Is Bemer Group a Scam? [Honest MLM Review 2019]

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Welcome to my review of Bemer Group!

I know for a fact that we all want to make some money and live comfortable lives. Nowadays, you don’t have to wake up every Monday to Fridays and spend time working in an office.

There are plenty of opportunities out there and they all come in different packages. Before you can jump on an opportunity that has presented itself to you, it’s only prudent that you ensure it’s real and beneficial.

If you are reading this review at this moment, then you must have already come across the Bemer group. It’s a good thing that you are trying to find out more about it.

Read on because I have provided all the information concerning this company that may be of huge help to you. Well, after reading through this article, I am sure you will be in a better position to make an informed decision. So what are we waiting for! Let’s get started!

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What exactly is Bemer Group?

This is the question running through many people’s minds when they get to know about bemer group. This is a company based on bemer therapy. The word ‘bemer’ is initials standing for Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation therapy.

Generally, bemer therapy involves improving the vascular system through a process referred to as microcirculation. They have a set of bemer products that they sell to people who might need them. These products are very beneficial to their clients and work to supply the body with ample oxygen as well as nutrients. Furthermore, the products help to dispose of metabolic waste from the body.

On the other hand, there are plenty of doubts about whether the bemer products are really effective and medically helpful. However, the company has come out with claims that there are scientific studies to back the effectiveness of their products. There are two studies said to have been conducted which are proof of their claims. You can check the first one and second study the company provided.

Furthermore, bemer says to have struck a deal with NASA. By now, you know NASA is all about innovation and advancement in technology. In my point of view, this piece of information is quite misleading. For one thing, many companies usually file agreements with NASA but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are all viable.

Is Bemer group a pyramid scheme?

Bemer is a bit different in the way they work. The company does not function in a similar way as the typical pyramid scheme companies. For this reason, it’s hard to determine if it’s a pyramid scheme or not. All I know is that there is something fishy about this company structure.

What do I mean by that? I mean, the people who make the most money out of it are usually at the top and the ones who were among the first to join the company. This somehow sounds similar to the pyramid scheme MLM businesses.

Bemer pyramid structure

On the other hand, pyramid schemes typically rely on recruitment to make money and sustain the company. In this case, bemer is different because they don’t depend on recruitment. Once you join the company and become a distributor, you are given some products to sell. As a distributor, you can decide to sell the products directly without the need for recruits. In this case, you earn all the commission.

If you want to be granted access to their full compensation plan and be able to recruit, you are required to purchase a bemer product. This is mandatory.

For those who want to sell the products directly, they are not allowed to recruit. This is one major point to note. You can only choose one side. To make money yourself and sell directly to the customers or make money through recruits but buy the bemer products.

What I can deduce from this is that the company is forcing people who join the program to buy their products. This is a red flag for me.

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Can you make money on bemer group?

Basically, bemer group uses the MLM business model. MLM is not a trustworthy business model and many people often struggle to make money. You might not even make any money on this program.

For starters, recruiting other people into the program is extremely difficult. Many people will not be willing to join. Besides, the products offered by the company are quite expensive and you will barely get people who want to buy them.

A single product can cost thousands of dollars and hence who you sell to is restricted. Keep in mind, these are luxury items and not everyone needs them.

You will be forced to invest a lot of money, going up to thousands of dollars if at all you want to get paid for recruiting. Remember, you have to buy their super expensive products just for this. It will take a tough battle to get your money back not to mention making any profits. A huge number of people end up losing their money and quitting altogether.

How much does it cost to join bemer group?

The price entirely depends on what you intend to do after signing up.

For those who wish to get full access to the full compensation plan and be allowed to recruit will have to part with;

  • An initial fee of $290
  • An annual fee of $144
  • Purchase the bemer products

You will require a fortune to purchase the bemer products. The cheapest comes at $4000 and the main one cost up to $6000. The most reliable way to make money on this company is through recruitment and this means paying thousands of dollars.

The other option is to simply pay the $290 initial fee and only get the direct commissions excluding the recruitment. You become eligible to make commissions after a successful qualifying sale. The first sale is given to the one who recruited you into the program.

The compensation plan

Affiliate ranks

The compensation plan consists of seven different ranks that affiliates can achieve. You move from one rank to the next whenever you achieve a certain goal and each time you get a bonus. As you move higher up the ladder you are rewarded with higher commission rates.

Direct sales

Direct sales involve selling bemer products and you earn a commission from it. When you move up the rank, you get to earn higher commissions.

For instance, the first rank consists of a 17% commission rate, the second rank has 25% and the third 26.5%. The last rank has a 28% commission rate.

Residual commissions

This commission structure rewards according to recruitment. The affiliate rank is what determines the amount of money you earn and the level you earn from.

What are the bemer products?

The first product is the Bemer Pro Set and it costs a total of $5990. This product has various accessories that come with it. This include:

  • B.BOX Professional
  • Full body application B.BODY Professional
  • Selective application B.SPOT
  • Light application B.LIGHT
  • Small-scale application B.PAD
  • Signal tester B.SCAN
  • Fixing strap
  • Power supply unit
  • Car power cable
  • Wall mounting
  • Foot protection
  • Protective goggles
  • Handle B.GRIP
  • Attachment belt

The second product is the Bemer Classic Set and it costs $4290. This one costs slightly less than the Pro Set and consists of fewer accessories in the package.

As you can see, these products are quite expensive and very few people will be convinced to buy them. The majority will simply decline and not show any interest in buying. You will need a whole load of energy and time to successfully get sales. This will not be an easy feat.

Advantages of Bemer

The Bemer products seem unique but I can’t say that I like anything here. There are better and cheaper ways to achieve the same result.

Disadvantages of Bemer

Very low success rates

There are very few chances that you will succeed here. Unless you are an experienced salesperson, you are at great risk of losing your investment. A majority of people don’t even get their money back.

Expensive products

Your job on bemer will be selling their products. Making any sales will be very difficult considering the price of the products. Very few people will be willing to part with thousands of dollars just to buy the item.

Forcing people to pay to participate

You will only be granted access to their full compensation plan once you buy the bemer products. This looks like they are forcing people to buy the products so that they can make money.

Is Bemer a scam?

All I can say is Bemer is not a reliable business opportunity. I do know about MLM and they are not the kind of a business that you can trust with your hard-earned money. There are lesser chances that you will make it and earn some good money. In most cases, people just lose their money, get frustrated, and eventually give up.

I will not recommend Bemer to anyone. It might costs you thousands of money and at the end of the day, you make nothing significant. However, the decision to join or not entirely depends on you.

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2 Comments on “Is Bemer Group a Scam? [Honest MLM Review 2019]”

  1. My Name is Kim I am very offended about the things you said about Bemer group. Your statements just aren’t true I have been with them for two years this is an amazing company and I have literally watch peoples lives change for the better how dare you even waste peoples time.

  2. There is quite a lot of false information on this about Bemer. The one that stands out the most is that you have to purchase a Bemer to be a distributor. This is inaccurate. Buying a Bemer does not “unlock” the compensation plan. You get the same benefits whether you purchase or not. Now, why someone wouldn’t purchase this Class II cleared medical device if they plan to help other people purchase one is beyond me, but the compensation plan is exactly the same for those who purchase and those who don’t.

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