Instant Cash Project Review: Generate Instant Cash Anytime?

Welcome to my review of the Instant Cash Project. I’ll help you decide whether this is a good buy or not.

Instant Cash Project Review Overview

Let’s start our review from the author’s sales pitch, here it is:

“What’s the solution that comes to your mind when you need money quickly? Applying for a loan? Well, that’s maybe one of the most common solutions, but not the best solution for you. Now, what if you can generate instant cash anytime you need?Sounds impossible? I used to think the same way too, but it’s possible if you know this amazing secret, and listen, this is not something you’ve heard before. Not only will I show you how to generate instant cash from overlooked sources of income, but you’ll also discover how to create endless amount of income streams so you can finally be financially free. Want to learn more about this amazing secret? Just scroll down this page below to learn how I can help you.”

The sales pitch implied that we can generate cash easily by doing his method. Let’s check further in this review.

What is Instant Cash Project?

This is a brand new video training created by Levandau. Little is known about the creator of this product, I can’t find other products that he previously owned, but I could be wrong. But anyway, let’s just continue with the review.

The author claimed if you follow the strategies and the method inside the video training, you could make a living out of it and be free from your financial issues.

What is included in the Video Training?

Here’s what is inside the video training, you’ll discover the following:

  • Teaches you how to create a fail-proof and rock-solid foundation for your business whether online or offline, you will always have enough cash to run your business venture. You don’t have to look for other fast income solutions anymore like a loan.
  • The source of income that you can use easily to make money as fast as possible which you tend to overlook.
  • Teaches you how to raise your service rates smartly, and how to build and set up your services and products to make some other sources of passive income.
  • Reveal the type and kind of product that you can easily sell online to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  • Teaches you step by step on how to jump into an extremely profitable business, and you can have a steady flow of passive income that is more than enough to make a quality life without financial worries.
  • Explain how you can get instant money from local businesses in your area.

Advantages of Instant Cash Project

I can’t think so much about the advantages of this video training course besides what is already written above. And also, the author mentioned about the 5 reasons why you should have this:

  • Impact your life by earning an extra passive income online.
  • It is not expensive and simple to get started and make quick money online.
  • Once you have started it, you have the potential to have an endless source of income.
  • Use available software and online tools (i don’t know whether this is free or not, it was not mentioned) to keep the money rolling.
  • You can make fast money online and you can get paid whenever you want it.


If you have read the sales page of the Instant Cash Project, you can see that it mentioned a lot of quick, fast, easy money. This kind of sales pitch is somehow a red flag. I am a bit skeptical about this product.


One-time investment – $37, there is no OTO yet but I am sure there will be an OTO

Is Instant Cash Project a Scam?

I do believe that learning something from anything that you purchased is a good thing. So, is Instant Cash Project a scam? I believe no, it is not a scam. But is it worth the money? That is the big question. There is a lot of programs and training platform out there that have more value.

Instant Cash Project Review Conclusion

Earning a living online takes a lot of patience and time. I am not a believer in instant money as what the author claimed. There are other training platforms and programs that will teach you what you need to succeed online, from making a website to making money.

By the way, how did you found out this site? You can also make like this and earn a living like hundreds of members.

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