Is Crowd1 a Scam? [Invest at Your Own Risk-A Subtle MLM!]

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Welcome to my review of Crowd1!

Crowd1 has been receiving so much attention recently and it got me curious to look into this business. A friend might have introduced you to it or you probably saw it in an ad as you browsed through Facebook. Whichever way you got to know about this new site, I am here to provide all the details you need before making any further decisions.

This is a new site and I even discovered they recently launched the business just last month in August 2019 (as of the time of writing). It is the norm with many online marketing sites to hype their business just to attract the masses. Whenever people think that it’s a good opportunity, they will feel compelled to invest in it. This is the case with Crowd1. They vaguely claim to be creating gaming apps and also online gambling. However, they don’t give any further details on this. People don’t even know what the business is all about. The only thing provided is a hyped-up promise of having lots of cash flowing into your bank account.

Crowd1 Review Summary

Product/Platform Name: Crowd1


Recommended? No, other legit opportunities are better than this.

Scam?  Can’t tell as of now (probably)

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What exactly is Crowd1?

There is not much information provided about this company or even who is the founder and owner. We don’t even know where exactly the company is located. This should be one reason to make you feel skeptical about signing up for this site. A real and legitimate company should provide detailed information about owners, location and when exactly the business was established.

The domain name for the website was first registered in 2007. On the other hand, it was recently updated in October 2018. The person behind the domain for Crowd1 is credited to be Stelios Piskopianos. However, when the LinkedIn page for Stelios is checked there is no mention anywhere of It is unclear whether he is the owner of the business or if he runs it with someone else.

Crowd1 is allegedly an MLM company. Typically, there are many MLM companies out there but it can be difficult to sort out the legitimate ones from those that are only there to take advantage of people. I wouldn’t recommend Crowd1 because they don’t provide precise information about themselves. This is very vital for such a business because people will be investing their money. No one wants to lose their hard-earned money to a scam. Other MLM, Ponzi, and investment schemes that I already reviewed include walletsync, cloud token, and workmines.

What are the Crowd1 products?

Well, I looked around and could not find any retail products or services being offered in the crowd1 website. Many of the MLM companies have nothing else to offer other than the affiliate membership. In this case, you have to become an affiliate member and then afterward start recruiting other affiliates into the program so that you can earn an income.

There are two websites created by the Crowd1. One is the Affilgo which is an online gaming and gambling platform. It is also an affiliate marketing platform. The second website is the Miggster and this one is a gaming platform. This second website is however not clear on what is being offered on it. Crowd1 initially claims that they have partnered with both Miggster and Affilgo. I did some digging and concluded that there is no such thing and its only one person who owns the three websites. This brings us back to Stelios Piskopianos.

The compensation plan

Once you become an affiliate for crowd1, you will be required to invest some money into the business so that you can earn the advertised returns. In this case, the company tracks and pays out the ROI through a system they call ‘owners rights shares’. They have just a few investment tiers to choose from.

  • White – invest 99 Euros and receive owner rights shares worth 100 Euros.
  • Black – invest 299 Euros and in turn, receive an owner rights shares worth 300 Euros.
  • Gold – invest 799 Euros and in turn, receive an owner rights shares worth 1,000 Euros.
  • Titanium – invest 2,499 Euros and in turn, receive an owner’s rights shares worth 3,500 Euros.

Crowd1 education packages

Residual commissions

Crowd1 does have residual commissions and they are paid out through a binary compensation plan. In a binary structure, the affiliate is at the top of the team which goes ahead to split into two. The first level of the binary structure consists of two positions on each side. The second level is created by splitting these first two positions into two on each side. This makes a total of four positions on the second level.

The cycle continues and the binary team levels have no exact limit when it comes to the number of positions created. The binary team structure can grow as far as necessary. Every new level created on the structure is supposed to hold twice as many positions as the preceding level. Also, the team positions can either be filled directly or indirectly by the sponsoring affiliates.

The affiliates will earn their residual commissions based on the investment volume they accumulated on each side of the binary team. Crowd1 itself is in charge of tracking the investment volumes and does so through points. The points are also calculated according to the investment tiers.

  • White – a total of 90 points
  • Black – a total of 270 points
  • Gold – a total of 720 points
  • Titanium – a total of 2250 points

Generally, crowd1 calculates their residual commission using the 1/3 balance ratio. This means that they calculate the commissions to be paid out based on the accumulated volumes on the binary team weaker side. Afterward, they match it in triple over the stronger team side. The volume is then put together and the affiliates are paid 10% of the total amount.

The matching bonus

It is earned from the residual commission derived from the downline affiliates. The matching bonus is generally arrived at by the use of a certain uni-level compensation plan. In the uni-level compensation structure, the affiliate is at the top of the team. The first level consists of personally sponsored affiliates.

When the affiliates on the first level sponsor new affiliates, they directly fall under the 2nd level of the uni-level team. The cycle continues and the levels created can grow as far as necessary.

The level an affiliate earns in the matching bonus largely depends on the personal efforts in sponsorship.

  • Invest in the white tier and personally sponsor four investors. In turn, receive a 10% match on the level 1
  • Invest in the black tier and personally sponsor eight investors. In turn, receive a 10% match on both level 1 and 2
  • Make an investment at the gold tier and personally sponsor sixteen investors and in turn, receive a 10% match on levels 1 to 4
  • Invest in the titanium tier and sponsor twelve investors. Get to receive a 10% on levels 1 to 5
Streamline bonus

A streamline bonus is meant to be a way for the affiliates to increase the owner’s rights shares returns. You have to first sign up and become an affiliate. Thereafter, you start the process of recruiting others into the program. All those who join will become a part of your streamline bonus. The streamline bonus also consists of levels that are arrived at depending on the amount invested by an affiliate.

  • White tier affiliates are supposed to get three streamline levels
  • Black tier affiliates are supposed to get eight streamline levels
  • Gold tier affiliates will be entitled to twelve streamline levels
  • Titanium tier affiliates are entitled to fifteen streamline levels
Fear of loss bonus

The fear of loss bonus is more like a sponsorship bonus. It is active during the first 14 days after a new affiliate joins the program and makes an investment. Within this specified period the newly acquired affiliates will earn;

  • 125 Euros for each of the four white investment tier affiliates sponsored
  • 375 Euros for each of the four black investment tier affiliates sponsored
  • 1,000 Euros for each of the four gold investment tier affiliates sponsored
  • 3,000 Euros for each of the four titanium investment tier affiliates sponsored
Gambling residual

When an affiliate joins the program and gets to recruit others who also decide to invest, their gambling revenue share increases. The gambling residual begins at 5% from the team leader rank who accumulates at most 500 points in the weaker binary team side. It increases to 10% starting from the director and other higher ranks.

Is crowd1 a scam or legitimate?

Crowd1 launch

So many things don’t add up and also they give vague information but never facts. The first thing is crowd1 claims to get its revenue from online gambling but do not provide any proof to back this up.

Additionally, they mention gaming on the website but fail to tell us what exactly it is. From what I know gaming is often thoroughly regulated. Considering the dodgy manner in which crowd1 offers information, it is definite that they are hiding some things.

As far as am concerned, there are no known and viable partners of this company. For this reason, they get their revenue from newly recruited affiliates who invest in the program. This makes it a Ponzi scheme. I wouldn’t recommend this program to anyone. In most cases, they don’t last long and within a period people will stop joining and the program will ultimately collapse.

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20 Comments on “Is Crowd1 a Scam? [Invest at Your Own Risk-A Subtle MLM!]”

  1. I like how you describe Crowd1 as a ‘subtle MLM’.  Right off the bat, I understand the potential rabbit holes one might be led to.  After further review, the compensation plan is extremely confusing and difficult to follow, along with many of the other well-laid-out points you’ve made here.  While I’ve just been hearing of Crowd1, I’ve never explored it much myself.  I’m very happy I found your article!  It has cleared up my questions about the company, that’s for sure.  I am 110% satisfied with Wealthy Affiliate.  I’ve never been a part of such a terrific learning experience or community of people.  I have learned a lot from your website, Ross.  Thank you for your honest words.  Blessings!

  2. You’re just blowing hot air Mr know it all, Crowd1 has changed many people’s lives and it’s the only company that does what it does best. I’ve been in network marketing for the past 22years and Crowd1 is out of this world. Anyway, you’re entitled to your thoughts, but that doesn’t mean they legit and are not the gospel truth

    1. Hi Donn,

      Thanks for taking time to comment. Crowd1 has the mechanics of a ponzi scheme and will eventually collapsed. While it is true that there are people who made money from ponzi schemes, but most will just lose money. It is very risky investment since you will never know how long it will last.

  3. If you are in no position to risk losing your money then I don’t think investing your cash in this site would be the best idea one can get. Another thing I noticed about this Crowd 1 is that they are still new, too new to be trusted actually and it is no Good idea to send your money to them. I don’t know how loyal and honest this new site about gambling would be but I just cannot trust them of now. Thanks for the eye opener.

  4. I still find it surprising that some people still don’t understand the concept and the way online businesses operates, I’ve read so many articles about scams and to confess I’ve been a victim, now I can identify a scam if I see one. Hype is the only instruments these MLM companies uses to entice people to join them, it’s known that they don’t have anything to offer and it’s just a waste of time and money. Thanks

  5. MLM has a very bad record of making people to lose money and I have also lost quite a lot of money than what I could ever recoup and that is the reason I would prefer to stay off any platform that mirror MLM. For sharing this post, I can only appreciate you. Also, I will share this but to more people to get them sensitized. Thanks 

  6. Thank you for providing a very in depth review (and warning) against crowd1. It’s good to bring awareness to businesses like this, especially before loads of people sign up just for the promise of ‘flowing bank accounts.’ I like how you brought this awareness of Crowd1 and then provided a legit platform to join instead. This is really helpful for your readers.

  7. Crowd1 is too shady in informations and facts provided about it and as such, it does not provide a safe haven of believe and credibility. For this reason, I would rather prefer to stay off. Thanks so much for sharing all these here. I actually do not like MLM platforms well but this is way too unjustifiable to me and I would not be thrilled to join.

  8. Most MLM businesses are known to be dangerous and might end up being a loss of money. Thanks so much for sharing all these bits of information. I really see crowd1 as a better initiative but lacks the right approach hence, I would not be thrilled to joining them. Thanks for the information shared here.

  9. Thanks a bunch. You’re a lifesaver; my colleague wouldn’t let me rest because of this crowd1. Thank you for exposing Crowd 1. I was looking for more info about this
    product and stumbled upon your article. All I see is ponzi ponzi ponzi. Thank you again for such a concise review.

  10. Well! this is not too much to understand here. Crowd1 is simply not a legit offer and everyone should try to get as far as possible from it. Even the Mlm companies that provides the full details about their actions and all even got to be in disarray and problematic, not to talk of platforms without any proof and all. For this reason, I will stay off this.

  11. Hi , thanks for sharing this review of Crowd1. I checked the website, I tried to understand the business model and what they do, it’s more of crowd funding. And it’s kinda confusing. I don’t think they have any real thing to do there. Crowd1 looks like a real scam. They are not telling us how we can make the money.

  12. If this business was to be a legitimate one that will truly benefit its users, I don’t see a need for the owners to hide themselves from being known that they own it. Crowd1 looks like a typical MLM scheme with no real product. Or should I even call it a Ponzi scheme? 

  13. Hello, Ross.  Thank you for taking the time to provide us with an evaluation of Crowd1, and for several other sites that you caution against throughout your blog.  I am relatively new to online business, although I have experienced some losses and poor guidance in the past.  So, it is good to have sites like yours to help steer us away from risky sites.  

    I also appreciate the fact that throughout your site you point us to WA.  That is the platform where I landed and where I am attempting to build my business.  Their structure designed for affiliate marketing with the founders, and well as a caring community of members is solid, and effective.   Thanks again for your insightful blog.  Keep up the good work.

  14. Thanks for a well researched and laid out article. Back in the days before the internet, I was engaged in a couple of MLM’s and though I made some money, I came to the realization that they are scams. I never really made enough to cover my initial costs. Many people are easily sucked into these scams and its nice to know that there is an objective researcher interested in exposing scams, or lauding an opportunity that is true and has value.

  15. Crowd1 is just another example of, If it sounds to good to be true then it probably is. Thank you for taking the time to investigate and compile such an informative report on this so called business. I will stay away for sure.

  16. Hi Joss, 

    I’m SO GLAD that I came across your review of Crowd-1. Around about the same time that I became involved in WA, my son was convinced to sign-up for Crowd-1. Although it did not cost him anything (yet). The person who recruited him, offered him some kind of bonus to pay for his sign-up fee. Nothing further has happened and my son complains, that the only feedback he gets from this person, is forwarded messages from him…So he does not even spend time sending origianl messages.

    I have researched this venture quite a bit, and decided against it, as there did not seem to be any product. The only way that you could earn, I figured, was to enroll as many other people as possible. With the Covid-19 situation, this high enrollment will not attract much interest….

    Thank you for this article.

  17. The review is almost one year so I can’t really say if the article is up to date. I checked the website of crowd 1 and I was really surprised about the small amount of information there and yet they entice people to join. The good point is you were able to relay that the tell tale signs of a scam are evident.

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