Is Go Founders a Scam? [AKA OnPassive] A Legit MLM?

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Welcome to my review of Go Founders!

Lately, there have been discussions about Go founders scam on the internet. Some say it is a business opportunity to grab while others, on the other hand, say it is not a legit business to venture into, but a scam. All this has led to confusion but, don’t get confused anymore because I am going to reveal to you in this article the mere truth about Gofounders, aka Onpassive.

One side of those in it as affiliates claim Gofounders as platform loaded with “never-ending wealth” astonishing enough there are people who and plenty of them say Gofounders is nothing else but a scam and pyramid scheme because they have no retail offers. Out all these voices and claims who is right and wrong? Is it a scam? Does Gofounders/Onpassive exist?

These, as well as among other questions, will be answered in this Gofounders review.

In my review am not against or promoting Gofounders/on passive. However, I will be revealing the truth and from a trustworthy source. Hence, you can make up your mind if it another business opportunity pop up or another scam coming in MLM, and you take precaution and stay away before enrolling.

Go Founders Review Summary

Company: Go, Founders,

Price : $97 one-time + $25 – $500

Scam: Possible

Recommended? No!

I reviewed a lot of MLM businesses on this site and I am not a fan of this kind of business. The fact that the success rate of MLM is very low compared to other business models. According to FTC’s research, there is only around 1% of the success rate. That 1 percent already includes those who are earning a little only.

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What is Gofounders, aka Onpassive?

Cofounders is a website used to promote an MLM company by the name Onpassive. Hence, when you hear or think about Gofounders know it has another name Onpassive. Therefore, On passive is an MLM company that focuses on the Internet advertising niche. On passive claim to help someone generate traffic inside the site to all other members who have enrolled in the program.

Who owns or who is the founder of On passive or Cofounders?

Amazing enough when you visit their official website page, you will notice that they seem to be on the prelaunch state. It is a state which has been there for so long brings in suspicions this is a scam, and up to now, it looks just a scam.

To make matters worse when you visit both Onpassive and Gofounders website you will not locate any information about its owners, whereabouts or contact. However, out of my interest, I researched further to find out that Onpassive, aka Gofounders creator and owner, is Ash Mufareh.

Ash is known as a Veteran Internet Marketer, and he has a long history in the MLM industry. In most cases, he involves himself with sketchy investment schemes and other debatable businesses. There are several shady products in his name. One case is the Ash max which he launched nine years ago, which is recognized as a matrix scheme. All these and more make Ash a notorious person in his circle. He also holds links to TelexFree and PayDiamond where both the companies are nonexistence today. In his new comeback, he brings forward new products in the market Onpassive.

All this raises the question about the future of passive/ Gofounders.

When you visit Gofounder’s Facebook page, there is a video that markets their services. They claim to be offering marketing solutions to all internet marketers through their well automated, completely compatible with your system. They go further to say it is a 100% well-automated traffic generator and recruits and sells on your behalf and with additional proprietary tools built-in for you.

Additionally, they claim it is a four-tier, self-perpetuating three time’s ten matrix system. It will provide unlimited and well automated no struggle income for the rest of your life.

According to my view, this Gofounders is a type of pyramid scheme. I anchor my claim to the fact that they are not selling any product like other legitimate MLM companies where they offer retail products to people purchase.

To my surprise Onpassive website they claim to have over 23,000 members already yet still they are on prelaunch phase. How is that possible!

Not adequate information can be traced on both Onpassive and Gofounders website on there about us. Probably and it seems like a marketing strategy to entice clients to their new “baby” or either no only Ash together with his team can tell.

How can you make money with Onpassive/ Gofounders?

As Gofounders struggles to enter into the MLM industry, they are offering no tangible products to its customers to purchase. However, they might be because they are on the prelaunch phase still.

The only way someone can earn anything from Gofounders is by recruiting new people to enroll in the company. You do this by first becoming a member then sell the company affiliate membership.

There is another way but complicated one where, after becoming a member, you are automatically cycled into the Gofounders/Gofounders matrix system. Here you will be required to pay recurring fees with a promise of commissions as the matrix fills up automatically. The matrix fills up when more people sign up after you or directly referring people to join the company.

With this kind of earning strategy just works like a pyramid scheme. It is my opinion that Cofounders is one of them. Pyramid schemes are not legitimate but scams, so as Gofounders.

The beneficiaries of Gofounders are the first member who will make money by referring people. It is the reason why his first member followers do protect and claim Gofounders is legit because they are making money whiles others are not.

What it means for Gofounders is that the new member makes it run. In case there are no members join the company will result in it collapsing.

The new member is the one who is losing money through the upfront fee as well as the recurring fee for the cycling and supporting the company to exist. The new members have a rough time to earn from Gofounders because they have not recoupled yet as the positions are stagnant waiting to be filled.

What is Gofounders/Onpassive compensation plan?

After you have joined Gofounders and became a member, it the time you are offered an opportunity to recruit a new member to build a team. The rate of earnings is determined by the type of tier you chose to enroll in Gofounders or Onpassive 3 times ten matrix MLM compensation plan.

Gofounders have come up with four different tiers, and on each of them, there is a difference in earning potential. The tires are $25, $125, $250, and $500.

The following is a breakdown of Gofounders Commissions payment across OnPassive’s four tiers matrix;

$25 Matrix is the first position which costs $25)

$2 on the level you have 1 per position filled

$3 on the level you have 2 per position filled

$2 on the level you have 3 per position filled

$1 on levels you have 4 to 8 per position filled

$2 on the level you have 9 per position filled and

$1 on the level you have 10 per position filled

$125 Matrix is another position which costs $125)

$10 on the level you have1 per position filled

$15 on the level you have 2 per position filled

$7 on level 3 you have per position filled

$5 on levels you have 4 and 5 per position filled

$3 on the level you have 6 per position filled

$2 on the level you have7 per position filled

$3 on levels you have 8 and 9 per position filled

$2 on the level you have10 per position filled

$250 Matrix is also another position which costs $250)

$10 on the level you have1 per position filled

$25 on the level you have2 per position filled

$10 on the level you have3 per position filled

$8 on levels you have 4 to 6 per position filled

$7 on levels you have 7 and 8 per position filled

$8 on levels you have 9 and 10 per position filled

$500 Matrix equally another position which costs $500)

$20 on the level you have1 per position filled

$30 on the level you have 2 per position filled

$15 on levels you have 3 to 5 per position filled

$10 on levels you have 6 and 7 per position filled

$15 on levels you have 8 and 9 per position filled

$10 on the level you have 10 per position filled

The commission is paid out after the matrix position is filled. Every position is filled through direct and indirect sponsorship of Onpassive affiliates. They must, however, buy positions in one or more of the four matrix tiers to be able to earn the commission.

It is essential for the Onpassive affiliates below you pay the required monthly fee so that you can get paid a recurring monthly commission.

How to be a Gofounders affiliate?

To be a Gofounders affiliate, you have to sign in and pay a membership fee of $97 along with a $25-500 monthly recurring fee, and this depends on different matrix positions. However, for now, the company is still in the prelaunch stage; you are only required to pay $97 to be an affiliate.

The red flag that Gofounders is a possible scam

Gofounders aka is all the time on the pre-launching phase, and it is alarming state bearing in mind it has been on this state for more than one year.

Gofounders owner is in bad records on MLM industry, Ash has been involved with other schemes like PayDiamond, Ashmax, and TelexFree. However, it is not to say Gofounders will go the same way as others, but its future objectives are not known.

Gofounders/Onpassive has an awful pyramid scheme.

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Is Gofounders a scam?

How to spot a pyramid scheme infographics

One of the biggest suggestions in need that Gofounders is a scam is that it has adopted a pyramid scheme, and it is not easy to earn from such kind of scheme. Gofounders is not a legit business opportunity to salivate about at all.

As mentioned above, the head of the operation of this MLM or maybe a pyramid scheme is no other than Ash Mufareh who was notoriously involved in other MLM companies that soon became a scam. This is one reason why I don’t recommend OnPassive or Go Founders. It is just very difficult to put your trust in this person especially your hard-earned money.

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