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We all have known many sites while we surf the web that offers money for an almost small amount of work, work that you can do lying in your bed or your home or anywhere you are, work that is feasible and less tiring.

These websites ask you to fill out surveys and forms for companies that need the data to know about their products and as a result, they pay you money, now this form of Income collection has gained a lot of popularity in this age as the student circle around the world as we know it need money or cash to survive the college and the world and so they tend towards this kind of income generation.

There is nothing wrong with this type of income generation but the problem that most of the websites that you come across along the internet are fake or say is a scam, just like,,, and many others. They scam you out of your money and then vanish into the wind, they can be found nowhere and your money is gone too.

So, in this case, CashCrate is a form of income generation where you can fill out forms and surveys and earn easy money but then again what if CashCrate is a scam too, like the others, well the users, the so many users, that have used CashCrate have enjoyed the perks that it gives and so we are going to review CashCrate for you to know what it is.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

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CashCrate Review

Product/Platform Name:  Cash Crate


Legit? Yes

What is

Well, according to their website’s about page, was one of the world’s most well-known rewards programs, with more than 10 million members already. So, CashCrate is a site where users can take surveys, completely paid offers, play games and much more. It has been around since 2006.

This is one of those legitimate rewards programs like

How To Make Money With

Completing Surveys

There are many or certain ways to make cash around the CashCrate and some of them are, you can take Surveys, which one of the main ways to earn at CashCrate. There are multiple surveys available at any given time but at the same time, you do have to keep in mind that Surveys are not a reliable way of earning money. There are times where you can be disqualified from taking a survey so yeah, It cant be a reliable way of earning money. On average, Surveys pay $0.25 – $2 range and the payout depends upon the length of the survey.

Completing Offers

Another method of earning money is by Completing Offers. They are for sure the quickest way to earn money but also the riskiest, some of the users have complained that offers have asked for their numbers and email addresses and then they have been getting spammed by it, so got to be curious in that area too. The ones maybe that only require your email address might be the least safe for you.

Watching Videos

Another way of earning money is by watching the videos. The payout for this region is terrible, amounting to less than a dollar per hour. And also, this section is only available to the United States, so Good luck with that.

Point System

CashCrate works on a Point system mechanism that the rest don’t follow but the point system does offer a lot more than the rest of the system. These points are earned by completing certain offers, surveys or videos, They can also be earned by playing games. Now comes the question of how can you use these points that you have accumulated. Well, there are couple options of redeeming your points, one is by playing a game called Crates, this game is purely and truly on luck so bidding your points against it would be no advice, don’t go for it, you may not getting something worthy and may lose the points that you have earned with so much hard work. The other ways that these points can be used are by redeeming them for prizes like the Amazon, Starbucks, and iTunes Gift Cards but for that, you also need a lot of points.


CashCrate does follow the paying system if you aren’t into the Points system. The first payment is through check but after that, you can have other options at your disposal like PayPal and Direct Deposit becomes available too.

Pros and Cons

The Pros are that the CashCrate is 100 percent free, it’s an easy way to earn a little pocket change online and is available outside the United States and it also has an extremely lucrative style of referral system which may interest you as well, cause there is money in it too, another way of earning money.

The cons are that you’ll receive lots of spam calls and emails, only if you aren’t careful. It has a high payout threshold and there might a rare survey that you’d qualify for and the most important thing for you to know is that the Pay of the CashCrate is just not worth your time, they don’t pay well.


CashCrate just like the other websites is a very good website that has its Pros and Cons just like any other site or anybody has but you have to look at both before you go and make a decision and start working.

CashCrate is a good option to pursue if you need quick money but you might or will come across some hurdles or you might not get enough money for the kind or amount of work you are doing, that’s kind of stressful, working a lot and then getting paid less, it might be the biggest Con of CashCrate but all in all It’s a good website and you should try it if you feel like so.
I hope all of this helps you thank you!

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