Choosing A Niche? Your First Niche is Not Your Last

Today we are going to discuss the idea of a niche and I’m gonna be helping you choose your particular niche.  What is your business about, who are you helping and what is the core premise of your site?

What Is A Niche?

Everything that we do in our lives is, in essence, a niche. I’m just gonna walk you down to the definition of a niche.  A niche is defined as a distinct segment of a market, and that is the best definition since it is very simple and concise.  A niche can be absolutely anything and if you think about your day to day lives, what are some things that you’re purchasing daily? What are the things that you are researching? What are the things that you are interested in? What are some hobbies that you have? What are you passionate about? What motivates you? What gets you up in the morning? You know, there are many different directions that you can head with your niche and you know it’s the foundation and the starting point of your business.

Your First Niche is Not Your Last

A lot of people get far too confused by the idea and overwhelmed simply because they are not sure if their niche is gonna be the most successful one or they’re not sure which niche to choose. A lot of times, a lot of people have a lot of different ideas. Your first niche does not need to be your last and likely as time goes on. You’re gonna be involved in many different niches creating successful businesses with different audiences and that’s completely normal. And what will happen as you know  how to start to gain and a skillset

Ideas and how you can come up with your niche

Maybe you already have yours and that’s great. But if you don’t and you’re still a little confused about you know what category or segments of a market that you’re going to be targeting with your website, then I’m gonna be helping you come up with these ideas.

The first thing I’m going to discuss is kind of the make money element of a niche and how that works and you know I want to make you feel comfortable with idea that regardless of which niche you choose or which direction you choose for your business, it can be a very lucrative online.

How Do I Earn Money Within my Niche?

How do I earn money within my particular niche that I’ve chosen?  Well, there are many ways and once you start getting traffic to your website which is centered around a particular niche, there are gonna be many ways in which you can monetize or make money from that traffic. One of the most common is through affiliate programs in, they all have affiliate programs and they happen to be the largest affiliate programs in the world, allowing you to promote hundreds of millions of products under one program in exchange for you driving traffic to You earn around a six percent commission, so if I were to go into let’s just say the baby you know something I’m familiar with I have you know two small children. I know just how massive that niche is, obviously babies, in general, is a bit too broad in terms of a category so if I am gonna head into this direction with my business, I would want to narrow things down. Some ideas just off the top of my head and as I look across the top here, baby strollers could be a niche, baby car seats could be a niche, baby travel systems, baby nurseries could be a niche. Baby feeding could be a niche, clothing either boys or girls or toddlers or baby girls dresses.

Choose a Niche That You Are Passionate About

What we need to remember though is that there are four billion people online and conventionally setting up a little clothing shop in your local city like New York City, which is a massive city but you may live in a little town with five hundred or a thousand people and you know it’s not always that tangible to set up a very successful baby store. But your audience is the internet and your audience is going to be four billion people so regardless of how targeted your niches there’s gonna be an incredible amount of opportunity and you know you can get a ton of niche ideas from Amazon alone. I’ve just dipped into the baby clothing category here you know but there’s many more and you know there are hundreds of thousands of different niches that you could go. And my recommendation is that you choose something that you are passionate about, something that you’re you’re interested in. Because if you’re interested in the concept of your niche, it is gonna make the process of building a business that much more fun and make it that much more exciting.

I’m gonna help you and give you some ideas as to how you can come up with a niche sort of out of thin air. So as I mentioned in the last section you know obviously babies is a category with lots of different niches in it and I went through a bunch of the top strollers car, seat nurseries, you can go even more granular than that you know baby nursery rugs, could even be a niche baby step stool’s, baby rocking chairs, bedside cribs, you know in the feeding space, there’s a bunch more clothing space, you know how many babies are there out there in this world and that is your audience and parents are buying more and more online than they ever have billions of dollars monthly. That people are spending online and this is only going to continue to increase the ease of purchasing online continues to increase and you know people get more comfortable with buying online. Shipping gets faster, there’s a whole bunch of things working for you if you’re starting an internet business so it’s great timing to get involved within the internet.

The opportunity is only continuing to grow as a proliferation of people buying online does. So just keeping on Amazon here, I’m gonna show you some other ideas I’m just gonna head to sports and outdoor exercise and fitness and I’m just gonna show you like how you can come up with concepts here obviously you can dip into any category. You don’t have to use Amazon maybe you already have your niche idea that’s fine but this is a good way to come up with concepts in the sports and fitness training clothing and niche cardio training, elliptical trainers accessories, you know it’s a bit broad you could click on that and it’s going to give you a whole bunch of different ideas, exercise bands exercise trampoline. Because everything, in essence, is hot right now because there are 4 billion people online, people are searching for everything, people are buying everything, so you can rest assured that you know regardless of the direction that you head there’s going to be opportunity and that’s why I recommend you choose something that you’re passionate about. Another website that’s good for ideas is called answers comm just how it sounds answers then comm you can head there at the top there’s a whole bunch of categories and you can dip into any of them I just clicked on literature I believe. You know you could go through literature it’s the questions that people are asking within that particular niche but you can get tons of ideas from that if I head into the health niche and maybe under beauty and let’s go in the direction that I know nothing about makeup and you know nail polish and fake eyelashes.


You know you shouldn’t have any issue coming up with concepts but of course you know for some it can be just that difficult to come up with an idea and if that’s the case and you simply cannot come up with a niche after implementing these ideas like I’m gonna help you out here and you know if you’re completely stuck I’m gonna give you a suggestion for a niche but ideally you come up with a niche something that you’re passionate about. Know that your niche can and will be lucrative regardless of what you choose you know you’re dealing with. Four billion people online, that’s a massive audience and one that we’ve never seen you know obviously in our lifetime and it’s and it continues to grow so you know you don’t have to chase something that you think you know might be profitable you’re better chasing something that you’re gonna be passionate about and you’re gonna really enjoy you know building a business with it so that’s what I recommend for your niche.

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