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Bank Ramp Member's Area

Hey guys, Ross here of  Welcome to my Bank Ramp Review. This is a brand new product launched from Clickbank. You may have encountered this product in your email. Lately, affiliates are promoting this day in and day out or shall I say spamming. Lol.

The good thing about the sales page is that the owner himself is present. His name is Jamie Lewis, a super cool guy. I like this guy, he’s been in the game for years, he sold millions of dollars worth of products. He knows exactly what he’s doing and he teamed up with one of the biggest success stories in e-commerce and they’ve put together this product so that you guys can start benefiting from e-commerce as well.

In this review, I’ll show you exactly what is in the member’s area once you purchase the product. I’ll also give you an honest opinion of what I think about Bank Ramp.

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Bank Ramp Review 

Product/Platform Name: Bank Ramp


Owner: Jamie Lewis

Front End Price: $37+ upsells

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What is Bank Ramp?

In a nutshell, Bank Ramp is an extensive training course on how to do e-commerce and how to do drop-shipping.

The Members Area

Jamie Lewis will give you an introduction to the program, his philosophies, and wisdom, all that good stuff.


Bank Ramp Member's Area

Video Tutorials:

Bank Ramp Tutorials 1

  • Bank Ramp Tutorial # 1 & 2

Talks a little bit about arbitrage using eBay. This is one of the most well-known ways for anyone, newbies, young kids, elderly, everyone, basic simple people who don’t have a heck of a lot of time to go to college, etc. This works, this is the one thing that you would recommend to a family and friends to get started to make some money and then reinvest the money and get into more sophisticated methods.

  • Bank Ramp Tutorial # 3 & 4

Shopify and Instagram –  this is a video tutorial about creating a business in ten minutes using Shopify and promoting through Instagram.

With the basic membership, you’ll also have a live session with Jamie Lewis, where he can answer the questions and you can work together with his other students.

Bank Ramp Suppliers and resources section

This just lets you know all of the cool resources, all the cool sites that you might need to make some money in Ecom.

Bank Ramp Tutorials resources

More Video Tutorials 

There’s a ton more video tutorials included. Jamie recommends these videos for newbies who are just getting started. A dollar store talks a little bit about you were to use dollar stores yard sales, etc as arbitrage technique. There is also some pretty sophisticated video training, so if you are already in e-commerce or you’ve got your own Shopify store, etc. The training videos could show you some cool clever tactics that have allowed them to do some cool things very fast.

Bank Ramp Tutorials 3


The front end cost of the basic membership is $37

This already includes the basic training regarding ECom such as drop-shipping, how to use a Shopify store, basic techniques on eBay and Amazon.

The upsells:

Like most products, this one also has upsells.

The first one is a certain ‘done-for-you’ campaigns’ which cost $194 and the second is their additional training for $174.

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What is not shown on the sales page of Bank Ramp?

Although the sales page seems very clear about what exactly do you get when you purchased the product, However, It does not tell you how can you get buyers once you already set up your online store.

You see, in anything that involves making money online, the only way to make money is that you must have a buyer or a customer right? In the online world, we call it traffic. Without traffic, whatever your business may be, you will certainly fail.

If you are still a beginner, I mean with zero experience, you will have difficulty making money with this platform. Jamie makes it sound like it is very easy to make money with his system, but the truth is, it is not.

Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a good product, you will learn a lot from this. But please, don’t expect to make a huge amount of money in just days or even months. Jamie and Matt are doing that type of business model for a very long time already, and they all have the resources and traffic that they needed to generate those kinds of money.

Is Bank Ramp a Scam? My Thoughts:

Bank Rank is not a scam. There are a lot of things that you will learn from being a member of it.

Would I recommend it? 

Yes and No. If you are into Ecom, and you like the business model, then this is maybe for you. But please, you also have to understand that the cost to build a dropshipping business is more than $37. The moment you invest $37 for the basic membership, you must also have an additional budget for its upsells for it to work. Not to mention the other cost such as domain name and hosting for your eCom store.

For beginners who have little or zero experience, I don’t recommend this. Not unless you are patient enough and have a lot of budget for you to learn more about this business model. A huge budget is needed if you want to have traffic right away. You could spend thousands of dollars buying traffic.

Recommended Platform

If you are a newbie, the best way is to learn how to build your online business. Learn how to generate free traffic that can sustain your business long term.

Just like how you reach this page, I did not pay a single penny for it, yet here you are. Amazing right?

Click this to learn more about my # 1 recommended platform, by the way, you can join for free.

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Always remember, that whatever path you chose, it boils down to how dedicated you are and how much effort you are willing to make to have a successful online business.


Watch The Sales Video To Learn More About Bank Ramp

Video Script:

Let’s learn how to convert $1 into $8 every couple minutes, 24 hours a day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year. You up for that? See, I’m always on the hunt for the fastest most deadly internet income hacks to deliver to my students, just like you. And this is the winner by far. The camera started rolling and I began my case study and doing this very simple trick. Fifteen dollar payments, 94 dollar payments, 7 dollar payments $22, 31 dollar payments every couple minutes. So if I could turn 7 dollars into 94 dollars easily then I can add a few zeros it’ll turn into nine hundred and forty dollars and then nine thousand four hundred dollars. And then by the end of the year I’ll have a hundred and twenty thousand dollars just from this one store I mean heck I’ve done two hundred ninety thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars just from eBay alone well what am I talking about but I’m talking just from this method we’re talking just fifteen minutes to set up activate and pull results and then just duplicate what you did the first time and let it run all I have to do after that is follow up takes about twenty minutes.

Now, my student, I call him whiz kid Matthew, check out his YouTube channel he’s ripping it up with Shopify, even better than I do.

All right guys so we’re gonna show you the methods that were able to get this $83,000 year. Guys this is no like fake screenshots like a lot of the other gurus show I could scroll in here, I can go through the dates. Our students are seeing these crazy results like this right here, 360 dollars on their first day using the training, this one right here 735 dollars in a day. This is all completely super easy guys, while you’re sleeping, eating, and spending time with family. We have some other crazy results like 575 dollars in one day.

Another student with 2,800 dollars in free complete profit in their first month using the training. Guys this is something you need to jump on. Again right here, 270 dollars in one day. With that, I think that’s only three sales. So, guys, you need to go and leverage this and take advantage of make 2019 the year that’s finally going to work for you. You don’t want to look back next year at the same time and say man I wish I finally put the time into something. I wish I finally put in the work I put in two hours and I figured something out. Don’t let that happen again this year guys. We’re talking 215 dollar sales, 600 dollars, and 15 dollars in the students’ first week using our training. You guys got to hop into Bank ramp and take advantage of this right now.

I Jamie Lewis and so happy that you’re watching this video right now. As I know statistically speaking you’ve probably been ripping your hair out with all of the programs and systems training, learning, forget learning, this one doesn’t require you to learn much at all. This method is almost comedic how simple it is. Like you’ll never have to buy any more make money online systems ever again it’s like that I’m telling you you can scale this.

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Thirty-one dollar payments, 63 dollar payments, 21 dollar payments, they come in like crazy. My first try out of the gate I kept it going and the best part during the setup of the system there were some pretty strenuous tasks that I had to take on. So the good news, you will never have to take on those tasks ever again because I already did them all. All you have to do is rinse and repeat. If this sounds similar to the latest and greatest business opportunity that you invested in we need to talk like this is almost a fundamental necessity that you in your online arsenal the simplest direct method for anyone to make an income online. You will say of course that will work for me, that’s what I said when I teach you the method.

And in this very video, I am going to reveal the actual instruction and the specific item you will need. I’m not gonna beat around the bush. I’ll even guarantee this right now because I can with this one. There is no way in God’s green earth that you will fail with this or my name ain’t Jamie Lewis the CEO and founder of Bank Ramp. By the end of this video, you are gonna be selling like your account is a machine gun and your sales are bullets whizzing through the air with rapid frequency.

So you want to make 10,000 dollars, 50,000 dollars or even a hundred thousand dollars as a power seller? Then do not leave this page do not go anywhere. Give this quick video a few minutes of your time and I’m going to show you, how myself and my students have recently begun to use Bank Ramp to make more money than we ever thought possible. A guy was begging for change on the street, I stopped to give him what change I had in my pocket and I took about 60 seconds to explain this method. He could take my change I had in my pocket spend it on using a computer at a local internet cafe and let me just say right now you heard the phrase double your money right I mean people get rich from doubling their money but we’re talking about eight times in your money not doubling but octupling your money.

One of my core philosophies is for you to be able to pay off that debt get, your credit perfect so you can leverage it so baby steps the first thing you need to do is just one simple thing to get started and then like a waterfall, Bank Ramp is a business model that is so simple and powerful that it will enable you to leverage the power of the Internet to set you free financially free as a bird as it works for you.

See I make all of this money first, no waiting for paychecks, or having to do the work upfront and now it’s your turn. Bank ramp is about to be yours, as you are on the right page and if you’re still listening to these truths, you might be the right fit for this. You might be the right candidate for this powerful platform.

I was explaining before, I’m always on the hunt for monetization techniques especially for my family and friends, like myself a professional marketer who has been around for almost two decades now. People trust me to bring only the most effective money-making strategies and tools and that’s what I do. They rely on me to make the big money right in front of their eyes with limited resources, to be the guinea pig, so to speak. Being given only an iPhone in Wi-Fi or the harshest conditions or without websites with affiliates traffic and I perform and educate millions.

So a lot has changed since I got started and here we are in 2019 I needed something that would work for people with limited financial resources, immediate needs for cash and ongoing income, lack of internet service and limited time to learn and so under these conditions, I got to work and after multiple case studies in my studio and on my webinars.  

I always do it myself first and get results first, begin to scale the income, and only then, do I introduce it to my students. I don’t teach theory or concept that hasn’t proven to work for me first and I’ll tell you what I got addicted to this method. I saw hundreds of dollars paid to me while I was sitting on my behind eating potato chips, you’ve probably been to the dollar store I’m going to one right now

So here it is, this is what a dollar store looks like. Driving up in the Ferrari, all right here we are at the dollar store and we’re gonna do some case studies in the bank ramp members area. You are gonna have your hands on my actual trip inside the dollar store where we purchase some stuff. You only make some from now, what if you were to walk into that dollar store tomorrow, purchase an item for about you guessed it one dollar and then I give you a template that will sell that very item for as much as $100. I told you this was powerful, but look that’s not it. There’s more look, I’ll say it again, I’m not good at any type of sports, I’m not good at cooking or cleaning but with this, I am a genius. I’m super creative and I activated that part of my brain and I created incredible templates for eBay. Yep, this is a very clever arbitrage tactic and probably the easiest one I’ve ever done or provided to my students.

I’ve been bringing in payments with this all week, all day all month, all year. Now you’re probably familiar with eBay, right? You know the website that brought in over 10 billion last year. Well, all I can say is grab your piece of that 10 billion and jump in. Everything you need is included in the bank ramp system.


I hope you have learned from this review and can help you decide whether to purchase Bank Ramp or not.

It is your choice…

If you want to purchase  Bank Ramp, click here to access it. ==>

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