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Hi Ross here, welcome to my Easy Work Great Pay Review. I hope you will learn from this review and make an educated decision whether to purchase or not based on this.

This is my opinion, based on my experience reviewing products that have value and products that are a scam. You can check my previous reviews of other products/platforms like viral pay, cash sniper, kids earn money, cash website success, and many more.

In today’s online industry, we must be vigilant of the scams, the garbage product that siphon our money and leaving us with no added value in our part.

If you’re looking for an easy job and which can be done while you are at home, then easywork-greatpay.com is NOT the place for you.

It’s thrilling even to put the idea in your mind of working and getting paid through working at your home but the big question that every mind has is “Whether or not this site does do what it says or is just like one of those scam sites out there?” Well, to your benefit, I decided to give it a go.

When you click on the site at first, you do sure would get the feeling that this could be one of the scam websites where they rip all your money off. (I was not mistaken, continue reading).

I thought of giving you guys a review of the website so that you have a better idea of what you will deal with or what is available on the website

Easy Work Great Pay Review

Program/Product Name: American Diversified Publications / Easy Work Great Pay

Website: easywork-greatpay.com

Owner: Kyle Shaw

Price: $35 for the Digital Copy and $34 for Hard Copy + Shipping fee

Recommended? No

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What is American Diversified Publications? AKA (Easy Work Great Pay)

Easywork-greatpay.com claimed that they have the best directory of online jobs where you can work from the comfort of your home. They will show you how to get started doing these kinds of opportunities.

They claimed that the job opportunities listing can only be found on their site. It is a sort of secret that they will show you once you are already a paid member. But to be honest, these “listings” are already around the internet which you can access for free.

The problem also with this site is that they are using the word job to sell what they are offering, but when you get inside, there is no job or employment found on their site. This is kind of misleading because, in the first place, you signed up for home-based job opportunities.

What rather they will show you are business ideas and give you tips and strategies on how you can have a home-based business. This is again a problem, why is that so? The fact that it is only an idea, there is no guarantee if you can have a successful business. Again there is no job involve which contradicts what they are selling.

Based on their website, they claim that they have different ways to earn an income.

So, let’s get started and look at the several categories that the place is offering for you to work with.

Easywork-greatpay.com Features

(based on their website)

Earning from Facebook

facebook logo

We are on our Facebook a lot of the time during the day so why not as well get paid for it too? Pretty catchy right but the problem, if you can say so, is that you need to have a Facebook Page from where you will get the earnings. All they do is simply share their special link on your Facebook Page and that’s it. The job is done, from that point on, It’s their job and the good part is that you can track your earnings as well. So why not give it a try. You would need to sign up and the instructions shall follow. There is also a referral program where you can earn more if you refer the website to other people, which could be your friends or anyone.

Earning from Answering Calls (Customer Service)

Big companies based in the US tend to get a lot of customer calls, of course, they would, for the huge companies they are. So what they do, is they outsource their customer service calls to other companies that do their job for them. So, right here, is something you can work with while you are at your home. You can choose your hours and the account that’s suited to your interests and get working. The operators can earn up to 20 dollars per hour which is a pretty good figure. If you work for four hours, you just earned eighty dollars. Pretty good bargain.

Earning from the Internet

Well, when you read the heading, you must be wondering it’s a very broad heading that doesn’t cover much. Don’t worry we have this covered too. If you own a PC or a Laptop and have access to the internet then this might be the one for you.

Earning money from the internet which this site provides includes Online Surveys, Home Typing, Affiliate and much more.

There are a lot more broad categories that revolve around the internet. Better to earn because we are on the internet 24/7, why not use it for something beneficial for you. You can choose to conduct Online Surveys etc.

Earning from Computer Skills

Computer Jobs Samples

The very main point of having the computer skills on which the site is offering the jobs is that you do not need to have a special kind of skill set that may serve any purpose. Computer skills in this regard means something like surfing online or much better if you have specialized work like Computer Programming. If you are good at typing, you might find Data Entry good job or Transcription. There is a wide category that’s waiting for you, all there is a need for you to sign up.

Earning from being a Mystery Shopper

Ah! Mystery Shopping, the word itself is scary, but trust us, it’s not. Mystery shopping is very amusing. Let us tell you what it is.

Mystery shopping is where you visit stores or restaurants and rate their products or the services that they are providing and rating them according to their specific criteria. If you like going out a lot, so might as well get paid for it on the side by reviewing the places the job is offering. So basically, data from all the Mystery Shoppers around the country are taken and then analyzed to know how can the company or the businesses work better and efficiently, all it needs from is an honest rating. I think we can do that.

Earning from Assembling

Assembly jobs samples

Yes, exactly, a very rare work that the site offers where you need to have to assemble CD cases or any other commodity such as Beaded Jewelry, Circuit bonds, Picture Frames, Key Chains and much more in your home.

The good thing about assembling is that it’s satisfying and it’s productive, if you like being neat with assembling your room or anything place, this might be the job for you.


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Is Easywork-greatpay.com A Scam?

Honestly, there’s nothing on the products or services that they offer worth the value of the money you invested. This is a scam which is something that you want to stay away from.

I am very much certain that “Easy Work Great Pay” is a scam since you are not getting what you are supposed to have based on their sales pitch. This is very much misleading, you are not getting what is expected from them.

They use words of deception like job, home-based job, etc, where there is none, absolutely nothing.

You are paying $35 for something already available online, a simple search is all you need. There are a lot of legit opportunities online, so just be careful and do your research.

Easywork-greatpay.com is highly NOT recommended.

Final Thoughts

Above are some broad areas that are widely regarded in today’s world so we thought of reviewing the above subject.

In my introduction above, I said if you’re looking for an easy job online, is it really possible?

Here is the fact, there is no “easy job online” that can earn you a decent living. It always takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

If you want to earn in the online world, my only advice is to learn, be educated and put effort into it.

I ask you a question, do you know anyone who has an offline business? Or do you have one? Does it look easy? It is not, right? Same goes with online business, you have to put an effort and be serious about it.

Do not fall for get-rich-quick scams out there, because getting rich quick is a myth unless you are lucky enough.

All in all, “easy work great pay”, is like many of the other sites available today that are offering the same technique scamming people. This one, this website is a scam at all and it is proven.

The choice is yours. I hope my Easy Work Great Pay Review help you as it will bring me joy. Thank you.

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