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Welcome to my Club Cash Fund Review!

The internet is full of various sites that claim you can earn an income through internet marketing or social networking. Very many people have been duped by some scam sites that promise huge amounts of money that you will never receive.

That is why people are usually cautious about sites such as The first thing on your mind when you come across a club cash fund is if it’s legitimate or another one of the many scam sites flocking the internet. Well, I am here with this exclusive review containing all the details you need.

After you have gone through the information I have provided here, then you will be in a better position to make a wise decision.

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Club Cash Fund Review

Product/Platform Name: Club Cash Fund

Owner: “Anonymous ”

Recommended? No

What is the club cash fund?

When you look at the homepage of the club cash fund, the first thing that you will probably notice is the fact that they claim you can make free money. What’s more, they go ahead to point out that you will receive the money on autopilot. This means that you will not have to do any work. The money will just flow in. Doesn’t this sound like a quick money-making scheme typical of most scam sites? Most of the scam sites will promise you as much as 500 dollars in a month without breaking a sweat.

I will have to burst your bubble because there is no way you will make that much money without doing the hard work. It simply does not work that way. For you to start making money on the club cash fund, all you have to do is complete the steps they have indicated. You have to call the number on the sales page and afterward, you will receive some instructions on how to get started.

According to the club cash fund people, practically anyone can be able to make money because their system is designed to do everything for you. Similarly, you can make as much as $100 in a single day through their system. To be honest, this is a well-calculated move that is bound to attract lots of people. Who would not want to sit back and just watch as money flows in without doing anything for it? It is quite a tempting offer and lots of people would jump at the opportunity.

The truth is the information that they have provided on their homepage is quite misleading. Think about it, if these people have a system that makes lots of money. Would they simply share it with others so that they can also make money and get rich quick? Whichever way you look at it, it just does not sound right.

Programs such as the club cash funds will only tell you to want them to know you want to hear and not the truth. Later on, you will realize that upon signing up you don’t make money that easily as they had said.

How does club cash fund work?

We have gone through the basics and now let’s find out how things work in the club cash fund. Let’s be clear on one thing, there is no way you can make money for free or without doing anything. You have to work to make money. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how the system in the club cash fund truly works.

Before you fully become a member of the club cash fund and you can participate, there is a fee to be paid. You have to pay $80 to be able to recruit others into the system. This is how it works. When you join and pay the required fee of $80 you are now eligible to recruit other people into the club cash fund. So when you find someone and convince them to join the club cash fund, they will have to first of all pay the $80.

From this amount, you get to earn a commission of $20. There is a balance of $60 which is divided among three; the person who referred you, the one who referred them and then the company. So each of these people receives $20 from the $60. All this money is paid out to the respective people by the automated system. This means that after the people you have recruited pay the joining fee, the commission you are supposed to earn is automatically mailed to you and the rest of the people.

This pretty much seems like an easy process. The spokesman of the sites goes as far as claiming that all is done for you and you don’t have to promote or sell anything. This is not true because you will not make any money at all if you are not able to get people to sign up. Getting people is not an easy process either because most will not be easily convinced to pay the fee and join.

How you get started and join

Club cash fund - Step 1

One of the affiliates in the club cash fund will contact you either through your email, on social media or by phone. This person will, of course, explain everything about club cash fund to you and how it’s a great opportunity for you to earn a good income. This person then tells you to go to a certain page and complete the requirements which include your name, email address, and access code. The access code is that of the person who recruited you into the program and every member has their special code.

Once you have completed this part you move on to the next part which is the sale page. At this point, everything seems to be smooth sailing. On this sales page, there is a video presentation in which you are told to get in touch with the number provided on the page. Afterward, you have to complete a form so that a starter kit is sent to you via email.

I honestly don’t see the reason why you have to make a call. There are other ways that you can get in touch with them that are easier and less expensive. The call can cost you some money especially if you are not staying in the US.

So you have already called them and the starter kit has been sent to your email. Upon receiving the starter kit, that’s when you now realize you have to pay a fee of $80 before being able to recruit others and earn a commission. Earlier you might have thought that this whole thing is free just as they had said. But then it is not free after all and you have to pay to become a member.

So let’s say that you still want to make some money and therefore you decide to pay the $80. Once you have become a member there is training on how to get others to join the program. Truth be told, this is the most difficult part. It will not be easy to recruit people into the system especially when they have to pay a fee of $80.

Can you make money with the club cash fund or is it a scam?

Well, this is the most important part of all. The truth is you can make some money with club cash fund however there are a couple of factors that you have to put into consideration. You might join their program and end up regretting later.

It’s not as easy as they say

This is something that you will discover for yourself once you decide on joining their system. You have to get as many people as possible for you to make money because each one of the referrals will earn you a commission only once. This will be a huge challenge because a good number of people will not be convinced to join the system.

You get to earn from the referrals of the people you recruited but they too may find it hard to recruit others. This means that if you do not get many paying referrals then you are likely not going to make an income out of this.

The business model is not sustainable

One thing that you should know for sure is that the club cash fund is not a business opportunity that you can rely on. You are lured to join with a claim that you will make lots of money after paying the fee. However, there is no business opportunity here because all you do is promote their system and recruit people.

This type of business is a pyramid scheme and it is illegal. Here is a simple video explaining what is a pyramid scheme.

Such money-making schemes do not last long because eventually, you will reach a limit on the number of people who can join. After this happens the entire company will be shut down and your income prematurely cut off. So you see what am talking about? This is not a real business opportunity.

I already reviewed several Ponzi and pyramid schemes, sites like walletsync, and workmines.

Final verdict

Some people join systems such as club cash fund with high expectations and end up disappointed. With your limited skills in internet marketing, you may not make that much money. Some even lose more than they make. Also, such schemes do not last long. The decision to join is entirely upon you. However, there are reliable ways to make money on the internet.

One of the best ways to earn money online is affiliate marketing and my recommended program will teach you everything you need to know about how to make a real business online that is lucrative and sustainable.

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