Is Regenalife a Scam? [Pyramid MLM?]

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Welcome to my review of Regenalife!

There is an opportunity that has been making rounds on the internet in the name of regenalife. You might have probably come across it on social media, got a recommendation from a friend or even received an email link. Whichever way you go to know of this opportunity, I am sure you have several questions running at the back of your mind.

Several people want to discover more about regenalife. This is because you just can’t venture into an opportunity you know nothing about. Therefore, for all those questions troubling you, I will provide the answers. At the end of this review, you will be in a better position to make a wise and informed decision.

Regenalife Review Summary

Company: Regenalife



Regenalife is an MLM company in the health and wellness market. This review is primarily focused more on the business opportunity that it offers and whether it is a scam or legit.

Recommended? No! (In terms of the business opportunity )

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What is regenalife?

Regenalife is an MLM company that focuses on the health and wellness industry. Initially, it was known as Regeneration USA and was first started in 2008. Justin Chernails was the founder of the company at that time which was later renamed to regenalife in 2016. Justin accredits himself to have vast experienced in the food and nutraceutical industry. This is according to what is said in his bio. Aside from this, there is not much information about him.

The current CEO of regenalife is named as Ernie Cadiz. He has been in the company since it was started. Furthermore, he has experienced in the fields of telecommunications, energy and real estate. On the other hand, I don’t know for sure if he has any experienced in the MLM industry. There isn’t any more information provided regarding him being involved in the MLM businesses in the past. For this reason, I am made to believe this is his first venture in this industry.

The mission of the regenalife company is to develop the best and cleanest products with quality as its top priority. Since this is a business opportunity, their goal is apparently to help people earn themselves a good income from promoting the company’s products and recommending the program to others.

The cost of joining

RegenaLife sign up is free, however, you’ll have to purchase a product pack to be able to receive the benefits of the compensation plan, which means it’s sort of necessary to buy one.

Prices for these packs vary from $99 to $549 and a lot of these prices are in between, depending on the content. The volume of products and the total discount you’ll receive on retail sales make up the difference in packs.

Regenalife products

Regenalife has several products within their line. At the very beginning, when the company was still being referred to as regeneration USA, its main product was an Anti-aging Whole Food Bar.

regenalife product

regenalife cocoa bars

This was their only product at that time. However, the company has managed to upgrade itself and now offers an array of health and wellness products from which their clients can pick.

The products are put in 10 different categories such as skin, hair, weight, pets, snacks, fitness, energy and so on. Furthermore, each category has a line of products under it.

That’s why it will not be possible for me to go through the entire list. I will just give oversight of their most popular products.

  • Regena slim – this costs $88 and it’s under snacks category. People who have tried it say it tastes great and makes for a nutritious meal replacement.
  • Zeolite whole body – this is more of a supplement and it costs $29.99 per bottle. It contains vitamins that aid in eliminating harmful toxins from the body. This occurs through normal excretion processes.
  • Longevity formula – it’s priced at $39.99 per bottle. It’s the strongest anti-aging agent and produces antioxidants too.
  • Prostate health – it goes for $24.99 per bottle and has the best combination of ingredients to make an effective formula for the health of men.

The most popular products are the food bars that allegedly have the most effective anti-aging properties. One thing you must have noticed about all their products is the fact that they are not particularly cheap.

This is typical of MLM companies. They price their products two times higher than their counterparts. For this reason, they sell their items at hyped up prices.

The only problem here is it will be quite difficult for you to sell these items to the customers. Many of them will opt to look for a cheaper but similar option.

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Regenalife compensation plan

As usual, the compensation plan for MLMs is complicated. There is a video presentation on their website explaining everything but I can’t guarantee you will be able to grasp what they are saying. I will not go into the details because I don’t think it’s that important. However, I will briefly explain things at a glance so that you don’t get so lost.

Affiliate ranks

There are multiple ranks in regenalife that you can achieve and move from one rank to the next once you meet certain goals. Also, there are bonuses that you can receive by getting to higher levels. There are 12 ranks in total and they go all the way to black diamond.

For you to qualify for the first rank, you are required to generate at least 50 PV (per volume). On the other hand, the next rank requires you to generate the same 50 PV and also recruit at least 3 people into your own downline. The list goes on until the 12th rank. If you manage to reach the higher ranks then you become eligible for some bonuses.

Retail commissions

Here you have to sell the regenalife products to customers and earn a commission. The commission involves the difference between the whole price at which you purchase the products and the retail price you decide to sell them. In this case, the amount of money you manage to earn depends on the products you will be selling.

Residual commissions

Residual commissions come from the money you make off the group sales on your downline. For this reason, the amount of money you will get here actually depends on your affiliate rank. The commissions are paid via a uni-level system.

The rates for commissions are as follows;

  • Level 1 recruitment will earn you a 20% commission
  • Both level 2 and 3 recruitment will earn you a 10% commission
  • Level 4 and 5 get you a 5% commission
  • Level 6 recruitment get you a 4% commission
  • Level 7 recruits get you a 3% commission

Here is a short video of the compensation plan:

How to get started

You can become a member of a regenalife for free. However, you will not benefit in the way you expect. If at all you want to make money on this platform, then you have to invest in it. There are various starter packages for you to choose from to take full advantage of the regenalife compensation plan.

The prices of each pack differ from one to the next and they range from $99 to $549. The difference in the prices is dependent on the number of products in the fast pack and also the discount you receive on retail sales.

Additionally, if you are interested in maintaining your membership, you need to make an order of about 50 PV items in a month. Their membership doesn’t seem to be so expensive when compared with other MLM programs. All said and done, investing some money is mandatory when you plan on earning a good income here. Therefore, prepare yourself with enough capital to keep you going.

The good about regenalife

They have been around for long

As much as I don’t recommend MLM opportunities to anyone, this one has been around for quite a while. Regenalife has been operational for 11 years and this is commendable for an MLM. Majority of them last a maximum of two years after which they collapse.

A wide array of products

Some MLM only have a maximum of two products that they market. On the other hand, regenalife offers a wide array of products placed under so many categories. This can be beneficial for consumers because they can try out different items and see what works for them. Also, affiliates have a chance to make better sales since their customers have different options to choose from.

The bad about regenalife

Success is rare

I don’t know the exact amount of money distributors in regenalife make but according to my educated guess I know it’s not much. The numbers on their income disclosure statements don’t seem to be that promising. Many people end up losing their money even before they can make profits. Additionally, getting recruits is quite hard and this is where you might make it big. In this case, don’t join this program with the high expectations of making it big.

The market is already crowded

There are tons of MLMs out there selling similar products to those offered by regenalife. There is nothing that distinguishes them from all the rest. For this reason, it will be difficult for you to make favorable sales.

They focus on recruitment

Since they have an array of products, the focus is supposed to be on retail sales. However, this does not seem to be the case here. Instead, they are more focused on recruitment as the best way to make money on the platform. Keep in mind, most people fail to recruit.

Is regenalife a scam?

This company is not a scam. They have real products which you can sell to your clients and earn an income. However, it is not an opportunity for everyone. For starters, you have to be passionate about selling products. If you have not experienced in sales and marketing, then there is a big chance you might fail. Hence, weigh your options carefully.

Is regenalife a pyramid scheme?

Pyramid schemes are against the law and aren’t allowed to operate in almost any part of the world. Hence, if RegenaLife was an illegal pyramid scheme, it likely would be shut out of operation at this point.

Despite this, RegenaLife most certainly displays characteristics of a pyramid scheme. This is because the foundation of the company relies on everyday people signing up and selling the products to others whilst trying to get them to sign up as well.

regenalife pyramid scheme structure

This means the people recruiting for the newer people will make commission on their sales, signing up new members seems to be the quota to meet.

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