How to Write Good Content Website: 7 Ways to a Likable Post

The first thing I’m going to start with people treat their business like a factory. This is something that I see all the time, people try to build their business in a way that is completely factory-like and we’re conditioned like this over the years with all the factory jobs that we’ve had and the industrial sort of nations that we’ve lived in. But it is different when you’re within the online world and although it’s zeros and ones, there are real people on the other side of every click, every search, and every website visit and we need to appreciate that as website owners and as affiliate marketers.

The minute we lose sight of that is the minute we’re gonna lose sight of a higher conversion ratio. Surely you can convert once in a while if you streamline your processes and make it factory-like and create your content in a sort of robotic manner. But your goal as a marketer is to yield the highest conversion rate and to do this, you want to humanize your business and move away from the sort of the factory.

How to Write Good Content Website

We need to remain flexible in our business in terms of our content and how we interact with each independent audience and every niche is somewhat different as well. So there are seven components to creating content that will truly humanize your business and allow you to interact in a way that is going to lead to higher conversions. But ultimately a better brand, more trust, and more sales and more revenue as a result. And these come down to being likable within your content and I’m gonna be walking you through these seven different things right now.


The first one is to compliment people. You want to compliment people within your content. Everybody likes to feel special, everybody likes to feel sort of wanted and compliments feel good. So when you create your content comes off with a tone that compliments people and shows people that you can you have compassion for them and interest into their problems because ultimately at the end of the day a lot of your sales are gonna derive from people that are looking to solve their problems. Whether financially, whether they’re looking to solve relationship problems, whether they’re looking to buy something to clean their floor, better woodworking tips, or techniques that are gonna make them create a better product. At the end of the day, they’re millions of niches. I’m not gonna run through all of them here but this is certainly something that you should focus on is complimenting people and you can do that within your content. Don’t be critical of people and just come across as being complimentary.


The second is emulate. There have been all sorts of case studies over the years that have shown when you sort of copy someone and a lot of times these studies have been in the offline world. When you copy someone’s posture you tend to be a lot more likable and trustworthy so you should focus on this within your content and by doing this you can mirror people. An example is, if I’m an avid basketball player although I can’t play like I used to but it’s still a passion of mine and you know there are sorts of things like ankle injuries and and if you can write content about how to fix your ankle injury, you want to mimic the people and emulate them say like look I go through this problem as well I am constantly having ankle injuries and I can’t walk for two days after I rolled my ankle. That sort of relationship with your audience creates a great deal of trust because you are basically experiencing what they’re experiencing. Through that sort of emulation and then you can come up with a solution because you’ve built trust at that point that’s going to lead to a lot higher conversions as well as positivity.


You walk into any retail outlet or any blog online and someone is negative on the outside, the salesperson comes up to you and let’s say an electronics store and just kind of has a chip on their shoulder, you know your guards gonna be up. You’re probably not gonna buy anything of that person. Whereas the last good shopping experience you had was through someone that was consistently helpful to you and was very positive upbeat and energetic. You want to portray that within your content because nobody likes to be around in a negative environment and certainly your website content shouldn’t feel like that negative environment. So be upbeat, be chipper you like that we’re chipper within all of your interaction and that’s something that I’m consistently doing when I’m helping people as well. I am constantly positive because it certainly doesn’t help anyone when you come across a negative tone or your condescending so just behave positively with your audience. And you’re gonna experience a lot more connection with your brand and build a lot more trust as a result.


Competence is something that people fear all the time as I’m getting involved in a brand new nature category or even when you have experience. How do you portray competence and this is sort of you know a difficult one to explain to people that are just starting is that you can truly become an expert, a category expert, a niche expert, in absolutely anything you want. And this is done through research. At the end of the day, people are reading words on your website or watching videos and you are portraying information in a way that makes sense to you and makes sense to your brand but at the stem of all of that information is going to be researched and well-articulated content. So there’s nothing wrong with sort of venturing in a brand new topic within your niche and just doing some research and finding out things that people are having issues with. How they’re resolving their problems, how you know how they come up with all sorts of solutions, which products they’re buying so you can research and quickly find out information.

Fear of Unknown

A lot of people fear the unknown and there’s going to be unknowns. No matter which road you head in life or business and you can solve those unknowns by just kind of spending some time and doing a little bit of research. I’ve always had confidence after my first 3 or 4 Niches that I’ve been in that I can out I can head into any niche with confidence that I can first learn it secondly understand it and third be able to teach it to other people with confidence and help them. This is done by educating yourself. Don’t try to just fake content, spend some time researching it before you write it. Tell them a secret, people love secrets, it makes them feel exclusive and an insider. So when you say the word secret in your contents, don’t abuse it but bringing it across in a way that you’re giving sort of insider information to them as to how to resolve their issues and this can be a good hook for your content if you’re creating opt-ins or lead pages. People can really gravitate towards things that are insider sort of information and they can convert very well. Sharing that sort of content within your generalized structure of your website is going to lead to a great deal of connectivity with your audience and a great deal of trust. Leverage the words secret or insider information or a like term within your content and it is going to instantly create awareness from your audience that you could wake them up out of sleep if your content isn’t all that interesting. But you want to use that as a little connectivity tip and trick and then selflessly help them.


Selflessly helping makes people want to reciprocate. If you’ve been helped by someone in your life where that someone is just selflessly doing it, they come to your house they help you move everything for an example, they don’t ask for anything in return yet you naturally feel like you have to pay them back something. The same thing happens within the online world and with your content people feel inclined to give back to you so if you selflessly help someone and people like wow I’ve learned so much and this in this post he’s been really helpful and he hasn’t asked for anything in return.

Maybe I’d make some product or service recommendations that are relevant but I’m not saying go buy this or you need this or you know your body’s gonna fall apart if I’m in the sort of the health space. If you come across as being selflessly helping someone then is it’s gonna have a great impact on your overall conversion rate and trust and brand. If you are known as a helper within your niche you are going to become the authority within your space, this strategy works on 90% of people and it’s kind of just being nice and helpful and when you get that, you get reciprocation and build a brand in return.

See them how they want to be seen

The last item is to see them how they want to be seen. Sell them less on the product that you are selling the product or service that you’re selling and sell them on the idea of what they want to become. Like if they’re in the financial world and struggling financially, you sell the idea that they can have a vacation with their family or they will be known as a successful entrepreneur. They want to be you know sitting in a coffee shop and Paris being able to run their business and that is the reality. For those of you that are running a full-time business online, that is the reality. When you’re selling someone, it’s easy to get caught up in just selling the product or service that you’re trying to sell when it’s just like sort of selling what they want to become as a result of whatever product or service you are using.

Final Thoughts

Humanizing your content and your business and you know creating likability and if you’re likable you’re gonna convert a lot better than someone that’s not or that someone that’s is manufacturing robotic factory-style. Writing quality and humanized content can also generate free traffic to your website since most likely, your visitor will return to your site.


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