Goearn Review – A Scam In This Hard Times

Goearn website landing page

Welcome to my review of Goearn.co!

Here we go again, another trash website claiming that they will give you money just by doing simple tasks.

Before you even read this whole review, I’ll tell you already that Goearn is definitely a scam and you will never make money with this.

This website has so many flaws and we will talk about it in this brief review. Although I already concluded that this is in fact a scam, for the sake of fairness, I will elaborate more on what kind of website this is.

Let’s find out how will this website can scam you.

Goearn Review Summary

Company: Go Earn

Website: https://goearn.co/

Recommended? No!

Scam: Yes

A Much Better Opportunity:

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What is Goearn?

Is this your first time to encounter this kind of website? If indeed yes, I am sure that you are intrigued by the business model it presents.

The website claim that it is the number 1 earning network online. Its landing page is quite good and looks professional in a sense.

The one thing that will probably catch your attention is the phrase “earn $500 today”. Just wow, the easiest way to make money online.

It seems that you found the holy grail of earning a living online, you will shout for joy and sing praises! This is it, I am going to make money, at last, this is what I am looking for all along.

With all this hype and it seems too good to be true, you should ask yourself if this is really legitimate or not.

How does Goearn Work?

According to the website, there are only 3 steps and you are set to make money.

Goearn 3 steps to make money

1. You have sign-up for a GoEarn account and join the huge community of people earning a living online with social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Once you verified your account through email, you are eligible for a $30 bonus and you can redeem it later.

2. Invite your family, colleagues, classmates, and friends to their website through a unique referral link provided and complete those high-paying tasks. For every person you invite and become a member, you will earn $10 and you can earn up to $50 for every task that you complete.

3. Withdraw your earnings with GoEarn when and how you want them! You will have various ways to immediately withdraw your earnings, such as by mail, PayPal, and Bitcoin.

6 Reasons why Goearn is a Scam?

1. $44,700,000+ – As of the time of writing, the website claims that they already paid this amount of money to their members. But if you look at the FAQ page, you will see that they have 730,000 members who have earned over $158,670,000. This is so inconsistent that will make you wonder if this is really a legitimate website.

2. $10 fee for every referral – Is this even possible? I have not seen an online company that offers that amount by simply inviting them. This is so ridiculous that the company will go bankrupt if they will use this marketing technique. It just doesn’t make sense at all.

3. The domain name info – I researched its domain whois, and I found out that this website was only registered last June 13, 2020, basically only 20 days online as of today (July 3, 2020). For a 20-day old website that is earning already a whopping 44 million dollars is absurd! See below screenshot:

whois information of goearn

4. Testimonials – It is odd that there is only one testimonial on the website, a man named Matthew Young who earned around $237000.

Goearn fake testimonial

Is he even real? Yes, he is a real person because he is from a stock photo, and his name is definitely not Matthew.

5. Fake company address – There are a handful of websites using this address, perhaps these scam websites are connected. You can see in the image below from a website cashgem.co.

Goearn fake address

6. Owner of the website – The identity of the owner is very important, it can enhance the integrity of any business. We all know who owns Facebook, Youtube, and the likes. But these scammers are very good at hiding their identity so that they can scam people all over again. This is the sad reality of most online fraud.

How Goearn can Scam you?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that there is no joining fee and there is no money to invest to become a member of this website. So, maybe you are thinking that how the hell I am or I was scammed if I haven’t invested a single dime?

Yes, you are correct, you are not being scammed in terms of money, only your effort, time, and personal information that you’ve given them upon registration.

Imagine, how much time you waste by inviting your friends and completing those boring tasks that will only benefit the owner of the website.

Those tasks such as installations, surveys and etc., there referral or affiliate links are embedded to it. That only means that you are doing the owner of the website a favor and they will get paid every task you accomplished.

It is important to note that they are paid by only a small amount since that is how a CPA or Cost-per-action businesses. For example, 1 installation of an app can earn them $1 or even lower, yet they claimed that they are going to pay you for $50.

Another way for them to make money is by selling your information, particularly your email address. There are some sites that buy this for around $1.

Can you imagine how much they will make if they can scam thousands of people without lifting a finger? And they have hundreds of these scam websites.

Conclusion and recommendation

As I have mentioned at the beginning of this article, Goearn is a scam, and I am 100% sure about this. There are hundreds of similar websites that I already reviewed. Examples of this are notion cash, instant dollars, referral pay, clout pay, swag pay, viral pay, easy work great pay, and many more.

Don’t be deceived by this garbage website, they only want your effort and time so that they can make money. Making money online is not as easy as what these scam websites tell you.

It is not easy but it is very doable to make money online. One of the best ways is affiliate marketing if you are considering a long term business.

It takes time to build this type of business but it is all worth it, and the best part is that there will come a time that you will earn passively.

As long as you are committed to succeeding, there is a slim chance that you will fail. You may check the link below to know more about this awesome business.


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  1. Hi There,

    I like to way you have done your math on this website with the payouts per customer not been anywhere what the business has paid out, the figures don’t match. It reads wrong which is some good research you have done. Most people would just be thinking about how they can make it big. I must say though this is the norm, unfortunately, these days with fake websites giving false information and it’s shame the internet has to be like this with so many people trying to make an honest buck but been ripped off. Thanks for uncovering yet another scam. well done.

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