AZ Millionaire Method Review : Scam or The Best Way to Make Money?

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Welcome to my AZ Millionaire Method Review!

AZ Millionaire Method is another product from Clickbank. This product may teach you how to make money with their own Amazon affiliate marketing website. Hundreds of affiliates are promoting this right now, and probably you received an email about this that’s why you are here to learn more about the product.

Can you make $ 1,000,000 in less than 12 months with this system? Or is AZ Millionaire Method a scam. I hope you can learn from this review.

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AZ Millionaire Method Review

Product/Platform Name: AZ Millionaire Method Review


Owner: “Ryan Ford” Not sure if he is real

Price: $37 + upsells

Recommended? No

What is AZ Millionaire Method?

How it works is incredibly simple, you see, as an Amazon affiliate you make Commission on absolutely everything that is purchased through your affiliate link. Whether that’s kitchen appliances office furniture, beauty products, video games, or audiobooks, you get a cut of absolutely everything that is sold and you don’t need to own any products or ship anything whatsoever. You’ll just be the silent middleman who takes a cut of the profits, someone, online will sell a product to somebody else and you take a commission from that sale and as millions of products are sold on Amazon every single day, those Commission’s quickly add up.

Red Flags That Makes AZ Millionaire Method A Possible Scam

Based on the sales video below:

  • Over Hype Income Claims of AZ Millionaire Method

In less than 12 months Ross Johnson of Texas, Sandra Bradshaw of New York, and Paul Walker of Arizona each made $1,000,000 online from one website. And what you might find surprising is that not one of those people had any special skills and they made that money with ease in their spare time and that’s because making money from this website is so incredibly easy that anyone can do it. Just look at what I’ve been making on a weekly basis ever since I signed up to this website, twenty-two thousand nine hundred and seventy dollars and eighty-seven cents twenty thousand one hundred and thirteen dollars and 22 cents twenty one thousand two hundred and eighty dollars and thirty-four cents and just to be clear I don’t have a background in online marketing. I have no college degree to speak of and I’m not doing anything illegal. I’m just an ordinary guy who uses one website to make thousands of dollars daily. Thanks to this powerful site you could soon be making that kind of money to all of your worries about Denton bills could soon be a thing of the past. Your only strenuous decisions from here on out could be where to go on your next vacation and which new car to buy and you don’t need any special skills knowledge or previous experience so what is this life-changing website I’m talking about Amazon.

-I have been reviewing a lot of Clickbank products that are similar to this type of sales pitch. Nothing new here, this is always what “scammers” do. These income claims are very unrealistic, especially for beginners. One million dollars is a lot of money, although this is possible to achieve the reality is only a few can reach this amount in a single year. 

  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing Using AZ Millionaire MethodAZ Millionare Method Amazon

Now, of course, you’ve heard of Amazon, everyone has. I do not doubt for a second that you’ve used it yourself at least once or twice to order a new phone, something for the kitchen or Christmas presents for your kids. But what I’m sure of is that you had no idea that you could be using Amazon to make a fortune.

Did you know that in 2018, Amazon generated a whopping two hundred and thirty-two point nine billion dollars in revenue? And from today, you could be claiming a tiny slice of that profit for yourself.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. He in his own right is worth one hundred thirty-four point eight billion dollars. Isn’t that the kind of guy you want to be working with? So forget about your current boss and your current job because from today things are going to change. I know you’re ambitious and I know you want to be successful.

Complacent lazy people would have crossed off this page already and gone back to their ordinary lives, but you want more and today you’re finally going to get what you deserve. I know the roads not been easy, you’ve probably tried in the past to make money online and failed. Well, that wasn’t your fault trying to make money, without the right system is damn near impossible.

Almost all those who try, do not succeed. There’s no need for you to go it alone any longer as today I’m giving you the system that you need to make money with Amazon.

Introducing the AZ millionaire method with this bulletproof system, ordinary people have become millionaires in one year or less. And the best part is that you can be up and running in under thirty minutes and making money the very same day.

If you’ve ever tried to get started on Amazon, no doubt it took you days if not weeks of messing about with various settings and complications before you got the ball rolling or maybe you even gave up completely.

This is because unless your marketing expert, getting started as an affiliate is extremely complicated, but with the AZ millionaire method all that is taken care of for you. This means that absolutely anyone has a chance to make money using this system.

-This one here is true, you can make money with Amazon. But it is not as easy as what the video claims. Successful amazon affiliates can attest to that. It takes a lot of time and effort to be successful with Amazon.

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  • The Sad Life Story of the Owner

Thanks to the AZ millionaire method, I am also now a millionaire. My name is Ryan Ford and today I live with my wife and children in an 8 bedroom house. I have no less than 5 luxury cars parked out front and we at least two months of the year on vacation.

But not so long ago I was close to destitute, in fact, some nights I still wake in a sweat after nightmares about money and how I’m going to feed my children and then I come back down to earth and remember that my days of worrying about money are long behind me. For 20 years, I worked the graveyard shift as a security guard.

There was rarely any trouble in our small town so I spent most of my nights shooting the breeze with the other nightshift workers. I made decent enough money just enough so that my wife didn’t have to work which meant that she could stay at home and raise our twin boys. I never really gave much thought to what would happen if I ever lost that job.

I felt secure in my role, I was good at what I did. My employers were happy with me, and life was simple until one morning I was driving the 20 minutes home from work at 5:30 a.m., just as I had done every morning. Out of nowhere, I was hit head-on by a drunk driver. My next memory was waking up in the hospital with almost every moveable part of my body in a plastic case.

My teary-eyed wife was at my bedside, she told me that they pulled me from a ditch and that my car was a total write-off. The nurses stressed that I was lucky to be alive. I knew immediately that my days as a security guard were over.

I spent months in physiotherapy and first just moving my fingers was difficult and I spent more than a year in a wheelchair but as well as struggling to come to terms with my impaired mobility and the emotional strain the accident had placed on my family.

I now had no end of medical bills to pay and no job. I didn’t know what to do. My insurance would help for a while but then I’d have to figure something out for myself. I had no idea what I would do for money, I’d done the same work for all of my adult life and I’d only ever done physical work. The idea of sitting behind a desk was incomprehensible.

I wasn’t good at writing or math, I hated school, I was only ever good at sports and now I could hardly dress for months. I was depressed, bills were stacking up on the counter. I was applying for jobs, I knew I’d never be considered for and my wife was working double shifts as a cleaner while I stayed at home with the kids. I felt utterly useless, then one day when I was checking my emails between all the rejection letters and emails from credit card companies. I saw an email from a guy who is I vaguely remembered from high school.

I remembered him as a nerdy straight-a student. We certainly hadn’t moved in the same circles. Hey Ryan, I don’t know if you’ll remember me but we took a few classes together back in the day but I’ve done more than okay since high school. I’m writing to you now from my luxury suite in the Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

Anyway, I heard on the grapevine what happened to you and I am very sorry it pains me to think of an old classmate, a husband, and a father to be suffering in such away. There’s not much I can do to help with your physical recovery, but I can help with the financial side of things attached to this email you’ll see a system called the AZ millionaire method.

Simply download and follow the system and the rest will be self-explanatory,  best wishes Harvey. At first, I struggled to register what he was saying, I barely remembered the guy and yet here he was reaching out to me after more than 20 years.

I did a quick internet search of his name and sure enough, his story checked out I saw his LinkedIn account as well as several small news stories about Harvey’s rapid rise to success as an Amazon affiliate. I also click through photos on his Facebook account of him on a yacht, in a helicopter, and on the beach in Dubai.

He was certainly living quite the life, and so with nothing to lose, I downloaded and launched the AZ millionaire method. That was the day that changed my life forever. Sure enough, getting set up was completely straightforward and I was making money that very same day.

-Wow, that was a very touching story, right? This story is good if this was true, but unfortunately, there is a huge chance that this is just a made-up story.  You may check my other reviews below and the sales video of each product. The stories are almost identical where the owner has an almost hopeless problem and then they found out the solution by using a system, and that system is the product they are selling.

Here’s what I made my first week using the AZ millionaire method, twenty thousand six hundred and two dollars, and seventy-eight cents. But now you’re probably wondering, how do I get customers to buy products through my affiliate link? Which products make the most money?

Do I need a website? Don’t worry about any of that just yet. This is where you failed in the past, you got too caught up in the what’s in a house with a few ifs and buts when all you needed to make money was the right method. The AZ millionaire method is that method. With the AZ millionaire method, existing users have been making upwards of eighty-five thousand dollars in a single month.

Just look at this eighty-seven thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars and twelve cents, ninety thousand two hundred and thirty-seven dollars and eleven cents, ninety-one thousand and eight dollars and seventeen cents.

In just a matter of minutes, you could be accessing the very same system that has turned ordinary people into millionaires, and don’t worry for a second if you don’t have a background in digital marketing or any professional qualifications because, with the AZ millionaire method, absolutely anyone has the chance to make money.

Of all the real people you’ve heard from, during this video, not one of them had a background in marketing before accessing this system. The AZ millionaire method has helped single parents, veterans, students, and the elderly become millionaires in twelve months or less. The reason that this system has proved to be so lucrative for so many people is that it is entirely self-explanatory and beginner-friendly.

As soon as you download and launch the system, you will see just how simple it is to get set up on Amazon in a matter of minutes and how to start making affiliate commissions right away.

Just look at what I’ve made in the past seven days alone and today you can unlock the AZ millionaire method for the unbelievable price that you see below this video. That’s nothing when you consider just how much money you could soon be making with this system. You could make that money back in seconds in just one affiliate sale.

Don’t worry I know you’ve got your head screwed on you’re not just going to throw your money at a system when you’ve not tried it out for yourself. That’s why today when you purchase the AZ millionaire method, your purchase will be protected by a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

So if after trying out this system for yourself, you’re not completely happy, I’ll give you a full refund. You have absolutely nothing to lose here. Either you make money with this system, or I give you your money back.

This is a zero-risk offer when you’re an Amazon affiliate, you could be earning a passive online income which means you might be making sales while you’re at the gym out with friends or getting a tan at the beach and because 100 percent of your income will be coming from the internet, you can make money from anywhere in the world.

Spend just 10 minutes on your laptop each morning at home in Starbucks or poolside in your luxury five-star hotel and from there, your profits could come in automatically. This is the kind of lifestyle that everyone dreams of living and very soon it could be yours. However, if you are happy with your current life of working 9 to 5, losing sleep over bills, and forever living for the weekend, then I suggest you cross off this page right now and leave this opportunity for someone who wants and deserves it.

But if you are ready to start living your dream life, and to make a passive online income as an Amazon affiliate then you need to fill in your details on this page and sign up right now.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, lazy and ungrateful people will let this chance pass them. But intelligent driven people will fill in their details on this page and sign up right now. I’d hate for you to live the rest of your life wondering what could have been, so don’t waste another second, sign up on this page right now if you want the chance to make up to $1,000,000 this year as an Amazon affiliate and I’ll see you on the other side.

-Who does not want to live the life of your dreams, right? These product creators are very clever, they use human psychology to lure you into buying the product without even knowing more of what the product is all about.

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  • Fake Testimonials in AZ Millionaire Method

Have you seen this guy in the sales video? I also saw this person in my Spring Profits review.

AZ Millionare Method Fake Testimonials

Spring Profits Fake Testimonial A


Spring Profits Fiverr Testimonial 1


I hope you have learned something from my AZ MIllionaire Method review and help you decide whether you buy this or not. I don’t recommend this product because of the red flags above. But I do believe that this is not a scam since you’re probably going to learn something from it. The income claims they’re making as part of this are very high. The system creator might well be getting these results, they might be an experienced marketer and they may be generating good money with their Amazon affiliate marketing websites. However, the typical customer who’s just getting started in the industry is not going to be able to replicate that success right away.

There are better ways to make money online, like my no. 1 recommended platform. This is the kind of product that I am not ashamed to promote since it delivers. I have learned everything from this platform, from making a website to becoming an affiliate marketer. Check it out below.

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