How to Get Traffic On Your Website for Free

I’ll show you four of my free traffic strategies and you can use today to get free targeted traffic to your website or blog that converts well.

With these free traffic methods, you can generate hundreds or even thousands of visitors to your niche websites or blog.

The first free traffic method is Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other Search Engines

This is by far the best of all of the traffic sources once you understand how it works. Although this is the best way to have free visitors to your website, but this also takes time to accomplish. You have got to have a lot of good content and use keywords efficiently. If you are just starting, don’t target keywords that have very high volume searches because that keyword has a lot of competition and it will be very difficult to rank in Google or another search engine. Choose a keyword or keyword phrase with a low competition of less than 100 and a search volume of not more than 500 per month. It is always better to narrow your niche topic, because the broader the niche, the more difficult it is to rank. SEO is a numbers game, let’s do the math. Assuming every article you write can generate 20 targeted traffic to your website and you have a total of 100 articles, so that is going to be 2000 unique visitors to your site and that does not include the returning visitor. Supposed you can convert even only 1 percent of that traffic into sales, it is still a considerable number especially if you are promoting high commission products. The ideal article consists of at least 1000 words. If you are good at writing, you can do 2000 or even 3000 words. This takes a lot of patience to generate free traffic from search engines but the rewards are huge.

The Second traffic method is Quora

Quora is similar to Yahoo/Wiki Answers but it is in steroids, it is a goldmine for free targeted traffic in any niche website you have or blog. The good thing about Quora traffic is that it performs well and the traffic it generates to your blog or website has the lowest bounce rate as well as the highest amount of time spent on the page. This means that Quora traffic has some of the best potential to give you more income through sales and more commissions from the same amount of traffic that you generate from other sources.

So what is the Quora Platform?

Quora is a community-based question-and-answer platform where people can post questions about any topic (except illegal and immoral) and other people from the community can answer those questions.
How exactly can you get traffic to your website for free?
Google indexed those community-generated articles and pages of questions and answers and includes them in their search results. Google loves Quora since it is the top seven hundred websites in the whole world and has paramount authority. Quora ranks more than 400 million various search terms or keyword phrases.
That’s awesome news because it means that you can have a share of a slice of their traffic as well. To do that you need to answer some questions that are related to your niche website and add a link pointing to your website or blog. That way you can get traffic for free to your website.

Here is a step-by-step process on how you can generate free traffic from Quora to your website.

The first thing that you need to do is go to and register your account. After you register your account you, should go into your profile and fill it out the best way that you possibly can make sure to fill out every single thing in your profile so you need to fill out your description you need to also fill out your credentials and highlights. This is very essential to make sure that your answers will look credible and trustworthy. The other most important thing that you need to fill out is what kind of topics will pop up in your feed so that you can answer those questions and get traffic for free to your website. You can fill out any topic that you want but you should only answer questions that are relevant to your niche. Make sure that the link you provide adds value to the answer, don’t just link, not related topics, it will do no good. Quora will also promote your answer on their platform as well as to the email list of their members. Your answer will get a lot of views from people opening their emails as well as from notifications inside the Quora platform. This is one way to get free traffic to your blog inside Quora.

Social media traffic. The power of viral traffic

Use the power of Facebook and other social media to share your post. If you have quality content, it has a greater chance of being viral. Join some FB groups, community but don’t spam. Become the person in authority in the FB group by being active and try to help or answer if there are some questions that you know the answer well. Using this strategy, you build trust with people within the community. Once people trust you, they will follow and respect what you are going to say. So, when you post a link in the group, people will click on it. That strategy will also help you generate free traffic to your site.
Use social sharing plugins and integrate it into your site. People love to share great content and social sharing buttons can make it look good and increase the chance of your content being shared.

Four is building your email list

You can drive all the free traffic you want to your blog or website but if you’re not getting your leads or your visitor into an email list, you are not growing your audience (which will eventually become your customer). More than 90% of the people who come to visit your website will leave without buying anything and they will never come back to your website. That’s why you need to start building a list of those email subscribers. Once you’ve got an email list, then getting the free traffic to your website is just sending an email to your subscribers. Most of the beginner websites that I see are not collecting email subscribers at all and that’s a huge mistake.


These are not only the free sources available on how to get traffic on your website for free. There are more traffic sources out there. But these are the best used by most bloggers and affiliate marketers alike.


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