it assists in rejuvenating the hair, skin, and nails.
  • Life: contributes to overall health and well-being.
  • Balance: boosts the nutrient intake and supports daily body functions.
  • Vibe: boosts your energy levels to take you through the day with clarity.


tranont finance services

If you’re struggling to get ahead financially, you’re certainly not alone. Over 80% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck with little to no emergency savings and significant amounts of revolving debt.

Think of that, over 80% and it’s no mystery why many financial experts agree that most financial issues are created by a lack of financial education and unmanaged spending habits.

But what if you changed that, what if you had access to world-class financial education training and wealth-building services along with state-of-the-art financial management tools and digital financial protection.

In other words, what if you knew exactly how best to manage and maximize the impact of every dollar that comes in and out of your accounts.

This is an array of wealth and financial products that you can buy and aid build your own business. These monthly products range from business formation, estate planning, tax services and preventing identity theft.

These tranont products are useful to those who might need them most because they are solid and comprehensive. Similarly, they are helpful to people from all walks of life. Below is what they offer;

  • Business smart pack: it includes tranont tax, tranont defend, taxbot, a legal library and will preparation.
  • Credit services: their national credit care helps you increase your credit and rectify any errors on the credit report.
  • Tax pack: with this, you get access to TaxBot and Tranont tax. In this case, you receive services such as tax consultation, filing tax returns and other tax-related advice.
  • Tranont defend: this protects your privacy, money as well as identity. Business formation: helps you come up with a business structure to protect all your assets.
  • Estate plan: this is an estate plan which includes a trust as well.

Advantages of tranont

I have never really been a fan of MLMs but there are a few things that I noted about this company.

Variety of products

Unlike other MLMs, tranont has a wide variety of products for people to choose from. For this reason, there is slightly a higher chance of making sales.

Successful business

Tranont seems to be a successful business and recognized all over the world. However, don’t get too excited. It’s still an MLM.

Disadvantages of tranont

There are a couple of things that don’t add up for me. Therefore, I find it hard to put my complete trust in this business.

Expensive to join

I had earlier taken you through all the costs associated with joining tranont. Many people who join the program are startups and barely have that kind of money required of them.

Low success rate

People who join such programs often get frustrated along the way and give up. This is because most of them lose their money and hardly make any profits to even cover the expenses involved. The people at the bottom are the ones who suffer the most.

Complicated compensation plan

Most of us cannot comprehend the tranont compensation plan. It is way too unclear and all people want is something simple or easy to understand.

Not for everyone

This business is for those who are skilled in network marketing or passionate about selling products. It is never easy for people who lack the capabilities to sell and convince customers.

Is tranont a scam?

In my point of view, tranont is not a scam. It is a legitimate MLM business but there are a few things you have to keep in mind. This kind of opportunity will not make you money as fast as they might make you think.

You will lose a lot of your money before you can even make a breakthrough. However, the decision to join is entirely upon you. I have given you the facts. The ball is in your hands now.

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