China Cash Clone Review – [Legit or Scam? Exposed]

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Welcome to my China Cash Clone Review!

Are you looking for an honest review of China Cash Clone? You are on the right path since this is an honest and in-depth review.

It is good to know that people these days are more skeptical than ever and it’s nice that you’ve landed in this article to find out more about the product before purchasing it.

As we all know, the internet space is full of scams and super low quality products that cost a lot. Many product creators don’t care about the quality of their end products or services, all they care is how can they make money.

An ethical entrepreneur should introduce a product that is worth the money and will help the buyers.

We will investigate if China Cash Clone is a product with high quality or is it just another scam.

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China Cash Clone Review


Owner: “Daniel Barber” – Most probably a pen name only

Price: cost of the basic product is nine dollars and then there’s a couple up-sells, the first one is called cash clone X and they claim that you’re gonna make an extra $100,000 a week okay so that up-sell is $197 and you’re gonna have a down-sell of that for 177. The second up-sell says they even have three ready-made profit sources that are going to increase your profits up to seven hundred and eighty five percent and that’s a $147.

Recommend?: NO

What Is The China Cash Clone?

The sales video mentioned that it’s a money-making software where you can make up to $5,000 a day by a glitch in the internet. They don’t say exactly what that is, but essentially what the product is about is how to dropship on Shopify.  The owner we don’t ever see his face I’m sure this is a spokesperson his name is Daniel barber.

The beginning of the sales video said that it was the best decision of your life that you clicked the link that brought you to the China Cash Clone website.

They are referring to a revolutionary software that works by exploiting a little-known glitch on the internet that allows you to clone the exact method that thousands and thousands of people over in China are using to get mega-rich.

This software is one of the systems that are responsible for a new billionaire created in China every three days and in just a moment you will have access to the software that you need to clone their money-making success if you purchase the product.

They also claimed that China Cash Clone has absolutely nothing to do with Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, binary options, pyramid schemes, or any of the other nonsense that you might have lost money on in the past. And they said that making money with this system is so incredibly easy that absolutely anyone can do it you don’t need any prior experience or specialist qualifications. In fact all you need is a laptop connection to the internet and a desire to make your fortune online.

Red Flags That Make It A Scam or a Low-Quality Product

The Fake Testimonials:

Here are the testimonials in the video.

“I just want to say thank you so much for giving me the chance to try out this new software. I’ve been using the China cash clone only two weeks I’ve made it’s amazing I had no idea it was this possible to make so much money online it’s so easy.”

“I’m a full-time student and a single mom so finding time to ma each morning and then the profits would start coming in automatically so I know I’m making money whether I’m at school or spending time with my daughter I don’t know what I would do without this offer.”

“I’m just coming to the end of my fifth month using the China cash clone and so far I’ve made seven hundred and ten thousand two hundred and seventy-eight dollars and twenty-nine cents and thanks to the huge profit this system has produced I’ve been able to buy a new house and a new car discovering the software has been the best thing that ever happened to me.”

China Cash Clone Fake Testimonials

China Cash Clone Fake Testimonials 2



These testimonials are from

China Cash Clone.



China Cash Clone Testimonials from Fiverr

China Cash Clone Testimonials from Fiverr 2



They are paid actors from Fiverr.



3 Ridiculous Claims by China Cash Clone

1. Millionaires in China By Using The Software:

The video claims that right now, as you’re watching the sales video, people in China are becoming millionaires, multimillionaires, and billionaires and with the China Cash clone you can be using the same method to make money. All you have to do is follow what the software is telling you and you can make up to five thousand dollars in a single day. When you unlock the income-generating potential of this software every problem that you have in your life right now could be solved and that’s because most of life’s problems are caused by money or rather the lack thereof.

-This is by far the most ridiculous claim of this product, there is no such software that can make you millionaire, not unless you are Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Lol!

2. The China Software at Work $150K  per Month

The video pointed out that perhaps you’re missing out on quality time with your spouse or children because you’re spending too much time at work or maybe you’re always losing your temper because you’re stressed about credit card debt. Maybe you’re having sleepless nights worrying about how you’re going to pay the rent or perhaps even a loved one is sick and you’re unable to pay for the top quality medical treatment that they need and deserve.

The software promised huge profits as stated in the video. “Well if you were earning an extra 150 thousand dollars every single month online you’d have absolutely nothing to worry about you could pay off all your debts buy a new house and you’d finally have time to relax and enjoy life.”

3. The Luxurious Lifestyle of Their Members

Most of their existing members decided to jet off to somewhere sunny within the first two weeks of signing up and that’s not a problem at all because with this 100% remote income you can make money from anywhere in the world. So whether you’re hooked up to the beach bar in Thailand, Belize, Greece, Bali, Costa Rica, Miami, or Italy you could still be making up to five thousand dollars every single day in quick and easy profits.

And if sunshine and white sand beaches aren’t your thing why not treat yourself to a shiny new sports car that would certainly turn a few heads in your neighborhood and then cruise to the mall in luxury style for a high-end shopping spree of clothes, tech goods, and just about anything else you’ve ever wanted because if you’re making up to thirty thousand dollars per week from less than ten minutes work each day the possibilities are endless.

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The Owner and The BS Story

With this ingenious software planning the life of your dreams isn’t just a fantasy it’s a genuine possibility everything you’ve ever dreamed of could very soon be yours and don’t worry for a second if you’ve tried in the past to make money online and failed because that wasn’t your fault and this is something entirely different when it comes to failures I’ve had more than my fair share some so monumental that yours likely don’t even compare

Hi, my name is Daniel barber and the first thing you should know about me is that I wasn’t always successful I was born into a working-class family in a small town and I never really had grand aspirations in life it’s not that I wouldn’t have liked to live in a big house or drive a fast car it’s just I thought I wasn’t worthy of anything more than a mediocre existence.

As a kid I wasn’t good at math I wasn’t creative or talented and I just didn’t have the drive to go off to college and make something of myself and so after leaving high school with average grades I continued to live in the box room at my parents’ house.

I took whatever dead-end job I could get and pretty much live from one day to the next the day’s blurred into weeks the weeks into months and the months into years before I knew it I was a year off turning 30 and I’d wasted the best years of my life repeating the same day over and over again and not only was I letting myself down.

I was also a huge disappointment to my parents my mom’s friends would come over for dinner and brag about their kids who were lawyers doctors and entrepreneurs while I was flipping burgers at Wendy’s. So finally one day I made the decision that I was going to jet off and travel the world living with my parents admit that I was able to save a fair chunk of my wages and so with about eight thousand dollars in my bank account I boarded a flight to Bangkok from there I traveled for two months through Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and finally into Malaysia where my story begins.

I was sitting in a bar in Kuala Lumpur enjoying a cold beer and a nice view when a local guy perched himself on the seat beside me he was a smartly dressed 30 something-year-old man named Ammar and he seemed keen to hear about my travels after 20 minutes or so of me telling him about golden temples in Yangon, nightlife in Hanoi, and boat rides on the Mekong Delta. Ammar started to talk about his business from the sound of things he was very successful. Ammar told me he had an apartment in Hong Kong. a house in London. a sailing boat in Croatia. and that he traveled the world pretty much full-time making money using his special software. As we spoke Ammar bought me one beer then another but he told me that for religious reasons he’d be sticking to water as I was cracking open my fifth or sixth beer Ammar told me that he could cut me into his business he said that with his software I was guaranteed to make one thousand dollars every single day.

I was thrilled if what he was saying was true I’d be able to travel the world forever and never go back to serving up french fries. I couldn’t wait to get started but Ammar stressed that to access his software I’d have to pay five thousand dollars at first I was pretty shocked but he reassured me that I’d earned that money back in five days. and that before long five thousand dollars would seem like pocket change to me I didn’t know what to do but then Ammar said that his flight for Shanghai was leaving in less than two hours and that it was now or never so slightly drunk and hugely overwhelmed I whipped out my phone opened transfers and sent five thousand dollars to Ammar’s bank account.

Sounds crazy if you think of it, but this guy was just so convincing, then he scribbled down an address on the back of a coaster handed it to me and told me to meet him there in two days. Then he hurried out of the bar, hopped into a taxi and disappeared from my life. Suddenly, I was overcome with a very bad feeling. Did I just send five thousand dollars to a stranger? A man whose cell number I didn’t even know, all for a promise of software that quite frankly sounded too good to be true. The address was in Shanghai and so later that evening, I booked a flight to China a flight which I had to put on my credit card since I’d sent the very last of my savings to Ammar, and then on the agreed-upon day I made my way to the address and found myself at a small family-run launderette, the owners spoke very little English and from what I could gather knew nothing of Ammar.

My heart sank, that was the moment I knew for sure that I’d been scammed, I was devastated and so angry with myself how could I have been so stupid so naive what was I going to tell my family. I sat down on the curb with my head in my hands eventually rain began to fall I got up heavily and made my way to a nearby bar I ordered a beer which I desperately needed but really couldn’t afford and continued to contemplate my predicament.

At some point a man came to sit on the bar-stool beside mine and attempted to spark up a conversation without even looking up for my beer. I stopped in mid-sentence and said, if you’re looking to scam me you’re too late. Somebody already took off with all my money for a moment, the man said nothing, then he slid a 100 yuan note across the bar. Well, this should cover your beer, he said I turned my head to the side and looked at the man who was probably in his 50s and with a kind face.

Tell me what happened he said, and so with nothing to lose but my pride I recounted the entire sorry tale the man listened attentively when I finished my story and I once again held my head in my hands the man put his hand on my shoulder and said well I’m not here to scam you but I can help you and I won’t ask for anything in return he introduced himself as Mr. Fong, and then he went on to tell me how he’d developed a unique software that was being used by businessmen in China to make huge sums of money as much as five thousand dollars in a single day.

He then said that he could see no reason why a foreigner such as myself couldn’t use the software in the same way to make just as much money, but I was dubious and understandably so it wasn’t until Mr. Fong opened his phone and showed me his profits that I realized he was telling the truth. Mr. Fong was making thousands of dollars daily and the money seemed to be coming in completely on autopilot.

As he was sitting with me his drinks were paying for themselves and then some Mr. Fong went on to say that usually, he charges a small fee for access to his software, nothing close to the five thousand dollars I paid to the scammer but a fee nonetheless but since I’d been through such an unfortunate ordeal he said that on this occasion he was willing to overlook the fee and offered the software to me free of charge.

I didn’t quite know what to say his generosity was humbling it was difficult to comprehend that in the space of 48 hours one stranger could rob me blind, and the other could give me the earth. I took my laptop from my bag, Mr. Fong plugged in a USB pen and then launched the software, it didn’t take long for us to get set up and from there incredibly I started to make money that very same day.

These kinds of stories about the owner are very common to the products that are either scam or low quality that I have previously reviewed. 


If you ask me if China Cash Clone a scam, well it depends upon how you see it. What I am saying is that it is a scam if you consider the lies and deception on the sales page and the other hand, it is not if you see some value to it.

Do I recommend it? No, I certainly do not recommend this, especially for newbies since the system is complicated and not that easy as they claimed.

Thank you for reading my China Cash Clone Review! Hope this review helped you in some ways.


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