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Welcome to my Clout Bucks Review!

Have you ever encountered this website being promoted on Facebook or other social media platforms? Aren’t you curious about the hype? Well, this review is about and hopefully, you will be enlightened after you read this.

The website claims that you earn hundreds of dollars using only social media platforms, and what interests me is their claim that you can make $500  within the day you register to their website.

Is this even possible? Scammers are very clever to use easy money tactics to encourage people to sign up and eventually promote their platform.

They will use you to promote their website or platform for free and they can benefit from it in a lot of ways. By promoting their website, you are also helping them to scam other people.

In this review of clout bucks, I will show you why is it a total rip off and why you should stay away from it. This is just one of those websites that are scam, like, viral, and


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Clout Bucks Review

Product/Platform Name: Clout Bucks


Owner: “Anonymous ”

Recommended? No

Scam? Yes

What is Clout Bucks?

So many people are wondering what clout bucks is and if it’s legit. Worry no more as I am here to help you with that. You must have already come across clout bucks. I took my time to fully research everything about this website and what I found out is quite disturbing. If you are thinking of joining clout bucks you might want to rethink your decision after you read through this post. I don’t approve of their site and would not recommend it to anyone. Here is all the information you need to know about clout bucks and why it is a scam.

To put it in simpler terms is a website claiming to be a social influencer platform. Any person who joins their website is promised that they will be making huge sums of money by completing tasks of their choice. Similarly, you are supposed to share this opportunity with other people on your social media accounts and make more money.

For instance, signing up on clout bucks is supposed to earn you a whopping $25. When you start sharing with others and referring them to the website you get to earn $10 per person who joins. This should certainly be one of the red flags. The deal is too good to be true.
It may sound like an easy and quick way to make money but don’t be fooled by them. I have not heard of anyone person who has earned any money from clout bucks either through signing up or referring other people.

Let’s find out why this whole thing is a scam

The money-making opportunity itself

Everything about this opportunity is suspicious if you carry out your due diligence. I went through the website and it looked almost like any legitimate websites out there. However, the first odd thing I noticed is the account manager.

If you take a look at the area designated for ‘your account manager’ there is no image of a person. Instead, the image of a cartoon is put in this location. The question you ought to be asking yourself is if there is an account manager where is he? The account manager for a legitimate website should have their real photo image put in place.

Moving on swiftly to another thing that does not add up and it’s how you earn money. When you go through the task wall area and let’s say choose to complete a task that will earn you $25. Did you notice just how easy completing any given task is? How is it possible that you earn $25 by following through such a simple task? Don’t get me wrong though.

I am not being skeptical but practical and cautious. In a world where there are scams everywhere, you must be careful about such easy money-making schemes.

It does not end there. Following and completing your task may be a legitimate action. You must have heard of CPA (Cost Per Action) offers. What happens is that you make money by completing a certain action and the website you are working for gets a commission for that. I took it upon myself to find out the commission rates of clout bucks.

The surprising part is that the rate lies at $2. If they are making as little as $2 from your completed task, how is it possible that they are going to pay you $25? This can’t be true.

No information on what exactly they do

Any legitimate website will give out all the information you need to know about their business. When it comes to clout bucks the only information they have given is that you will be earning some money by referring others through your social media accounts.

The question at the back of my mind is what am I signing up for here. The company is supposed to tell us what exactly the opportunity is and how it is going to be of benefit to us. Also to mention, they don’t say what is being promoted by the company.

The company history

One way to determine the legitimacy of a company is through the company history. On the clout bucks website, there is a page that goes by ‘why it works’. The company claims that it has been around for quite a long period and has signed up to 185 thousand members. They also say that they have paid out a total of $35.9.
The confusing part here is that I checked the domain information. Their site became active starting on 23rd May 2019. If this is what you call being in the market for a long time, then you must be joking. There is no way a website can be around for only a few weeks and already have accumulated such a large number of members.

Clout Buck Years in Business

You will not get paid

Is there anyone who has proven that they got paid after completing their task and driving traffic to I haven’t heard from anyone yet. Well, they know how to trick you into doing just what they want you to. Once you do one of their tasks and complete it, they go ahead and add money to your clout bucks account.

The problem now comes when it’s time to withdraw this money. The truth is you won’t get even a single dime from them. Here is why.
Once you withdraw the money that is apparently in your clout bucks account, they give you a waiting period until they load it into your account.

It will take them a few weeks before they respond. After the waiting period is over you will receive an email from them saying that you did something illegal in the account.

For instance, one of their often used reasons is usually fraudulent referrals or clicks. They will then proceed to close your account or suspend it. If this does not happen they will simply ignore you and in the end, you receive no money at all from them.

Don’t waste your time signing up and completing any of their tasks. As sad as it may sound, there is no proof whatsoever of anyone who has been paid by this website.

Fake Testimonials

Clout Buck Review Fake Testimonials

There is no owner or support

Information is lacking on the company and even who started it. In my humble opinion, this should make you suspicious of such a site. The people who created this site have a hidden identity and no one knows who they are. Scammers hide behind closed doors because they do not want to take responsibility for what might happen.

Another typical red flag for such malicious scams is that there is no support system. For instance, upon completion of their so-called tasks and you do not get any payment there is no one to offer any assistance. Similarly, some so many people have come up complaining that they don’t get any replies when they text them on twitter. Do you know what this means? They simply don’t care about their members.

Furthermore, the fact that people behind the clout bucks site are nowhere to be seen means that they will not take responsibility for anything. Isn’t this convenient? There is no chance that a member of their scam site will sue them because they don’t even know who they are anyway.

Do not put your trust in a website that has no transparency.

It is the Kids Earn Cash

A common tactic of scammers is that after taking advantage of their unsuspecting victims they change their domain name and create a new site. One well-known scam website is Some people may not know that kids earn cash is a scam website. However, previews reviews of the kids earn cash site were pretty much negative with many people calling them scams.

Something that I found fishy with the clout bucks site is when you click on, you are redirected to Does this ring a bell? The scammers probably came up with the idea of changing their name from kid earn cash to clout bucks.

This is to confuse and trick their victims so that they do not discover the truth behind the kid earn cash negative reviews.
To put it plainly, clout bucks is a data harvesting scam site that ought to be avoided like a plague.

Your information is not safe

You cannot trust a potentially scan website such as clout bucks with your personal information. If you use the same email address and password for sensitive accounts like your PayPal account, change them immediately. There are cases of people who have had their bank accounts wiped cleaned and all their money was stolen. Be very careful about dangerous scam sites like clout bucks. Do not put your personal information out there and this includes your phone number.


With all the information I have put on the table, you should be more than convinced that clout bucks is just but another one of the scam sites. All said and done, this is my opinion and what you choose to do is entirely up to you. Remember, there are many legitimate money-making opportunities out there.

One of the best ways to earn money is by creating your business online. You can do this by creating a website and use an affiliate marketing business model.

Building a website these days is just a walk in the park. Even non-technical guys can make website as awesome as this website.

If you want to know how to create and build a business online, you can check the platform that I highly recommend. It will teach you how to make a website and make money from it. Read my wealthy affiliate review.

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I hope this clout bucks review will help you in your online journey. Cheers!

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  1. What is you #1 online money making site I havent been able to find it? Could you please dire t me to the ones you recommend?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Ghulam,

      You can try to contact their support, but i highly doubt if you receive a reply. Clout bucks is definitely a scam, I don’t think you can withdraw what you earned. But there is no harm in trying though.

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