Facebook Page Traffic : What You Need to Know

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Time to meet one of the biggest traffic generating giant – Facebook.

The word ‘Facebook’ is no longer foreign to almost every nation’s population. Facebook took the world by storm when it first made its official appearance in 2004.

Years after its launch, Facebook garnered more than 100 million users. To- date, Facebook announced they have over 1.90 billion active users and 1.15 billion of mobile active users.

The definition Facebook provides for ‘active user’ are users who has visited the site in the last 30 days. Followed by ‘monthly growth’, the average percentage of growth rate from the increase of active users.

If you think this information is a waste of time, then making traffic from creating a free Facebook Page is not for you.

Believe it or not, these numbers put Facebook on a golden plate, making it harder for business giants out there to ignore.

Did you know, the ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons are clicked to almost 15 million websites, daily?

The potential of your own website’s content to be ‘Shared’ and ‘Liked’ are higher with the help of Facebook. Don’t forget the demographic users of Facebook. The split between female and male users on Facebook are of similar percentages, which means, you should be able to effectively reach both genders on Facebook.

Since there is not a large statistical difference between both genders, content generated are easily distributed and shared amongst everyone.

On average, users spend about 20 minutes per Facebook visit, spanning across billions of users. That’s a decent amount of time to make your relevant to get the most traffic out of it.

Some online marketers may be overwhelmed by the amount of time and effort he or she should spend on Facebook, just to make a grounded appearance to active users.

Generating traffic using only a free Facebook Page may seem impossible at first, but this information given out to you is more than enough for you to take advantage of.

The Fundamentals Of An FB Page

Time to get familiarized with the basics of a Facebook Page.

In this segment, you will know the 3 important guidelines of generating traffic using an FB Page. Studies show for you to reach, engage, and transform normal users into your followers, you need to understand how even the smallest fundamental contributes to the bigger picture of your needs.

First off, the Solution.

Ever wonder how laptops and notebooks gathered more popularity nowadays rather than a personal computer?

Eventually, tablets over laptops and notebooks? Smartphones over tablets? The pioneers of these products created Solutions, not merely products.

That is why it sells.

Products may be a relevant investment, but Solutions offer a better option over products because it improves consumers’ daily life. Reinterpret your products to a different purpose. Posts you share needs to be created to offer Solutions to users. That way your post will spread like wildfire over every newsfeed!

Next would be the Access.

There is an abundance of options to make your services or products available online. It is no longer about walking into a physical store, but more towards shopping online. Making purchases on the move portrays conveniences, thus, attracting more users, or in this case traffic.

Finally, Education.

It sounds cliché but believe it or not, whilst promotion is ‘shouting’ praises over your products, it is short lived. Businesses need to sustain their traffic cycle by providing relevant updates.

Hence, the need to Educate users in ways equal to offering them consistent satisfaction over their concerns. This way, you unconditionally weave a thread of emotional connection to users, albeit responding to what your users want to know, or experience, about what you are offering.

That is why certain products, laptop for example, come with complimentary items like a mouse, screen protector kits and even a backpack. The provider has anticipated the foreseen problems by tackling them with necessities for the main item purchased. This way, users are likely to spread

the ‘news’, physically or online. Either way, you gain traffic.

FaceBook Page Traffic (Part 1)

In this module, you learn how to create a free Facebook Page. Plus, navigate through the important items to optimize for your FB Page, from your profile picture, cover image, and all the way to your post.

Firstly, create your new Facebook Page.

Should you already own your main website, treat this page as your second website. The whole idea of generating traffic is to ‘steer’ users to your main website. But if this is going to be your main website or store, you might want to consider using one of our previous Paid Traffic method – Facebook Ads. That method will be far appropriate if your FB Page is your main website.

To get started, create a new FB Page. To do so, create a personal profile.

Sign up and fill in the necessary details in the ‘Sign Up’ page on Facebook.com. If you have an existing personal profile, use that to create a new Facebook Page. It is advisable to do so because it will be easier for you to gain views over your existing friends.

Click ‘Pages’ on the left side of your Newsfeed under ‘Create’ and choose your type of business. Either choice will prompt you to fill in the important detail necessary for other users to find you, and of course the name of your business.

You will be directed to your page.

Next, treat your picture as your own brand. Thus, use your business’s logo for it. Click this box and upload the photo.

Then on the bottom of your page name is an option to ‘Create Page Username’. This is one the effective way for people to find your Page in Facebook Search.

The best way to do this is to just use your page name as your username to ensure a concrete search results. Your username must be at least 5 characters long without generic terms or extensions.

Then there’s your cover page. The only difference to it would be to treat your cover page as your business’s current activity, or advertisement. If you have a long-term sale or new product launch coming up, it would be wise to advertise it on your Cover Photo.

Once you have all that set, you will need to fill in one of the most crucial part of your Page, the ‘About’ section. Over here you have all the necessary information to be filled for the ease of educating your followers of your business. Remember to fill all the relevant section, especially your contact

information. Most businesses neglected this section which in turn, didn’t generate traffic to their main website and that is not advisable.

Now that we’ve settled the crucial itinerary of your Page, next off, we will start optimizing the usage of your FB Page using relevant post to gain those traffics.

FB Page Traffic (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of your traffic generating method using FB Page.

In this module, we explore the kinds of post available for you to create, and have it reach users around Facebook.

Don’t ever leave your Page looking ‘empty’. An ‘empty’ Page is defined as a Page without new content every week. At most, you only have 5 post and most of your post contains only ‘Likes’, but no comments from users. Worse of all, that post of yours is not relevant to your Page.

So, before you start sharing anything, keep in mind to do so, you will need at least 5 to 10 post readily available in your page. That way, users won’t be discouraged to follow you because those post shows you are active, and it is ready to be shared.

Use any relevant items you have from your main website and post them within your page. Plus, it is advisable that you put the relevant links of your website on each post to steer users to your website immediately.

Once you click on ‘Post’, you have 7 different options of post to choose from. Choose one, in relevance to your post.

Should you wish to share a photo or video of your products and services, click the icon and a pop-up to upload in differing methods are available. Each option comes with a self-explanatory description to ease your decision.

Then, you get to ‘Advertise Your Business’.

Here you will see 3 options, first requires you update your call-to-action button, which we will touch about it later, and second requires you to pay to advertise. Third option is for you to share this page with your friends. Since this section is all about utilizing free traffic, the third method is for you.

Next is starting a ‘Live Video’. It is recommended to start a live video after you’ve announced you are going to make one. The appropriate length of time between your announcement, and starting the live video should be at least 5 minutes apart. The longer you keep your followers waiting, the hype will lessen.

Get Messages’ allow you to share a post where followers direct message to you regarding the post itself. This is one of the options for you to get an immediate response from your followers.

Creating an event allows you to invite your followers and other users to join an activity you organized. If it requires users to purchase tickets, copy the link of your ticketing website to the event page creation.

Create an offer will give your followers the opportunity to redeem any offer set by you at a certain period.

Finally, writing notes. This here is suitable to manage any ‘Frequently

Asked Questions’ or FAQs and any relevant ‘How To’, or any permanent rules or regulations that require users to read up and refer to, should they have questions about it.

Next, you will learn how to maintain your consistent activity using Facebook Insights.

Concluding Your Consistency With FB

We’ve reached the concluding segment of generating traffic using Facebook.

So, you’ve settled on new fundamentals for your FB Page and created one. Branded your FB Page using your logo as your profile photo, and uploaded exclusive images as your cover photo. You’ve edited your username, and updated your most important item of all – contact details. Plus, you’ve prepared up to 10 post, importing and linking them from your main website.

What’s next?

Facebook Insights.

Click on ‘Insight’ at the top of your Page screen. Insight assists you to understand your audience. You will see a ‘Page Summary’ for the last 7 days of your activity. You will be shown, your ‘Actions on Page’, number of ‘Page Views’, number of ‘Page Likes’, amount of ‘Reach’, ‘Post Engagement’ and ‘Videos’.

‘Actions on Page’ shows the amount of clicks you are generating. These clicks are generated from users who want directions, phone numbers, your websites and action buttons. The list is viewable by age, gender, country, city and device.

Over at ‘Page Views’, you will see where users coming from to get to your Page, and where, on your Page, they went once they are on it.

‘Page Likes’ lets you monitor the number of likes you are getting – both paid and organic likes. In this case, we are aiming for that organic likes.

‘Reach’ shows how your post gets more likes, comments and shares throughout users’ News Feed.

Post Engagement’ on the other hand, allow you to understand how people are responding to your post.

Finally, ‘Videos’. You will see the amount of views generated from those videos you posted, including the number of minutes they viewed.

Inevitably, Facebook Insight is making it easier for you to identify what kind of post generates more response from your followers.

Did they click on the link provided with the post? Does it reach other users’ News Feed?

Did you manage to drive users to your main website?

All this information about users who visited and followed you is important in your business decisions. Once you have managed to get a grasp of your followers’ interest and concerns, you will be able to craft an effective post.

Do not forget the call-to-action button.

Head back to your Page and click the ‘Add a Button’ icon. This makes it easier for users to take action.

Various service options are available to choose from. If you want your

followers to ‘Get in Touch’ with you, click the icon and choose the best suited option for your business.

If you click ‘Call Now’, the phone number you’ve filled in at the ‘About’ section of your page will appear. Clicking ‘Add Button’ will allow an instant button to be created as, ‘Call Now’. And you are all set!

Utilize all the options on FB Page to ensure you get everything covered. Never leave your page ‘empty’ as this discourages users to follow you. Insights help to analyze your followers and users’ demographic background. Finally, be engaging.

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