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Welcome to my review of CryptZek!

Are you looking for information about this new investment scheme called CryptZek? You want to know if the investment you make will be profitable? We will answer that questions in this review.

If you are the type of person who is not afraid to take risk to invest on something that you are not sure if it is legit or not, then maybe this is for you.

The internet is full of lies and deceptions, scammers are everywhere creating new ways to make money online in the expense of other people. They do not care about you, as long as they make money, that is okay for them.

I am telling you this because I have a feeling that CrytZek is a possible scam. In this review, I will dig a little about the company so that you will have at least an idea before you invest.

CryptZek Review Summary

Company: CryptZek


Founder: Not Known

Scam: Yes

Recommended? NO!

Review Summary

CryptZek is an investment scam with an MLM twist. You will just lose money by joining with these types of business.

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What Is CryptZek?

CryptZek is an investment site that is mixed with MLM to make it enticing for the investors. The website does not say much about the founders or owners of this business.

Their website claims that it is a bitcoin network that will help you enhance your financial management structure. Other than that, there is not much information about this company.

It is really vague, what the company’s products are, or how it works, there is not much to it. There is really something fishy about this website and I think this will become a scam eventually.

CryptZek Compensation Plan

For you to earn with CryptZek, you have to affiliates invest a certain amount to make money. Here are the compensation plan:

  • The Premium Market Plan – You can invest $500 for you to receive a 104.5% return of investment in 2 hours.
  • The Silver Market Plan – This one is a higher interest but it will take longer to receive your ROI which is 105%. You have to invest $300 or more to attain your ROI in two days
  • The Gold Market Plan – This is even higher percentage of return, but it will take 5 days before you can receive your 107% ROI with an investment of $700 or more
  • The UltraModern Market Plan – The last plan and this is the highest return you will ever get when you invest $1000 or more. You will receive a 109% ROI in 7 days

The MLM side of CryptZek:

The other way you can earn is through referral commissions on invested funds of your direct recruit down two levels.

CryptZek compensation plan summary

Is CryptZek a Scam?

I have a strong feeling that this company is a scam. Here are the reasons:

On their website’s about page, CryptZek claims that they are an investment company that is registered in the USA, under the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). They even have a registration number from ACRA itself. But the problem with this is that ACRA is not actually a regulating body from the United States, but rather from Singapore.

Why would they lie about this? This alone is a huge red flag that you should stay away from.

Another reason why this is a scam is that the registration number does not exist. If you try to search the registration number in ACRA website, you can not find it. This is another lie, this is what scammers do, lie all the time.

Their compensation plan which is really absurd since the company has no actually viable source of income, they are just using the other investor’s money. This type of business model can be categorized as a ponzi scheme which is illegal by the way.


How can you ever trust your money in company like this one, full of lies and deceptions. All they want from you is your money and they will make a run for it when the appropriate times come.

This kind of business will eventually collapse, this is similar to other investment site (workmines) that I have reviewed which went down the drain after about two years of operation.

While it was true that there were some who made money from that site, but most people lose money. They have so many members that the company can no longer sustain the promised ROI.

Ponzi schemes will always collapse in the end, the history already confirmed these facts. So, why should we repeat something that we know that will never work.

Don’t ever be fooled by this investment and MLM scams out there.

With their lies about being registered in the US, right off the bat CryptZek engage in fraud.

That follows through with the company’s compensation plan, which is your typical Ponzi offering.

In the absence of any external verifiable source of revenue, all CryptZek are doing is recycling newly invested funds to pay existing affiliate investors.

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