Is CannerGrow a Scam? [Cannabis MLM – Cryptocurrency]


Welcome to my review of cannergrow!

There has been a lot of buzzes surrounding the cannergrow company and I do know many people are eager to know more about it. This opportunity has been getting a lot of attention on the internet.

There are network marketers everywhere trying to sell the opportunity to everyone they can find on social media.

You may have already come across cannergrow and you are still wondering what it’s all about. I have gathered all the facts on the company together with anything else you want to know.

CannerGrow Review Summary

Company: CannerGrow



Cannergrow is an MLM company in the cryptocurrency market. This review is mainly focused more on the business opportunity whether it is legitimate as what they claim or is it just a scam.

Recommended? No! (In terms of the business opportunity )

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What is cannergrow?

CannerGrow in cannabis industry

Cannergrow claims to be a company that focuses on the legal cannabis market. However, this is simply another MLM business based on the cryptocurrency niche. What they say is that you have to invest in the business.

By doing so, you will be investing in your cannabis plants. These are what will earn you a profit every time they are harvested. In this case, you supposedly get to receive an ROI for every harvest.

Aside from this, you benefit from the cannergrow cryptocurrency every time you invest in this company. You might hold their allotted coins thinking that they will earn you a fortune. Unfortunately, you soon get to discover that these coins are useless and will be of no benefit to you.

The cannergrow website domain was first registered on 5th April 2019. They further list the owner of the company as Sasha waeschler alongside an address in Rottweil, Germany.

According to what they have indicated on their website, the cannergrow company is a project that is founded by cannerald. They go on further to state it’s a Swiss research and production company of cannabis.

They have a marketing presentation which gives some more insights into this company. It says; the company was founded in 2017 as a project of MSL Industries GmbH and was spun off as a separate company on 18.07.2018 as cannerald GmbH based in pfaffikon, Switzerland.

There is more information on the core founders of the company. They go by the names Sasha Adrian, Severin Jem Amweg, Levin Kim Amweg, and Maik Marcel Pietrowski. It’s stated that the main aim of the founders was to establish a company that would become Europe’s largest cannabis producer and exporter.

Out of the four founders, the only one who has information linking him to MLM is Maik Pietrowski. With some digging, I found an interview in which he says that he first ventured in multi-level marketing for insurance back in 2014. Afterward, he did some sales of vacuum cleaners and then online marketing.

In the case of cannerald’s website domain, it seems to have been registered in December 2017. However, the company says a different thing. They claim it was initially registered in July 2018. Even though the website was launched one year ago, it has almost no traffic. If you look at their rankings on Alexa, the site is practically virtually dead.

With that in mind, it’s easy to deduce cannerald flopped as a business. The founders came up with the idea of launching cannergrow probably to resuscitate the little that is left of cannerald.

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What are the cannergrow products?

You might be disappointed to discover cannergrow has no retail products or services that you can sell to customers. There is nothing that they offer in this regard. The only thing that you can do is sign up as an affiliate and promote the cannergrow affiliate membership to others.

On the other hand, there is talk of something to do with harvesting cannabis. From what I understand, they have digital cannabis plants that their clients can buy. The plants get harvested after about 2 to 3 months. Their team of experts takes care of everything and you only receive the harvest.

Well, cannabis is a fast-growing business and if this is really what they do, then many people stand to benefit. Unfortunately, I have not seen any proof of this business on their platform yet. It seems to me like a cover story.

CannerGrow pricing of CBD

Cannergrow compensation plan

The cannergrow affiliates have to invest some money based on a promise of ‘expected value’ advertised returns. To make the most out of their compensation plan, the affiliates are required to buy at least 1 plant. There are a few investment tiers;

  • 1 plant – invest 350 Euros and earn 50 euros after every two or three months
  • 10 plants – invest 3500 euros and earn 500 euros after every two or three months
  • 25 plants – invest 8750 euros and earn 1250 euros after every two or three months
  • 100 plants – invest 35,000 euros and earn 5000 euros after every two or three months

Aside from the return on investment, affiliates can earn more through referral commissions. They use a unilevel system which goes up to five levels of recruitment.

  • Receive 5% on level 1 one recruits
  • Receive 2% on level 2 recruits
  • Receive 1% on level three to five recruits

ROI matching bonus

Affiliates get to earn a matching bonus on the returns which are paid to unilevel team affiliates. It is capped on the same levels as the referral commission. This is how it works.

  • Level one – 10% ROI match
  • Level two – 4% ROI match
  • Level three to five – 2% ROI match

What is the cost of joining cannergrow?

You have to sign up as an affiliate and make an initial investment that ranges from 350 euros to 35,000 euros maximum. You can choose the package that works for you or the one you can afford.

What I dislike about cannergrow

Looks to me like a Ponzi scheme

You will find so many people promoting opportunities such as cannergrow. Do not let them fool you into joining the program before you have gathered all the facts. For starters, cannerald which is the pioneer program of cannergrow seems to have failed even before it got started. This leaves me with very little confidence in cannergrow.

You are more likely to lose your money

Such programs where you are required to promote affiliate membership never work for everyone. The majority of the people do not manage to get back their money not to mention make any profits.

The truth is there are no retail products or services that you can sell here. Therefore, the only way you will make money is by inviting others to join the program.

This is usually easier said than done. Convincing other people to invest in the program so that you can earn will be extremely difficult.

CannerGrow a ponzi scheme infographics

Look legitimate but only in the surface

Mostly, ponzis try to make themselves look legitimate by coming up with a side business. This is because people will have more confidence in them when they notice other better ways to earn money on the platform. Take, for instance, in cannergrow there is the mention of growing cannabis. They simply mention it but there is no proof whatsoever that this is happening. It looks to me like a clever way to get the investors hooked. At times, people only realize the truth when it’s too late.

The buzz eventually dies out

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to join cannergrow. This is because their kind of business model is never sustainable. Cannergrow offers only passive incomes. In this case, people have to join as affiliates, invest their funds and wait to collect their passive incomes without doing anything at all. The only problem with this business is that the buzz will eventually die out. The affiliate recruitment will reduce and hence there will no longer be any sustainable investments. Well, the end needs no announcing. Once there is no more revenue, the company will inevitably collapse.

No securities

Cannergrow has to register its investment opportunity with the legal financial regulators. However, there is no representation in the cannerald website that the business has registered in any jurisdiction that it solicits investments. For this reason, it’s only fair to point out cannerald and cannergrow are engaging in securities fraud.

Another thing is these companies are required to provide information on how and where they sell their apparent cannabis harvests. Sadly, there is no such thing and the only sole source of revenue we know about is through new investments. The fact that they are using their new investments as revenue to pay existing affiliates confirms cannergrow as a Ponzi scheme.

Is cannergrow a scam?

Cannergrow may not be a scam but there are obvious red flags that you need to be aware of before considering investing your hard-earned money. There are so many risks involved with opportunities such as cannergrow and unfortunate people lose their money without making any profits. I would advise you to weigh your options carefully. All said and done, I don’t recommend cannergrow to anyone out there in need of making a good income.

Final verdict

I am hoping this review has been of huge help to you. The choice on whether to join cannergrow or not lies in your hands. If you decide to join, be sure that you will make the most out of the opportunity.

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