Cashooga Review – Is This Scam or Legit? Stay Away!

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Welcome to my Cashooga Review!

You want to know if  cashooga is legit or scam? If you are already a member of this website, sorry to disappoint you, but I have to say that is a scam.

Everything they say about their website is not real.  I will expose everything that makes it a scam in this in-depth review.

Just like other websites that are similar to this, such as, and, I was one of the few bloggers that exposed their scam tactics.

I have been writing reviews for these types of website and I can easily spot if it is legit or not. In the case of cashooga, the first time I looked at the homepage, I already knew that it was a scam.

There may be reviews out there that are saying that this is real and legit, especially in YouTube.  If you read through this review, you will certainly understand why such reviews exist.

Cashooga has a lot of ridiculous claims that we will investigate in this review.

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Cashooga Review

Product/Platform Name: Cashooga

Website :

Owner: “Not known”

Recommended? No

What is Cashooga and How Does Cashooga Work?

The easiest money you will make is through this website, at least that is what they claimed.

In a nutshell, they connect influencers (their members) with top advertisers. They claimed that brands like Amazon,  Shopify, Target, Apple, Epic Games, Samsung, and many more are their advertisers.

This is how they pay you according to them, they will pay you to bring traffic to their website which in turn creates exposure and awareness of those famous brands.

The advertisers will pay them to pay their members to generate traffic to their site which will then build awareness of their advertiser’s products.

This was explained in their website and they answer questions such as how does it work? If they are just really giving away money for free?

As what stated in their website, they consider their website as an influencer marketing platform, at least that was the technical term they gave.

How You Supposedly Make Money With Cashooga?

First Payout

They have a certain requirement so that you can receive your first payment, you must reach a minimum of 20 referral link clicks, at least 5 signups, and at least 4 completed tasks.

These minimum requirements are necessary to help them prevent fraudulent referral link clicks and so that they can make sure that you are learning how Cashooga membership works.

It seems that their intention is noble, but actually its part of the strategy to scam people.

Task Wall

You have to complete each offer once only. Complete the tasks below to earn extra money. This will be automatically added to your account.

task wall

I tried to click the Apex quiz and here are the Instructions to make money with it.

  • Complete the survey and enter your email to earn $20.
  • Make sure to enter your information correctly or you will not be credited your $20.
  • Don’t switch your wifi network until you have finished! Disable your VPN and Adblocker.

Create a YouTube video talking about Cashooga

You can earn as much as $50 per upload of a YouTube Video, showcasing how cashooga works, how much you love it, and how much you make.

This is the reason why there are a lot of video testimonials on YouTube. The members are made to believe that they will be paid by making such a video.

But again, they will be just disappointed because they won’t make a dime with their videos.


The more you share your referral link, the higher your earning potential. Share your referral link in Facebook, Twitter, Forums, and other social media platforms. You can easily make $1 for every link click & $5 for everyone that becomes a member.

8 Reasons Why Cashooga Is A Scam!

1. One Dollar Per Referral Link Click

Do you really think there are advertisers out there that will pay for $1 per click? You may say, yeah there is, how about Google AdWords?

Yes, it is true that advertisers pay Google that much or even higher, but there is a huge difference, the quality of traffic.

If you are familiar with AdWords, you will understand this. Google ads are usually focused on high targeted quality traffic. This is not the case with cashooga.

Just imagine, the members promoting it just post it on social media sites like Facebook. Many will click the link out of curiosity and not really interested in it.

Advertisers will certainly lose a lot of money, and those famous brands that were mentioned on the website are not foolish enough to not understand how advertising works.

2. Cashooga Terms of Use Date Terms

What bothers me in their terms is the date. Why? This website is only 26 days old from the time of writing (05-May-19).

I believe that this term of use was used by another website name that was also a scam. Or maybe they did this on purpose so that their website will appear old.

Scamadviser about cashooga

3. Years in Business

Years in Business

This answers why they use 2016 as the date in their terms, that is because they claim that their business has been operational for 4 years.

Maybe this is true, they were already scamming people back then. Lol!

4. Fake Testimonials

In their website’s testimonial page, we see 4 videos of random people that already made money from cashooga. But did these people really make money? Or these are all fake testimonials?

My guess is that all of them are fake. Let’s see below testimonial by this lady, but I already saw this woman from somewhere else.

You can hire this woman for $5 dollars to record whatever you want her to say.

Cashooga Fake Testimonial from Fiverr black girl

5. Terms No. 13

Terms No. 13

It is stated in their terms is that they can change the terms in their sole discretion. That is how easy they can scam you by just changing the terms of use.

6. Terms No. 17

Terms No. 17

This one here is very dangerous because this is what makes this a scam. They can cancel your earnings without any reason. It does not matter if your earnings are already $10,000, if they say you are cheating, then they can easily void the payment.

You will never make money with this website because of this term of use. This was made to save their asses if members will eventually complain.

7. No Payment Proof From Real Members

You can do your research in Google to find out if there is really payment proof that exists outside of Search results will only show the YouTube video testimonials that are fake.

Not a single screenshot from a real users can be found anywhere on the internet.

8. The Real Owner is Not Known

The owner of this is a serial scammer. They probably own many scam websites that I already reviewed in this website. You can check it below:

Is Cashooga a Scam?

I already said in the introduction of my review that this website is a scam. The possibility that this is not legit is 100%, there is no doubt about it.

This is just a new website name of a proven scam like viral pay and viral dollars. You should not waste your time from this kind of website that only use you so that they can earn money.

This is how the scam works, they will probably sell your personal data such as your email address to 3rd party sites. the other thing is that they will earn every time you finish or complete a certain task.

You are actually working for them for free. That is easy money for them while you as a member will receive nothing.

Final Verdict

If you have been a member of this and you are paid, please let me know in the comment section. Or if you have bad or good experiences with cashooga, I would love to hear from it.

I’m gonna say it again, I don’t recommend this because I am sure this is just another scam. The website name will soon be gone, and then it will be redirected to another new scam website.

This is a never-ending cycle and I don’t know when did it start. The serial scammers are now rich because of this methodology they implement, which is to scam people.

You will never earn, not even a single dollar using this kind of website. Be careful of the websites that offers you easy money, there is a huge chance that is a fraud site.

There are actually other ways that you can make money online. You can focus your attention and effort on a business model that is already proven.

One legit way is affiliate marketing, and this is also the business model that I am using.

You can check my number 1 recommended training platform that thought me how to make this website, how to attract visitors like you, and how to make money.

Just a reminder that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but rather this is building your business online.

Thank you for your time reading my Cashooga review.  Cheers!

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