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Welcome to my review of Clout Bonus!

If all the money-making opportunities online were genuine, then every online enthusiast would be a millionaire. Every day we are seeing the introduction of new influencer sites that promises to pay a lot of money by just taking a few tasks. Unfortunately, most of these companies have a hidden agenda behind their programs. Over time, we have reviewed many such influencer sites to give you information about what to avoid and which opportunity to take.

In this brief article, we are reviewing the Clout bonus which has for a long time been making headlines in almost all internet content. Before we proceed, I must echo you for taking the opportunity to read a review before you joined the site. This is a good opportunity to establish whether it’s genuinely a good company.

That’s one of the best ways of avoiding losing your time and money to scammers and also an opportunity to come across legitimate online money-making opportunities.

Before we dive in, let me be very transparent with you as a reader. The information shared here is out of personal experiences with the website, reviews from prior customers and research. Additionally, I have not related in any way to the Clout bonus a reason I cannot be here promoting their products.

Lastly, I don’t compete for the same market with Clout Bonus. I am trying to mean that I am not in any way downsizing their efforts to get traffic or make money online.

Clout Bonus Review Summary

Product/Platform Name: Clout Bonus


Owner: “Anonymous ”

Scam? Yes


Clout bonus pretends to be a social influencer, but it is 100% scam. This review will help you understand why is definitely a scam.

Recommended? No!

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What is Clout bonus?

According to its website, a clout bonus is a platform where you can get paid some money when you invite members to their online site. It’s just like many other influencer sites out there that will pay you depending on the number of people you invite.

We don’t have any information about the owners of this company a reason why we cannot share any speculated information here. Our efforts to research and know who the real owners of the company bore no fruits because there’s no satisfactory information online.

It’s very free to join the website. Upon joining, you will now be welcomed by being offered $25 as a sign-up bonus. This is actually where my battle with this company starts.

Why do you get $25 just for doing nothing? This makes the deal too good which shows there must be something fishy ahead.

For every person you invite, the company also promises to give you $10 which I think is also making the deal too good. To earn this amount of money, you are just required to join and share your unique referral link on the dashboard.

To maximize your earnings according to the company, you can share the link to social media and other platforms. I have seen similar websites that are also a scam, sites like paid nova, viral dollars, and clout pay.

How does Clout Bonus work?

Clout Bonus Review step by step process

The company claims to work in a very simple way. You have to sign up by just providing some basic information and later get a referral link on the dashboard that you can get and start using.

To maximize your opportunity, you should share this referral link on all your social media platforms and groups.

There are many other offers on the website including the chance to make money through doing some simple surveys which will send you to third party websites.

In this regard, these third party websites can end up asking for your information which means you should be very careful with that.

These opportunities are Pay per Click offers that make the company owners a lot of money along the way. What this means is that the more you have a list of people to click on the links the more money you make for the company.

The good thing is that most of these surveys can be joined freely through Google Search without having to go through the website.

This clearly shows that they are taking the opportunity to make money at your expense. The company claims to pay you all the money you make through many and major Payment methods which are also another red flag.

They don’t even confirm the payment details you input during signing up. So you may wonder whether they are in any way concerned about paying you. They have confirmed to pay people through Bank Transfer, Mailed Checks, CashApps, PayPal and Western Union which I consider a lie.

So is Clout Bonus a scam website?

Definitely yes, there are numerous confirmative factors that I have considered before giving you this answer. The company also has many red flags that you can watch out for. Here are some of them:

Unknown founder and owner of the website

Have you seen any face behind the establishment of this website? Have you heard about the owner of the website? I know you haven’t and that is a red flag that shows something fishy is cooking. There’s no clue about the owner not even on their social media platforms.

No activity going on their social media platforms

The company has established social media platforms to win your trust but the fact is nothing is going on behind those doors. You will never see any update or any new information shared. This shows that the owners are not very active and not very much concerned about your well being but their own.

The question is, why are they hiding their identity and putting zero efforts to update you on the upcoming matters through their social media platform? This is clear that they want to steal your information and use it for other purposes.

The deal is unrealistic

If you are those risk-averse investors, you should have already realized that this website is a scam website because of their unrealistic earning rates. When you join, you get $25 for doing absolutely nothing.

After that, you get a referral link that you can effortlessly share on your social media platforms and earn a lot of money per head.

They claim that they also give you $2 for every invite you make and $10 for every referral. This is very far from the truth because they will only share the figures with you and you will never be paid unless they are very generous to dash you such an amount of money for zero calories burnt.

Compared to genuine companies, they are unrealistic

Companies that have been in the market for decades and those that have already established themselves earning billions of dollars every year are just dashing cents to affiliate marketers and referrals.

Think about Google and Amazon who pay cents for their ads. Are you wondering if these great companies are paying so little why should a new and an upcoming investor pay such a huge amount of money?

The company exists with a different domain name

This company has one great effort, flipping domains from time to time. This is actually what they do very well. This is the reason why it’s very hard to find it in one domain name for a year.

I bet this is a trick to make people forget about their past miseries and invest again. It is also likely a strategy to confuse observers making them believe that this is a whole new company every year.

Fake testimonials

I just felt that the payment testimonies on their website are all fake. I have paid closer attention to see whether they are in any case translating to what the company claims to offer.

They have specifically selected some people to falsely testify that they are making a lot of money through the company which is not true.

One of the testimonies by Alissa says that she joined and a year later Clout bonus has become the main source of her income. This seems too easy because it takes time to make good money on a legitimate website.

No clear payment proof

If they have been paying people, why is there no clear and direct payment proof? They have just invested in some fake people to give their testimonies.

They have a payment limit

If they genuinely want to help you make money, why do they ask for an earnings limit before you withdraw the money? The limit is too high to an extent that before you know you cannot withdraw the money, they will have used you long enough.

Do we recommend Clout Bonus?

Why should we recommend it after all the above observations? This website proves that being drained of energy with huge promises that can never be achieved is real. Unless you are a risk-taker and don’t care about the amount of time you will waste, you shouldn’t join this website at all.

Final Thoughts

Clout Bonus is a scam website with zero opportunities of helping you make money. Don’t attempt to join them because all they want is your personal information and your little time to help them make money themselves.

There are also chances that they are selling your personal information to third party companies that need such information for other activities. So beware before you lose all your accounts to hackers and other scammers.

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