Digital Payday Review : Why You Should not Buy! A Scam!

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Welcome guys to my Digital Payday Review. I’m assuming you recently heard about this and you’re wondering if it is a scam or if you can really make money with this.

The concept behind this program is that it will help you to generate daily income of up to $5,000 per day and the best part is (according to digital payday) you don’t have to do any work.

So in other words guys, they are offering you a residual income of $5,000 in daily profits per day and if you do the math guys, I mean 5000 dollars every day that’s thirty-five thousand dollars a week, that’s six figures every single month.

So think about these guys for a minute, if a program like digital payday could really generate five thousand dollars in daily profits, do you really believe that this software would just be given away for free? Absolutely not, right?

So be careful, don’t be persuaded because Digital payday is nothing more than a typical get-rich-quick money-making schemes.

And what’s really alarming guys is that we are seeing at this brand of scam happening and appearing throughout the internet.

Digital Payday Review

Product Name: Digital Payday


Owner: Daniel Bluth – Is he a real person?

Price: “Free” (really?) – You have to deposit once you are in the member’s area

Recommended: NO

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What is Digital Payday?

Digital payday is some sort of advertisement campaign in which they claim that with their algorithms, you can make thousands of dollars just by ads and banners.

Here is their video:

You may read the transcript below if you don’t want to watch the video:

What do these 3 people all have in common? They all quit their jobs last month after learning how to take advantage of a little known method used by Google and Facebook that earns users tens of thousands of dollars per month. Lawrence Pasternak of Passaic New Jersey quit his job as an auto mechanic at Jiffy Lube after he earned $36,492.94 in just one month. Donna Portnoy of Castle Rock Washington quit her job as a receptionist at Fiber Credit Union after earning $33191.7 and Mike Garcia from Dallas Texas quit his job as a Geico rep after he earned $48082.16 in just one month after signing up. They all signed up because they had finally had enough of working for the man for pennies on the dollar and barely making ends meet.

Well luckily for them, their time has come and in just a short moment, the next 50 people to sign up will be let in on this exciting new opportunity that guarantees that within a few days you will never have to go back to your job either

Hi my name is Daniel Bluth and I created digital payday as a proof of concept that anyone from all walks of life from anywhere around the globe can earn small and even large fortunes online right from their sofa.

Put down that pot of coffee hang up that uniform, and throw away your punch card because after I show you how easy it is to make money online, you’ll never have to work for someone else ever again.

Digital payday is amazing, all those ads and banners online who knew that they generated so much cash. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now and already cashed out $25,000. At the money hit my bank first thing I did was call my brother and tell him to get on this asap. Hi my name’s Annie Goodwin from Rockville Maryland and I still can’t believe it I mean I never realized that online ads make so much money, I had zero experience but with digital payday I just signed up chose the ads I liked and they do the rest it’s automatic and the money adds up quickly I’ve been using it for about a month now and every day I just sit and click refresh on the screen over and over again as the money grows and my account. Seriously you have got to try this for yourself. Hi Mike Garcia and after using digital payday for a month and seeing almost $50000 in my pocket I finally gave notice to geico I told him that I saved a bunch of money by switching to digital payday and give my 2 weeks.

Now if you’re anything like me you’re probably a bit skeptical I know I was at first there are tons of scams out there plaguing the internet most of them are legal and deal with risky trading well I’m proud to say that digital payday is both 100 percent legal and has absolutely nothing to do with any type of trading, investment, MLM, or big coin,and other cryptocurrencies of any kind, in fact, the method used by digital payday is so basic and straight forward that once I reveal it to you’ll be astounded how you didn’t think of it first.

But that’s the whole trick is not there are many legitimate ways to make fortunes online, but more often than not the people who find out about them try to keep them as secret as possible. Well, I’m not going to entice you any longer, so let me reveal to you exactly what this method is that is making users in excess of $50000 a month and how you can easily join today and start seeing the money roll into your account within 10 minutes.

And again it’s not just 100 percent legal but it’s in fact used by the 2 biggest companies on the planet and they’ve been using it right under everyone’s noses for years. I’m sure you’re familiar with Facebook and Google pretty much everyone is, in fact, Facebook and Google combined earned over $100000000000 in 2017 alone. We use Google and Facebook every day for varying degrees their lives and yet despite their huge popularity, the most important question is have you or anyone you know ever paid money to use Facebook or Google? Of course not, even though we all use Facebook daily there is no monthly subscription for using Facebook or their apps same with Google but if Facebook and Google don’t charge for their services then how are these companies making some of the highest profit margins of all time profits that are now record-breaking.

The answer well I’ll let mark Zuckerberg C. E. O. of Facebook explain it already is a state a business model in which users don’t pay for your service. Senator, we run ads. Presto ads, Facebook and Google are making hundreds of billions of dollars more money than most small nations without charging a single penny to their users all from running digital ads. Ads have revolutionized the entire digital marketing world and entire industries have grown around them ads are in fact the single most consistent and easiest way to make money online. Let me say that again in case you weren’t paying attention. Digital ads have grown so much in popularity that they are now the single easiest way to make easy money online, but most people, unfortunately, have absolutely no idea where to begin.

Online courses, website creation SEO, all of this can take months to learn and years to perfect before seeing your first penny and profit. This is where digital payday comes in. Digital payday connects users to a little known secret website that automates the entire digital ad process for you no. Need for marketing courses, instructional videos, or any experience at all.

The site allows users to choose ads or banners from existing name brand companies such as Nike or apple and they handle the rest. Mark Zuckerberg himself even gave a talk about how digital payday is revolutionizing the online ad world by opening it up to ordinary people who want to make money online. All that’s required is to just sign up choose the ads you like and watch the money roll in and with ads the money keeps rolling in every day.

Again this is not high-risk trading, MLM, or anything else like that this is the safest most transparent way to make money online and the proof is the record profits being raked in not just by the big dogs but by ordinary people that realize the enormous earning potential. This is an industry that is worth hundreds of billions of dollars a year and most people don’t know it exists. The goal isn’t to overthrow Google or Facebook, just to take a small piece of the pie, a small slice of that is still millions.

Now, as I said before my name is Daniel Bluth, and I’ve been doing this for quite a long time. Here’s a screenshot of my portfolio from last month. Let me be clear, this has made me a multi-millionaire, I know it sounds weird every time I say it but it’s true. This is a picture of my house, here’s my car, and here’s my family and I on vacation last year.

I don’t have a yacht or anything like that, I’m more of an aquarium guy and worked on this little number myself you might recognize it from the hit Animal Planet series tanked no I’m not showing you all this to brag the truth is I worked incredibly hard in my life to get where I am today and I hate to say it but I learned a lot of life’s lessons the hard way bouncing from opportunity to opportunity hoping things would work out.

Trust me most of them didn’t, I dabbled in high-frequency trading, margin trading, foreign exchange, and even sank a bunch into bitcoin and other all coins when they became impossible to ignore. I’m not saying none of them can work but the whole time I was searching for a way to make my fortune and secure my family. You know the American dream and all that it finally dawned on me when I researched Google and Facebook that the yearly profits of these companies has been exploding.

Once I realize that the name of the game was digital ads I focused all my energy on it and within 6 months, I had already made my first million. Now, I’m sharing all of this with you because I want to know that you too can absolutely start making ridiculously easy money within minutes of signing up to digital payday. Let me show you an example of typical monthly earnings you can reasonably expect here’s the balance of one member from 3 months ago when he first started.

This is the same member’s balance the month after that. And finally, this is the member’s balance from last month. Notice a trend digital ads are becoming more and more profitable month after month especially as everyone around the world now has access to smartphones that connect to the internet and if you don’t believe me, just look at these projections showing just how bigger this industry is expected to grow.

Well, this industry is dominated by big corporations like Facebook and Google. There’s plenty of room to make millions of dollars and if you sign up right now, you’ll be making your first profits within 10 minutes of signing up. I’m not trying to sell you anything, I’m not asking for any money from you, I already showed you my bank balance, I’m doing just fine.

All I’m trying to do is show ordinary people from all over the world that there is a completely legal, legitimate way to make an honest buck online or even a few hundred thousand honest bucks using the same exact revenue model that Facebook and Google rely on.

So sign up now, I can only accept the next 50 serious registrations as we are filling up to capacity. Don’t sign up and waste my time or yours if you’re not serious about making real money the easiest way possible. I promise you once you see how quickly and easily the money start streaming in, you’ll be thanking me. So sign up by entering your details in the form on the side of this video and I’ll show you step by step how to make enough money to quit your job for good and finally be rich and successful. Remember digital payday cannot accept everyone, we’d rather make 50 people millionaires than 1000000 people $50, so sign up now.”

Is Digital Payday A Scam?

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Signs That it is Indeed a Scam

  • Fake Owner

If you have a real business, why hide your real identity? In the above video, the name of the owner is Daniel Bluth. Is he a real person? Does he even exist? So I did a little research, look at what I found out.

Here is the picture in the video:

daniel bluth fake owner

You can also find this photo in different stocks photo sites out there, see below:

Digital Payday Owner stock

The fact that there is no real picture of the owner, it is already a proof of deception. But let’s not yet conclude that this is a scam, let us examine other things first.

  • Fake Testimonials

Remember the guy in the above video who called his brother after he made an insane amount of money? Guess what, the same guy also in Fiverr. If you don’t know Fiverr, it is where you can hire someone for any specific job that you want, it is somewhat of a freelance site.

See photos from the above video and Fiverr:

Is Digital Payday-a-scam testimonial

Fake Testimonial 1 - Fiverr

And of course, the young lady named Annie Goodwin where she just sat and click and makes a huge amount of money. Again, she is also popular in Fiverr, see below photos:

fake testimonial 2

Fake Testimonial 2- Fiverr

There are similar sites that I already reviewed which has a lot of fake testimonials:

  • Easy Money

In the video above, it was reiterated many times how easy it is to make money. We all know that earning an income whether it is online or offline, it is never easy.

  • Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme

This is one of the red flags for a scam product, I it is too good to be true, normally it is. There is no such thing as a point and click to riches. There is always an effort and time involved.

  • Using Psychology to Lure us into buying

Scam artists are really good at this, remember his car and mansion in the above video? Those are part of conditioning our mind that if you buy this product, you also could own those things. It is like they are showing show a glimpse of success, and as a human being, it is our nature to hope that maybe someday we could live that kind of life. So be careful about this kind of scam tactics.

  • Facebook and Google Thing (This is Lol)

If you actually watch the video above, they claim that the technology within Digital payday is the same technology used by Facebook and Google for making millions of dollars in advertisement.

This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard because I mean let’s face it, Facebook and Google are multi-billion dollar companies. They make money through advertisements because these advertisement companies pay them to advertise whatever they want. So, I mean is that they’re saying that through digital payday, you can make the same amount of money but that’s just simply not true.

  • How you earn through Digital Payday

So what happens is when you create a free account, you go inside and they’ll show you a whole website called click dealer where you’re able to see lots of banner ads. In order for you to get a piece of that pie, you have to deposit some money inside.

What happens is when you deposit your money, after a while, it shows you that you’re actually earning money. But how are you earning money? Who knows, because there’s no such thing as banner flipping.

They make you invest in the ads and make money from it, which doesn’t actually make any sense if you think about it, because there’s no such thing as a secondary market for banner ads where there’s some sort of value and you can pay for it and then make money in return. Kind of like stocks and shares, there’s no such thing as that. So basically, what Digital payday is talking about is just pure fallacy.


I wouldn’t recommend Digital Payday guys, this is definitely a scam, and you’re gonna be wasting your time and your money.

The problem is you keep on investing in different products or programs hoping that it will work for you.

People tend to find an easy way to make money, programs like push-button software or 3 clicks to riches that are going to make money for you on autopilot. But the truth is, you just need to learn how to become a great marketer and then you can sell any product or program.

I hope you enjoyed this review of digital payday. Please understand that these kinds of websites will not make you a real income online. The only way to earn a real income is by building a real business on the Internet.

The way to do that is to learn the skills that you need in order to do that. If you are too lazy to learn the skills, I’m sorry my friend this industry is not for you.

If you’re too lazy to take action, or too lazy to learn this stuff and if you don’t want to invest any money in your business, you’re in big trouble because a real business requires all these three things. Thank you for reading my digital payday review, I hope you have learned from this.

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