Insider Profit Groups Review – Is This Scam or Legit? Read First!

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Hey guys, I’m Ross, welcome to my website. If you are searching for information about Insider Profit Group, you are in the right place. You may have heard about this program through email since most affiliate marketers promote this to their email list.

You may have wondered if Insider Profit Groups can help you make more than $10, 000 a month? Or this is just another product that promises big-time yet delivers nothing. Scams are all over the internet these days, it is a sad truth but that’s the way some marketers make money. They don’t care even if they are promoting garbage products as long as they make money. But there are still others out there that are ethical and only promotes real and good products that will help you make money online.

It is a good thing that you have done your research first before purchasing Insider Profit Groups. It is important these days that we research first regardless of what we are buying on the internet.

When I saw the sales page of this product, it reminded me of some other launches on Clickbank. One was called The Shanghai Secret, it has the same style of sales video presentation and it’s almost similar in price. Shanghai Secret costs $7 while Inside Profit Groups cost $9.  It has also the same sort of headline that promises a huge amount of money.

There are also other similar to Insider Profit Groups, these are the Silk Road effect, China Project, China Secret and Club 365. These programs have the same layout and the same style of offer. These are very similar products, so they might well be made by the same person or group of people.

I believe Insider Profit Groups is the same as others that I recently reviewed like, The Silk Road Effect.  These are low-quality products that will just waste your time and money.

But let’s do a review to be fair.

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Insider Profit Groups Review 

Product/Platform Name: Insider Profit Groups


Owner: Steven Jason – Maybe a pen name only

Front End Price: $9+ lots of upsells

Recommended? No

What is Insider Profit Groups?

Insider Profit Groups is a relatively new product/platform that was launch in Clickbank.

The sales video says that these are Facebook groups to profit and there’s a small group of marketers making seven figures with their own Facebook groups and his Facebook group has over 20,000 members and he makes an average of 1,175 dollars a day on autopilot. He is using affiliate products to earn money, and according to him, you don’t need to write content and don’t need technical skills. You can create as many groups as you want, (of course, because it’s free on Facebook).  

The Members Area

So let me go ahead and give you just a walkthrough of what is inside the member’s area:

Insider Profits Group Members Area

There is an e-book about how to use Facebook messenger chatbox.  It’s just an e-book similar to the China Secret, where it also has an e-book about Facebook chatbot. This may be just a rehashed of China Secret. As I have said above, these products were probably created by one person. This one is about making money online doing affiliate marketing specifically by using Facebook groups. So the training includes, how to create your groups on Facebook, build an audience that way and then promote affiliate products by your Facebook group where you would earn Commission’s if someone clicks on your link and then goes on to buy a product from a sales page. So it’s a traffic method teaching you to get traffic for your affiliate programs through Facebook.

Next is the training on Facebook groups, this is a basic tutorial from how to create a group on Facebook and how to promote affiliate offers. 

Then they’ve got cryptocurrency, this has been in another Clickbank product as well. Just an e-book regarding the basics of cryptocurrency.

Finally, eCommerce in which is a multi-billion dollar industry of course:

  • There is  an e-book on Shopify, just the basics of how to get started,
  • Then one is an e-book on being an Amazon associate affiliate.
  • The last one is about being sold on eBay, so this is eBay drop-shipping which right now is not a good business model.


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Who is Behind Insider Profit Groups?

If you are the creator or owner of a certain product or platform and you believe that you have something valuable to offer to the people, then most probably you are proud of your product. You can look everyone in the eye and say “this is a good product and this is worth your money”. The problem with Insider Profit Groups is that you don’t even see his face. Is he a real person or just a pen name? I found on the sales page, it says Steven Jason which I don’t know if he exists.

nsider Profits Group Owner Steven Johnson


The members’ area is very basic and it’s just a rehashed of other Clickbank products, so I would say the pros are its low cost of the front end, which is only 9 dollars, and then with it being a Clickbank product, of course, it has a 60-day money-back guarantee.


 I would say the cons besides it being one – it is a rehashed from other Clickbank products which I think that you’re unlikely to make the kind of money he does, he said he makes 1,175 dollars a day from that method.

If you buy Insider Profit Groups, they will teach you how to use Facebook groups and build an audience so that you can promote your affiliate offers.  But the downside with Insider Profit Groups is that there are lacking elements in their training, especially in the affiliate marketing part. They don’t teach you the correct way to build a real business online that will be profitable long term.

They make it sound like it is very easy to have a Facebook Group that has a lot of members.  The fact is, it is not. You have to provide value to your group so that people will join. No one wants to join a group that is full of affiliate offers. It doesn’t make any sense at all.

The low price. Wait, how could a low price be in the cons? Well, you see, what the owner is doing is making an email list. Once you enter your email list and buy the 9-dollar offer, you will be bombarded with future promotions similar to this low-quality product. They know that you can buy and they also know that you are attracted to new and shiny offers that are garbage. You see the trend here?

PRICE – Don’t be fooled by the Front End

The cost is $9 and then there’s three upsells:

Be careful, they will lure you to buy these upsells.

The first one is a platinum group to increase your profits three times, it doesn’t say what’s in it but that’s what it’s supposed to do

The second one is crypto millionaires calendar and this 147

The third one is diamond profits booster the same thing is going to boost your profits for $97


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Is Insider Profit Groups a Scam? See the Sales Video

The Script and My Comment

I’m sure you know the world is a mess right now, we’re living in frightening times. Yet what I am going to show you today, may not only be 2019’s most profitable insider secret. It may be 1 of the biggest opportunities the internet has ever seen.

So please do not close this page. Well first I must say right now, things are not looking good, jobs are being slashed everywhere you look.

Marriages are falling apart, lives a being destroyed, homes are being lost. And believe me, I should know.

At 49 years old, after being a Baker in my family business for over 20 years, our business failed overnight it was gone, I lost my home.

Somehow my wife stayed by my side during this, but we had some of the toughest times of our marriage, and I don’t think many women are strong as her. It was devastating, so say the least. I read a report last week that said every single day more than 27,000 jobs in America alone are lost.

Looking at the global figures, things are just as bad. After my family business that my dad had worked his whole life for, crumble to the ground in front of my eyes. I spent countless sleepless nights online trying to make ends meet.

I can’t remember how many products I bought that promised the whole world. I just know that nothing ever worked. Have you ever felt like you were a failure? Have you ever failed to make even 1 measly dollar online? Trust me I understand and look, there is good and bad news. First, it is not all your fault. The way these products are structured, it’s doomed from the get-go.

This is a typical sales pitch where the seller uses psychology to get into our mind and most of all our emotions. You see, that seller wants you to know that he is also struggling in his life and somehow we can connect to him right? This is a very powerful technique used by most scam artists. But I am not saying this is outright a scam because of this. This is good if it is true and what happened, but I highly doubt it. If you are selling a really good product, this type of shenanigans is not necessary. You don’t have to deceive just so you can make money, it is somewhat unethical.

We get sold the equivalent of spoiled milk. The methods in these products expired long ago. Things changed for me around 6 months ago when I first learned an advanced technique to allow me to reverse engineer a successful internet profit campaigns. You can think of this technique as “ethical wiretapping” it is highly legal and using specialized paid tools usually reserved for big Silicon Valley-type companies that mine data. I was able to reverse engineer a slew of currently profitable online earning methods.

But 1 of them, in particular, shocked me to the very core. So simple and unsuspecting, it’s been on our noses this whole time. And the craziest thing is, the method is completely free to implement, it does not cost a single cent and uses a common feature on a website you likely already use.

This secret has produced for me the kind of money that you see in the screenshots of the “gurus” show you but you’ll never able to reproduce. it turns out several industry experts are already catching on to this, with one analyst calling this “the new internet” it’s that big of an opportunity. This unbelievable new profits opportunity is commonly known as Facebook groups. The little known profit group technique that pillages a $4.7 billion market.

-Introduction of the secret- This type of style is used particularly for beginners. The fact that you are still a beginner, most of the time, everything is a secret since you still have little or no idea of how to make money online. You are bombarded with a huge amount of market from secret sources. Where in fact, that is not a secret. Those were already used by some seasoned marketers online.

Now hear me out here. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Facebook group before and you are probably thinking how can I make money with those. You might even be a member of some Facebook groups or maybe even a dozen. They are simply a way to form a community inside of the Facebook social network, that anyone can join and discuss and interact with other members of the group.

But you probably haven’t heard much about the small group of marketers who are making 7-figure sums with their own Facebook groups all over the world. This works anywhere in the world and I certainly hadn’t heard of anybody doing this.

There is a very small group of people out there who’ve figured this out and nailed it down to an art and science and I have finally cracked the code. The first Facebook group I launch has 20000 members I didn’t pay a dime for any of them and it is currently earning me an average of $1175 every day on complete autopilot. And here is the kicker, you can create as many of these groups as you wish. And outside of a small insider circle, nobody has caught on to this way to monetize these groups yet.

You don’t need to write content, you don’t need any technical skills, you just follow the blueprint that’s been refined and laid out to launch as many groups as you want.

Just choose one of the many topics we recommend for example golf or pets that there’s a whole list of them and I’m gonna give you the list. Start your profit group reeling in hundreds of dollars every day an affiliate commission, a booming 4.7 billion dollar market. It is that huge affiliate marketing industry, this is the equivalent of a digital land grab. You can think of each Facebook group a piece of real estate and you can get in before the big rush is on. You are getting in at the ground level.

So I’m introducing today Insider Profit Groups Blueprint, this is a limited promotion. The world’s first and only Facebook Profit Group blueprint for complete beginners with zero experience.

-The secret revealed – If you watched the sales video above, you would probably think that wow, this is easy. Just make lots of Facebook groups then promote affiliate offers and then make money out of it. Sounds easy right? Or is it? Again, I always say this, there is no easy way to make money regardless if it is online or offline. Online marketers work for at least 8 hours a day especially when you are still starting. There is no easy money, period. 

Here’s what the blueprint inside of Insider Profit Groups did for me. It produced me rapid-fire profits to the tune of up to $2,563 per day. You can make as many pages as you want. Currently, I have 4 pages and growing those pages day by day.

Facebook Profit groups are set up in no time flat and work 24/7, even while I sleep. I bought my dream car, moved into a new luxury condo, and bought my wife an entirely new wardrobe because she deserves in staying with me through all those tough times.

-What it does to the owner – Here, he is showing you what your life would be if you purchase this product. This is still a psychology thing where it focuses on the things that we want in life and hope that this product will make your dreams come true. So, you try and purchase it only to find out it is not working for you. Then you see another sale video of a newly launched product, then purchase again, the cycle continues.

You must be thinking all sounds great and I’m some kind of super-genius but honestly, I can’t take credit for this system myself. Ultimately I have to thank Jamie Cook, without his generosity to allow me a free trial to data mining tool that enabled me to glean these insights, I would have never known about this opportunity hiding right under our noses.

This tool costs thousands upon thousands of dollars per month and is so powerful it’s often referred to as “legal wiretapping” It reveals exactly how people are making money on the internet right now, that minute, in real-time, through thousands of data points. The findings enabled me to develop this incredible blueprint contained within Insider Profit Groups.

-Do you believe this wiretapping software that he borrowed? Just think about it 🙂

And look, I don’t want you to think this is too good to be true, so for that reason, I put the price that you would simply be a fool to ignore. And today for just a 1-time payment of $9 today is a very limited promotion for a very limited time. You can join me in Insider Profit Groups, the largest profit opportunity the world has ever seen.

Ultimately I’m doing this for testimonials. I’ll be launching a high-end mastermind group for elite online earners, is this going to cost tens of thousands of dollars I need plenty of testimonials for everyday folks like you me.

The entire method, the entire formula is inside this blueprint for a 1-time payment of $9. And there’s a guarantee which was getting just a second look If you’re happy if you happen you finally ready to see the success you deserve and hit the big orange buy now button below.

-Scarcity and low price – Limited time is not limited, after a month or year, this is still available as it is. This is clear deception by the seller. I don’t like this style, but that’s the way it is for most products because it converts well for them. The low price is for you to be part of their email list as I mentioned in the above cons.

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So that’s my insider profit group review. I hope you guys found value in this review.

I’m skeptical that it’s going to make you 11,000 dollars a month with Insider Profit Groups, especially for typical beginners.  You are not going to be making that amount of money anytime soon especially with just a 9 dollar product. But there’s probably going to be some useful strategies that they teach you about learning Facebook marketing and how to do affiliate marketing on Facebook.

I don’t use social media much from my marketing, although some people do well.  I prefer to focus on driving traffic to my website just like how you got here. Traffic is free, and this kind of business model is for the long term.

Again, as I have said above, making money online takes a lot of hard work and time. But the sky is the limit of its reward once you truly understand how to make a living online.

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