Cash Website Success Review : Real Work From Home Program or SCAM?

Hello guys, Ross here. We are going to review this cash website success work from home program that is being promoted by some affiliate marketers.

I guess you already received an email regarding this that is why you are here to verify if Cash Website Success is real and not just some scam program.

First of all, it is a good thing that you research first before purchasing this. I hope I can enlighten you and you can make an educated decision after you read this review.

If it is the first time you read or encountered this kind of making money programs on the internet, you may ask yourself if it is really possible to earn an income online.

To answer that, yes it is possible. There are a lot of ways that you can earn money online but that’s another topic. For now, we will focus first on this review.

Cash Website Success Review

Scams these days is on the high and it gets increasingly difficult to recognize a certain scam scheme especially when it comes to making money online.

Online scams get people to involve their hard-earned money into fake businesses hoping to cash out profit or a large sum of money in return. However, there are nice legit online businesses and sites that stay true to what they do and some others which mislead and scam people of their precious money.

It is always advisable to do proper research to avoid this money squandering schemes and find the right way to make a full-time income online. Before getting involved making in making money, look out for information and details of the business.

Most online scams tell you that you can make a very large sum just in a few hours when the truth is making legit money online takes effort and time concentration.

Program/Product Name: Cash Website Success



Owner: Not mentioned

Price: $47 + lot of upsells

Recommended? No

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Cash Website Success Scam

The scam story

There are a lot of opportunities to earn money online that exist today. Perhaps this is the new age of the internet, ordinary people earning a decent living online. But unfortunately, there is also a growing number of scams that will try to steal your money.

Cash website Success is an online website which tells or claim that people that they can make large sums of money working from their homes. As claimed by the online money opportunity site, it allows you to earn a lot from home without any prior skill or experience with Amazon.

Since Amazon was mentioned here, several people may be swindled into believing without even checking for themselves. There are numerous websites under this scheme of cash website success. Many of which are created to ensure some basic truths may be hidden.

It sounds awesome to have such opportunity and numerous people looking add to their income or sustain themselves makes a leap into buying into the whole scam or rather shaded business they know nothing about.

Cash website success portrays it to be very easy to make money, saying you only have to work for 1-2 hours. Also, they say you could start making money on the day you decide to join the scheme.

Sometimes, this looks too good to be true or looks too shady and misleading. It may be nice to reveal that most of what is stated is genuine.

How Cash Website Success Works?

They have these instructions that you should follow for you to access the program:

Step 1: You have to visit their Cash Website Success Application Page and lets you fill out a form. They claimed that they still have to verify if you qualify to join their program. This is kind of odd because they only need your name and email address.

Step 2: They mentioned that if you are qualified, you can have the product that they are selling (which has no value actually) but of course you should pay for it.

Step 3: You will be paid weekly by PayPal or check, or direct deposit to your bank once you complete a certain online task that they will provide.

But what exactly are they selling, it is not clear in their sales page if what you are going to do to make money as they claimed. This alone is a red flag that this site is a possible scam.

It’s something worth noting that most online scam sites hide vital information of business are they lure people into, except giving them exciting schemes of how well the business is going to be.

Cash website success doesn’t give details of what exactly you would be doing and what kind of goods or services he would be selling on amazon. It only portrays pictures of an individual making a huge sum of $14,000 in a single month.

Cash website success mentions that you will have to pay up a certain sum to get started on the job. This shows a scam scheme. Job applications do not always ask for fees or payment to apply for a job.

Sometimes it is called enrollment fee which covers processing costs to separate people who are serious apart from those who are not. These are scams.

This makes me conclude that a scam scheme is up here. How do you get back your money, is there a refund? Etc., these details are not provided.

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The Details That Points it out as a scam

The cash Website Success business scheme could be found as a complete scam. Some details are misleading and also use fake pictures to portray what is meant to be ideal. The story of the people involved and the picture of earning on amazon are virtually doctors to scam innocent individuals of their money. Which points out that it may be a scam since a fake amazon earning was used.

Pressure As A tool

There is pressure on people to join this business that scam them of their money. They put up an announcement for a particular post and operations, and tell you it is limited to a certain number of people.

This is to quickly move you into the scam scheme. This would have been better if you are not even expected to pay a startup fee or application fee.

Fake Testimonials

Let’s look at the testimonials below. These people claimed that they were earning an insane amount of money from this program but the truth is that these are all actors.  These fake testimonials are common to other products that I already reviewed, like


Cash-Website-Success-Fake-Testimonials 4 people

You can hire them at Fiverr for $5 to $10 to make a fake testimonial.

Cash-Website-Success-Fake-Testimonials from Fiverr

Super Easy and Quick Lies

One major scam scheme people fall into is when these online business makes it super easy and fast to get large income online. For example, when going through the Cash Website Success page, you will see information as regards affiliate marketing which is a tool and model to earn from Amazon.

These details are right but, misleading. Affiliate marketing is an online tool used to promote businesses to get sales. Your job will be to get the business to buyers and on every sales get a commission.

Cash Website Success didn’t provide most of these details and it’s more of the marketing you do that determines the amount of money to be made. There is no guarantee on the amount to be made as widely spread by Cash Website Success.

Here is a video on their sales page, it looks genuine using the Logo from CNN, ABC, and NBC.

You may read this article on how to spot a scam.

And also, this picture on their sales page:

cash website success fake testimonial

Can also be found on this stock photo site:

Stocks Photo for Cash-Website-Success

Amazon Affiliate

The sales video talks about being an Amazon Affiliate. But no explanation or whatsoever what is it and how it works.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online but it requires knowledge to do it the right way.

This kind of scam site makes a very bad impression of affiliate marketing where affiliate marketing is a lucrative business model.

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

Looking over the cash website page, it is quite easy to see through the lens of legit making money online and see that it is a total scam, unreal and misleading. The information is perfectly framed to defraud unguided people of their money.

Promising enticing to deals and offers which are lies and realistically untrue. I highly would not recommend this Cash website Success to anyone.

Rather, I would advise you look into a more real and legit online business after off course making proper research as there are a lot of online scam sites waiting to defraud you. There is no doubt that Cash Website Success is a scam. I certainly don’t recommend it.

I hope you learned something from my cash website success review. My experience in reviewing these kinds of scam products will somehow help you decide whether to buy this product or not.

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