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Welcome to my InboxDollars Review!

There is a famous quote in the Godfather movie which goes as” I’ll make you an offer that you can’t refuse”, Inbox Dollar is the Godfather in here as well, offering opportunities and chances that you can never refuse because it’s easy and quick money. Is it really easy money? We will answer this question in this review.

Most members who promote this say that you can start earning in your comfort, at your own pace without any haste, that’s the beauty of it, you don’t have to go to an office and work the traditional 9 to 5, you work whenever you want to and whenever you feel and have the mood like it. That’s just an overstatement, the money you make with this website will not replace your 9-5 job. Lol!

According to some review websites, InboxDollars have been put at the second spot, behind Swagbucks for the best online survey sites, this speaks volumes.

For a new member, they get their first 5$ just by signing up, the sign-up process is easy and swift. All you have to do is enter your email, create a password just like every other and then confirm your account with the confirmation link sent to the email, after that you’ll be given several questions to answer, for example, marital status, kids, degree, race, income, etc, which are on par with other surveys panel.

Alright that’s enough for the introduction of the InboxDollars, let’s get to another question where the people ask when would they receive payments because you know it, I know it, we all the money and then superbly love the ones that are earned with little effort, so at InboxDollars, the first payment for the Non-Gold members is processed in 10 to 16 days after their payout request, on Wednesday of each week.

Once your payout is processed, you become a Gold member, just like that, you are a Gold member. There are several perks for being a Gold member that you’ll know when you are using the InboxDollars for income.

So, with all that said about the InboxDollars, why don’t we jump to the Pros and Cons of the InboxDollars, to make more transparent of what it is and what you would be dealing with, it’s good to know the good and bad of the website, so let’s get started

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InboxDollars Review

Product/Platform Name: Inbox Dollars


Owner: Darren Cotter (Founder and CEO)

Legit? Yes

What is InboxDollars? was founded in 2000 and they claimed to have paid worth over 50 Million dollars to their’ members for doing simple tasks that people normally do on the internet, like reading your emails, filling up online surveys, playing website based games, watching videos in Youtube or another video platform, and watching TV.

Their business platform is more of a market research with the help of their members (you) to influence and predict trends of future products.

They have some contests and promos and the members will have a chance to win money online. Freebies for their members are also available, such as beauty product samples, free coupons that you can use, and other free stuff.

Inbox Dollars Partners

How Can You Make Money With InboxDollars?

Now, when it comes to earning money, we always wonder if it’s just about filling surveys, well no, at InboxDollars, there is variety of methods that can help you top up your balance if you are done with filling out surveys, this money-making options include but are not limited to – Reading and Replying to Emails, Watching Videos and TV, listening to the Radio, Shopping Online, Using Search Engines and much more.

Once you are in there and spend some time on the site, try to get familiar with everything that has to offer and doesn’t offer.

There are several ways you can earn money with this website:

InboxDollars - how it works

  • Take Time to Participate in Online Paid Surveys

    Inboxdollars mentioned in their website that you can make money between $0.50 to $5.00 per survey and will only take 3 minutes to a half an hour to complete. In an online survey, if you match the demographic location and profile that they are looking for,  there is a chance that you can make $10, $20, or even higher. They will pay you for your opinion on certain products or services.

  • Watching Videos

    The Big brands’ advertisers of will pay them every time you watch a certain video, like new movie trailers or product features that are useful. As long as the offer is available, you can do this to make some money. Since inbox dollars are paid by their advertisers, they will then share a small portion of that income to their members.

  • Rewards for Playing Games

    Do you always play website based games on your computer? You can play and at the same time, earn from it.  They have several games to choose from, like Monkey Bubble Shooter, Outspell, Solitaire, and Candy Jam to name a few. Or if you are familiar with GSN games, lucky for you because they have partnered with it, and therefore you can access hundreds of GSN games. An 18% cashback will be given to you for every dollar you spend on GSN games.

  • Cashback for Online Shopping

    Since they have several online shopping mall partners, you can take advantage of it. If you patronize their products, you will have a reward or cashback.

  • Get Paid to Read Emails

    By just reading the email of the offers they sent to you, you can get paid, and on top of that, an additional incentive will be given to you if you will complete or take action regarding the offer. They also promised that they won’t spam your inbox so you will not be annoyed.

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As we all know, there are Pros and Cons to everything so we shall now discuss the Pros of InboxDollars, followed by the Cons and then the Conclusion.


Easy Cash
InboxDollars makes you earn cash and points, you earn cash rewards along with many prizes for your typical and daily mobile and online activities.

The best part about InboxDollars is the versatility of the website, it gives you so many options to choose from where you can earn.

InboxDollars pays on time and is trustworthy and reliable with the payments that are your right to receive for your hard work.

Large Community
Places that don’t have large communities often suffocate and they have a small chance of growing, as communities are a huge factor that the development of a place. InboxDollars has a super large community, as of now, more than 10 million members as well as an impressive following on social media too.


Here are some of the cons that we know about InboxDollars:

Processing Fee
There is a processing fee of $3 when a member chooses to cash out $30. However, the fee will be waived if the member chooses to wait for their balance to reach $40 before check out or requesting the payment.

No PayPal or Direct Deposits
InboxDollars doesn’t offer PayPal or direct deposits.

No Partial Payments
Partial Payments to the members are not allowed, the payment is made in full on the member’s account.

Is InboxDollars a Scam?

No, it is not a scam.  It is a legit way to earn some money, but you will not make a lot of money from this website. This is very much different from other scam websites that I already reviewed such as notion cash, workmines, and viral work.

But you must not expect to earn a huge amount of money, you will be just be disappointed.


So, as we saw, the Pros and Cons of the InboxDollars along with it, we also some brief introduction for you to know what the site is about. In today’s age, we see and have known many sites like these that offer the same mantra where they say you can earn easy money on the go, while you are at home and blah blah blah but the worst part they, at the first they may deceive you, or con you into their agenda but they are a scam and so many people have been a victim of it.

InboxDollars was treated with the same hype and questions as well but it did not succumb to those allegations as everyone can see and can check that it’s not a scam so if you are wondering whether the site is a scam or no, then you shouldn’t wonder as well.

InboxDollars is a place where you can earn quick bucks for less effort, isn’t that what we all want, so InboxDollars is the place to go. It has a better navigational site where everything is placed at the right places for you to go and doesn’t get you tired just by looking for something on the site.

Along with that, there aren’t just filling out surveys, there are many many other options of earning the quick and good bucks, so why not go for them as well, they are a better option too, if not you can always stick to the surveys, fill them out and let your balance topple.

The conclusion for the InboxDollars is that It’s a site where anyone should and go check it if they are willing to earn quick easy dollars at their home, in their comfort. The cash rewards and your income is just a few clicks away, so why not go sign up, earn the first $5 and then go ahead earn some more, the world is yours. Thank you.

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