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Well, if you are reading this article right now it’s probably because of a good reason. You must have already come across and the many questions that are running through your mind are if it’s legitimate or a scam. Before we can even proceed to the details, I want you to know that cashload is a scam. Don’t allow yourself to be deceived by them.

Typically, I wouldn’t just make claims without having carried out my thorough research. I went through their website keenly and there are so many red flags that I uncovered. If you were thinking of signing up for this website, please take a few minutes of your time to read through this review. Afterward, you can then decide if you will still join or avoid this fake site.

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Product/Platform Name: Cash load


Owner: “Anonymous ”

Recommended? No

Scam? Yes

What exactly is $25 sign-up fee

Cashload is not the first website to surface on the internet and claim to help people make money through simple and easy means. I have almost lost count of the many scam sites that I had to expose and save people from getting duped. Sites like MVP bucks, eazy dollars, and cloud4clout to name a few. is a site that promises to make you lots of money through social media and the internet. They claim to be social influencers working with the top advertisement companies.

You have to complete some given tasks and refer to as many as you can to join their fake website. In other words, cashload seeks to promote itself through the hard work of others in the name of being social influencers. So just you know, none of these is true, the people behind this website are scammers who work to steal your information and sell it to spammers.

There are so many people out there who fall victim to scammers. This is because they are not well informed about these scam sites that have infested the internet. If you looked at the cashload website, you can easily be fooled into thinking they are a legitimate company. They are smart and did all they could to make it look convincing. However, if you dig deeper there is plenty to uncover.

How does work? - how it should work

One trend that is common with most of the scam sites is the sign-up bonus. Sometimes, I am made to believe that scammers work together or they are more or less the same people. Very few people will be able to ignore a site that gives them $25 just for signing up. This is their catch to get many people joining their website. You may get overexcited that you have found a good opportunity to make some quick cash. Unfortunately, this money will never reach your pockets because they are not going to pay you. Think of how many people keep signing up and the amount they have to pay out in terms of bonuses. Do the math and you will realize that none of this makes sense. No one pays you for simply doing nothing.

In addition to the amount you earn from signing up, there is the task wall and referrals. You are given a link through which you are supposed to invite others through social media platforms, emails, and even text messages. Clicks on your link earn you $2 and sign-ups, as a result, will make you up to $20.

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Red flags

There are very many red flags on that you should know about. I will put them all together so that you can better understand what am talking about and why this site is not legitimate.

Misleading claims

Scammers are smart and they know exactly how to lure people to fall right into their trap. What they do is they make it look like making money is very easy and simple. All you have to do is sign up, do some tasks and refer others and earn yourself a handsome income.

Since many of us want to earn some extra cash, we quickly fall for their tricks and only realize later that we were being scammed. For instance, you supposedly earn $25 just for signing up. They want you to trust them so they put it on your cashload account.

Let’s be honest, there is no legitimate website out there that will pay you a hefty 25 dollars for signing up. Most trustworthy sites will pay you a few cents with the maximum being $1. Scam sites do this to get your attention and lure you into joining their fake site.

Secondly, there is the task wall which is more like an online survey and CPA offers. When you complete a given task the owner of the website is paid a commission. Take, for instance, the ‘win $1000 Walmart shopping card of’ offer. The owner will be paid a commission of about $4.

They supposedly pay you $20 for each one of the completed tasks. Something doesn’t add up here. If they are being paid a commission of about $4, how then are they going to pay you $20? Do the math and for sure you will realize all this is a lie.

False company information

This is another one of the norms in most of the scam sites. Many of them lie about their company information. In all honesty, how can you put your trust in a website that is giving you false company data?

I checked up the domain age and I was not surprised at all. They claim to have launched the website 3 years ago yet their website was created in May 2019.

It just does not make any sense that a company that has been around for only two months has already paid out over 9.7 million to its users. They are probably exaggerating to entice more people into their fake sites.

No owner information

There is absolutely no way you can put your trust in a website whose owners have a hidden identity. All the legitimate companies out there have put the owner information in plain sight for everyone to see. On the other hand, we don’t even know who created This is the number one red flag associated with scam sites. Be warned.

Suspicious headquarters address

Scammers never fail to impress me. They will go to any length just to make people believe they are legitimate. They forget one thing though, and that is Google will give you the answers of almost everything.

They have a headquarters address on the home page. When you check with Google maps, the actual address is that of a church in New York City. This makes me wonder how a legit website has to give a false headquarters address. They are scammers working to take advantage of people in plain sight.

They will not pay you

For starters, they have a very high withdrawal potential. You have to make a minimum amount of $150 before you can request for cash out. That’s not all; they make it difficult for you to get that money. For instance, the withdrawal request will not go through until you get 30 clicks, 10 sign-ups, and 15 completed tasks.

In my opinion, this is just one of the fabricated schemes to get you to do more for them while they sit back and benefit themselves from it.

Let’s say that you manage to do all they ask of you. When you request your payment, they refuse to pay you the money with an excuse that you violated their terms of service or your clicks were fraudulent. To cut the long story short, no one ever gets paid by any of these scam sites. There is no real proof of payment either. All they do is steal the personal information of people and use it for malicious activities.

They lack a support system

Something that I found fishy is the fact that the contact button is not working. When you click on it, it takes you back to the homepage. Furthermore, none of their social media platforms are functional. These are just some of the few things that you should be keen on when you join a site that claims to make you quick and easy money.

The social media accounts do not have links and therefore you cannot access them. Also, the Facebook account does not even exist. The social media platforms indicated on the home page are nothing but just images. They are not real at all.

The lack of any way to contact support from only means one thing. They are not interested at all to hear from you because it just doesn’t matter to them.

Final verdict

In my humble opinion, is a scam site that is out there for all the wrong reasons. They take advantage of you and waste your time and efforts as they sit behind a desk and reap from your labor. The owner will make money through the CPA offers on the task wall and by selling your data to spammers and cybercriminals while you are left with nothing. Be very cautious about fake sites such as

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