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Welcome to my review of Contenu!

Are you here because you want to know more about the functionality of contenu? Whether this software is reliable when it comes to content marketing?

Most marketers know that content is still king. Content is what drives traffic, positions you as an authority and sells your products and services.

Yet creating engaging fresh content is hard even if you’re a great content creator yourself. The pressure of always having to write new blogs, find new angles for a niche or dig up new interesting stories that engage your audience and correspond with your products and services.

It is time-consuming and distracts you from what you should be doing which is churning a profit but those of you out there who rely on hiring teams of writers to create content the management process is not only time consuming but expensive as well.

But what if you could bypass this process while still providing unique interesting fresh and engaging content to your audience?

Is that possible to not write your content but still unique in Google’s eyes? I will try to explain further how can contenu to help your content creation. We will also try to answer the question of whether this is a scam or not.

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Here, in this review, we will talk about contenu.

A simple yet powerful new WordPress plugin that allows you to speed up your content creation.

Contenu is a WordPress plugin that includes one application and two money systems. The purpose of this plugin is to assist in creating posts that are 100% unique and friendly to google within 60 seconds. This plugin will automatically extract the content in YouTube videos into text for resale and profit-making.

To quell your fear of plagiarism, Contenu will transform all the contents you created into authoritative content.

With Contenu, you have an easy means to make a lot of money by posting your video content on sites where you get paid.


Mark Bishop is a popular name in the field of online marketing. He is the creator of the app Contenu.

He is a widely known digital product expert. He has some valuable products to his name, products such as Instant profit silos, weird niche content, Wp traffic machines, Video sumo…etc.

Mark Bishop always put in a lot of effort into the research and development of his products. This is his signature.


Contenu is an app used for extracting audio contents from videos. You can sell this extracted video content (now text) on sites that would pay to have them.

Contenu works in just two steps:

1. Open the software and enter the keyword, the URL of any YouTube video.
Choose your filter and submit. After submitting, select the content source.

2. Choose a video from YouTube to be your content source.

This is where Contenu performs its magic. Contenu will then extract unique content from the video, in text form, and auto format into a draft post which you can edit if you wish or use it as it is. This simple process takes less than a minute.

Contenu works on several different levels. The core elements and the whole thing is the fact that you can generate content in minutes. The content is extracted from YouTube videos. Now what you can do is you can put in a keyword or the YouTube URL.

In most cases, this text will be 100% unique. The reason that in most cases the content is 100% unique is the fact that most videos are unscripted. It’s not published anywhere. So it’s straight in from the YouTube video, provided that YouTube video hasn’t been scripted, then it’s going to be unique.

So instant, unique content, if you like. Now producing unique content is brilliant. It’s great. It’s something that you can use in absolutely any niche. So if you need content, then this is a great plugin that will allow you to generate content in literally minutes.

Why contenu works explaination


. One does not require any technical skill to use Contenu as it is designed to be user-friendly.

. The extraction of video content takes little time.

. It saves time and money.

. It doesn’t need to install any software.

. Newbie friendly.

This unique app will prove very useful to writers, in that, they don’t need to waste time writing. What they need to do is to transform the YouTube video content of their choice into text using Contenu.


The problem with this WordPress plugin is that when this is used by many, there could be a possibility that your content may not be unique anymore. So you have to be careful in using this to create your content. If possible, always check with Copyscape to be sure that your content is unique.

Why should you buy Contenu?

Contenu is a new online application that assists you in making a profit with less effort.
Instead of wasting time trying to pen down an interesting content, this magnificent product can help you extract the contents from the video of your choice efficiently.


If you already have a blog, then you’ll be able to find content instantly. You won’t have to write anything, you might have to tweak it a little bit, but that’s all there is to it. What I’ve shown you here really is the way it works.

You can extract content, you can extract the spoken word from videos and turn it into written posts, which makes sense. You don’t have to spin it.

Of course, the spin features built-in, but you don’t have to spin it in most cases because it’s unscripted, it’s not published. It’s unique content, and as a bonus, while you’re building out your authority blog, then you can also get financial rewards simply by linking up this platform with contenu. And then every time you publish on your blog, it’s also republished.



  • The price for Contenu remains $17 presently, but there is a tendency for it to increase.
  • Purchasing the product will present you with an alternative to upgrading channels.
  • .The first choice: Contenu pro $37.
  • With this unique package, you will receive many advanced features and leading training courses in the world.
  • .The second choice: Contenu master $37.
  • With this, you have the option to schedule your post news. This will generate tons of traffic to your site amongst other great features.
  • . Third choice: Contenu Guru $198.

This package contains the best Contenu feature. It will enable you to make huge profits without spending much.

Is CONTENU a scam?

I do not see why Contenu should be labeled as a scam. i mean, the application is super unique! What it does is mind-blowing. It certainly doesn’t look like a scam to me.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, I would like to commend the initiator of the super software, Mark Bishop. Its conception has opened a channel where one makes money with just two clicks. Not just that, the software also enables one to acquire unique content with less stress. This software will prove helpful to individuals in so many fields.

With Contenu, you wield the power to monetize that unique content if yours. Also, with this super software, you can convert any video into 100% unique content and post it to pay post ( Pay per post platform) and get paid daily. Contenu is a must-buy!


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