How To Create A Readable Quality Content for Your Affiliate Website

We all know that in the online industry, content is still king. But how can you make a readable content?  A content that can improve your conversion as an affiliate?

I’m going to walk you through the process that I go through and process that you could go through if you like to make sure that your content is readable and people can engage in it and they’re going to go through your content. In a way that makes it easy for them to comprehend what you’re trying to convey. I’m gonna get right in the things and we’re going to be discussing all the core elements of quality and a readable page.

Main Points that I try to cover whenever I’m creating my content.

This includes small paragraphs separating your ideas by H tags or heading tags making your text readable. The way you talk should be conversational, it should be enjoyable to read. Nobody likes reading a scientific document or unless of course, it is a scientific document. People tend to like to read a speech that’s conversational and enjoyable, as though they’re talking to a friend.

The headline of your page should be captivating and your image should be relevant. Anyone that sees a captivating headline is likely gonna be interested in reading. It kind of prelude what your content is gonna be about. When I write some interesting content, I try to engage people right away because if you lose people in the first paragraph or two they’re not going to read your content and your page is deemed useless. So if you can’t captivate people right away then they’re not going to be interested and this is going to be a combination between your headline, the image at the top of your blog (I always recommend you have a relevant image at the top of your blog page or post) and an interesting paragraph.

I take it topics within my main topic.  People kind of get an idea of what I’m about to talk and this creates further interest. So if someone were to scan my page, they’re gonna be able to know right away what it’s about and the concepts that I’m gonna be covering. The three main pillars so someone could in theory scroll down and a lot of people do and they’re gonna get the main gist of the article before they read it. So if they’re not interested in that, then they’re not they’re likely not going to read your article. So these h3 tags are quite important as well. I try to keep my paragraphs smaller, nobody likes reading a sea of text. It should be borderline of being a bit too long, but it’s not too bad. People can still read but yeah, keeping your paragraphs smaller will make it more readable and when you’re reading smaller paragraphs it gives you the impression that you’re reading more content.

It’s just easier to absorb the information and I break things down and I’ve just underlined this and bold it because you know it puts some emphasis and focuses on these three items. That’s it, I don’t overthink it, I just kind of go through it. I pull out topics, I turn them into H tags.

I keep my content personal and conversational interesting and I speak to the audience, that’s me so that’s an overview of what I would I do.  I see a lot of websites out there that have like a black background with white text, it’s very difficult to read if that’s you that has a site like that, it’s not as many people are gonna read it. People will still read it but the highest percentage of and it’s been proven over and over again, the highest percentage of people that will read your actual page is when you have a white background with black text it’s simple, it’s easier to read and and every single book I’ve ever read has been a black text on white background. And there’s a reason for that because it is very readable and it’s easy on the eyes and that white space it makes a lot easier to read for your audience.

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