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Instagram allows you to like, capture and share any moments to a worldwide hub. It is mobile and technically, one of the most powerful social network applications today. Almost everyone with a mobile phone in their possession have Instagram.

In 2017, 1 billion users are on Instagram, that’s 13% over the world’s population! That’s not all. As of today, the number of people spending their time on social media is rising.
It is recorded 30% of our time is spent online and most of it is spent on our mobile phones, thus, 60% of it is from our mobile devices. It means the total hours spent on social media, has overtaken the time spent on eating and socializing in person. An average Instagram user spends approximately 15 to 20 minutes of their time scrolling, liking, posting, sharing and socializing.

This information allows 50% of the world’s brand to use Instagram as part of their online marketing strategy.
Some of the top brands that have reached hundreds of thousands of followers are, National Geographic, Victoria Secret, The Ellen Show and even Nike.

National Geographic themselves have generated at least an average of 400 thousand likes from a single photo! That’s a huge amount of traffic generated.

It is not impossible for you, an online marketer, to generate the number of likes and views you want from Instagram. You might think all you need to do is to post an awesome, high-definition picture, and wait for the likes to come in. But will it even span across multiple users out there?

How would you know that your post can be viewed by users worldwide? Are you even aware of the most popular time to be posting on Instagram?

Worry not, you learn how these brands have generated tons of traffic by having over thousands of likes on their photos and million views on their video.

Time for you to become the official Instagram user on the go.

Towards the end of this section, you will not just create an Instagram account, but you will learn how to optimize your post, and look up fellow users of similar interest.

You will learn to post that first photo and video using different image filters in Instagram. Don’t forget tagging. It’s all about tagging the right words if you want users to look you up. Inevitably, you will identify the most commonly used tag and exploit it to gain the traffic you want!

First thing you need to know about Instagram, it is created for the sole purpose of being a mobile sharing platform. Unlike Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest, where users may upload their files from both their personal computer and mobile phones, Instagram only allows uploads from mobile phones, even though it has its own webpage. That’s right. You may scroll, like and view post on their webpage but not upload any files. News has stated that Instagram will unlikely change this.Why? Because it might stray from the main purpose of Instagram, an application that allows your photos and videos to be shared instantly on the go. Understanding this simple principle of Instagram should give you a generic idea on how you should handle your account to its fullest.

You need only a mobile device to make traffic from Instagram. Download it and install it.

Previously, you’ve created your Facebook Page and now you may sign up using the same email. It is advisable that you link your Facebook Page and synchronize it to Instagram, using the same account you have in Facebook.
This way, it will be easier to develop your business profile on Instagram and get higher probability of traffic from multiple platforms as mentioned in SEO for that Off-Site Optimization!

Name your account accordingly and follow the sign-up instructions until
you are prompt to ‘Find Contacts’. Instagram will automatically search through your contacts to find those who are using Instagram as well.

This way, it will be easier for you to follow them.

Set up the appropriate profile picture for your account and finally, you will be welcomed to your homepage. Remember to treat your profile picture as your branding, so use your logo for it.

Before you start exploring, consider the profile of your account. If you are bringing a business profile to Instagram, it is necessary you turn your Instagram account in a Business account.
This will make it easier for you declare to users that you are a business account, and people will get in touch with you easily using Instagram.

Go to your profile and tap the ‘Setting’ icon on the top right corner of the screen. Scroll down to find the ‘Switch to Business Profile’ option. You will be opted to connect to your Facebook Page if you haven’t done so.

Once it is connected, Instagram will automatically import your business profile from Facebook and set it up for you.

Once finished, you will have access to Instagram Insights. It is a necessary tool for online marketers to understand their audience’s behavior thus, creating a more relevant post based on the statistics.

Your next step is navigating and learning Instagram Insights.

Go to your profile page and tap the bar chart icon besides your setting icon.
It will appear blank if you do not have any posts yet. Considering you have posted a few photos, the information will appear.
This page is divided into 5 sections, however last section requires you to pay to promote thus, we will not touch upon that.

Before going through these sections, there are three key points to Insights.

Firstly, ‘Impression’ is the total number of times all your post has been seen. Next is ‘Reach’ which is the number of unique accounts that have seen your posts. Then you will have ‘Profile Views’ and eventually ‘Followers’.

Now, the first section is at the top of the screen. It will show you how many impressions you made for the last 7 days, and the differences in number between this week and the last week before.
These numbers are basic information on whether you are progressing or regressing that week.

The second section provides you with the top most post in the last 7 days.
You may tap the ‘See More’ icon and be directed to the most popular post you had over the last 7 days.
At default, the top most photos will be arranged as per the highest number of impressions. You may, of course, filter that arrangement by sliding up the
‘Filter’ option.

You can even see individual impressions made by the individual post you
have. Simply tap on any of the photo you want to view and tap ‘View insights’ underneath the post. Here, you have the total number of impressions, reach and engagement your post has generated.

The third section is the ‘Stories’. Creating stories allow you to have a direct impression to your followers. Click the ‘Create a New Story’ and you will be directed to post one.

The last section is the ‘Followers Activity’. This bar chart shows when your followers are most active on Instagram. You can even tap ‘See More’ icon to view the categorization.

You have information of your followers’ gender, age and even location. Plus, you have a bar chart of probability on when your users are most likely to log in, hourly and of course daily.

So, what comes after all this information?

If you’ve posted several posts already, it is time to evaluate the information you’ve garnered using Insights. Study your viewers based on your target audience and the actual impressed audience. From there, connect the dots between them and the post.

What’s Next For You & Instagram

We’ve reached the final lesson to gain traffic using Instagram, so what’s next?

Remember how previously you could add your contact information when you’ve converted your normal profile into a business profile? That is the only clickable link directing users to your website.

That is why it is important to add your website to your description and thus, direct users to your desired website. So, one of the constant way to do this is to always mention your website link on every caption of your posts. Ever seen post with, ‘Check link in bio’, or ‘Link in bio’? They are trying to drive users to their main page.

For example, if you are doing sales promotion, make sure when you share a post with a ‘Link in bio’ caption, you’ve updated your URL to direct users
towards your sales promotion page. The process is similar if you’ve updated your blog or launching a new product or anything else for that matter.

Other than captioning your post, you need to tag it. There are numerous tags going around internet at the moment. But the usage and popularity of a tag is different across social networks.

Research shows on Instagram, the most popular used tag is, #love. It spans across 1 billion posts in 2017 and it is commonly used by teens. What comes next after #love is, #social and #foodporn, both spans around 5 million and 100 million usage consecutively.
But what if your business is not related to ‘love’?

Can you even maintain a tag-related post if none of your post equates to the next popular hashtags?

Then it is time to get creative with your tags.

Let’s say you have new strawberry milkshake recipe to boast about and you’ve updated the ‘how-to’ on your blog. Remember to update your link and hashtag your captions.

So, instead of #strawberrymilkshakerecipe typed without space, try individual hashtag for each word like, #love #strawberry #milkshake #new #recipe #foodporn. That way, your hashtag will span across differing word search, instead of one full sentence. It will be easier for user to find your post this way.


This is how you generate the traffic, not only to your Instagram profile but to your main page. Try it out! The whole purpose is for you to study the pattern of your users and anticipate their needs in your future post.

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