Is Cash For Kids a Scam? Legit or Not? [Review]

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Welcome to my review of Cash For Kids!

The truth is scammers are everywhere. That is why before even thinking of signing up on a website such as, you have to carry out your due diligence.

Naturally, we as humans would jump at any money-making opportunity that comes up. However, not every opportunity that comes your way is worth your time.

If you are reading this article, you probably want to find out if cash for kids is a site you can trust or just a scam. At this point, I will have to inform you that this is a scam you should avoid at all costs. I am going to expose every loophole that proves this site is not legitimate.


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Cash For Kids Review Summary

Product/Platform Name: Cash For Kids

Website :

Owner: “Anonymous ”

Recommended? No

What exactly is cash for kids?

As you already know, the major focus here is to equip you with information that will be your best weapon against scammers. I happened to go through the website of cash for kids to see what they have to offer. I have to admit they did a good job of creating their site because it pretty much looks like a legitimate site.

Cash for kids claims to be a website that offers affiliate programs to its members. All you have to do is sign up, receive a referral link and share it on your social media accounts. You get to earn yourself $1 for every click and a further $20 for those people who join as a result of you referring them. Well, this should be a piece of cake and pretty much anyone can do this. People from as low as the age of 13 are allowed to sign up and start making money. Are you thinking what am thinking? This is an extremely easy and good deal.

There is also the task area where you get to earn $20 from every task that you complete. Almost everything on the cash for kids’ websites looks similar to those in other scam sites such as Kids earn cash, viral bucks and notion cash. Take a moment and just think about it. Other sites that are known to be scams have in the past offered similar deals to the ones on cash for kids. It does not make sense that this site which is so much alike to the other scam sites will be any different. They are all the same to fool people and steal their data. Be very cautious about this site because the majority of people realize they have wasted their precious time and energy when it’s already too late.

How does cash for kids work?

cash for kids 3 steps money making

Let’s dig in a little and find out how cash for kids works and how you will make money. The first thing you have to do is sign up. Afterward, you get a referral link that you have to share on your social media accounts and invite people to join cash for kids. Each person who clicks on your link ostensibly earns you $1 and $20 for those who join as a result.

Aside from the referrals, there is the task wall. There is a variety of tasks that you will be asked to complete. Each of them is supposed to earn you $20 upon completion. What are on their task wall are online surveys that in my point of view are not even legitimate.

The last part is YouTube videos. The people behind cash for kids are pretty smart. They want to promote their website and encourage more people to join and take part in their scam. That is why they tell you to make a video talking about their site and upload it on YouTube. Since people want to earn an income, some will go through the trouble of actually making that video.

I will kindly advise you not to waste any of your time on this. At the end of the day, you will get nothing from them because they are not going to pay you anything. All those money-making opportunities are just a stunt to get people to sign up.

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So is cash for kids legitimate or a scam?

This is why we are here, to know the bitter truth. It is quite easy to fall into a trap laid out by scammers. They know exactly what people want and they use that to their advantage. In my opinion, cash for kids is a scam that is put out there to make a fool out of people and steal their data. There is no better way of saying it.

I simply cannot claim they are a scam without giving you the facts. That’s why I am going to lay down some reasons why I think cash for kids is not a site you can put your trust in;

False business records

I took my time to read through their website. As usual, many of the scam sites will give information about themselves that is not true. This site claims to have been in operation since 2011 and have paid over 6 million dollars to their members. In a case such as this one, anyone would want to find out if all this is true. When you check with WHOIS, the record for cash for kids confirms the website was created in May 2019.

Well, a legitimate website that has nothing to hide will not give false information to its members. This is a site that is only two months old. They can’t possibly have paid out all that money within such a short time frame. This is questionable and should be one more reason for you to stay away from this site.

The website is packed with malware

You can tell a legitimate website even from afar. You will not find things like malware on a trustworthy website. When you go to the task wall and try to complete a given task you will receive warnings from your computers anti-malware. This is a red flag.

False testimonials

On the website, you will find testimonials of people who claim to have resigned from their jobs and now work for cash for kids. Well, this does not make any sense at all. If making money was this easy, how many more people would be flocking the cash for kids website. I would say billions of people would be signing up as we speak. Sadly, you have to work hard to earn an income and be successful.

None of those testimonials are true and this is because there is no money to be earned on this site. They just make it look like you have earned yourself some money by adding it to your cash for kids’ accounts. Many people will see this money appear on the dashboard and get more encouraged. However, when you ask for a payout that’s the time you realize all your efforts were for nothing. They simply take you round in circles until you get tired and give up.

No real proof of payment

You have to make at least $250 before being eligible to ask for a payout. Let’s say you manage to withdraw that money from the cash for kids’ accounts to your bank account. You are supposed to wait for 15 days before the money is credited to your bank account. However, after waiting for so long no money will be credited to you. Furthermore, all they will give you is a bunch of excuses. If you keep on insisting on your payment, they go as far as closing your account.

Some people will see the proof of payment posted on the site and think that this is a legitimate way of making money. In all honesty, it is not. The money indicated on that proof of payment never reaches the members. Unfortunately, people who post this realize it a little bit too late.

Replica of other scams

There is one noticeable trend of the scam sites that litter the internet. Once so many people have already got word that they are scammers, they pull down that site and create another one with a different domain name. A well-calculated move indeed. I have very little doubt that cash for kids is simply a replica of the well-known scam site kids earn cash.

Keep in mind that one scam site may not be any different from another one. If cash for kids is very similar to other scam sites such as kids earn cash, how on earth can it be legitimate? Their affiliate programs are all the same. My polite advice to you at this point would be to run while you still can.

Final verdict

Go for something that will earn you real money and not scammers that promise you quick money. I have put on the table everything you need to know about cash for kids. The decision is yours to make now.

You can always choose which path are you willing to take, the easy one that will make you no money, or the hard one (but not so difficult once you understand) that will eventually make your real money online.

These easy money programs were created by gurus that are selfish, they will never teach the real way to make money so that they can scam people over and over again.

If you want to make money online, then you should work for it. Learning, patience, and effort are the keys to make your online dream possible.

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