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Hi, I’m going to talk about Auto Chat Profits review. Is this a scam, legit, or is it worth your money? It is a good thing that you did your research first before purchasing this product, after all the internet is full of garbage products.

Looking at Auto chat profits, the first thing to sprung to mind with this new program on Clickbank is the sales page looks very similar to other products that I’ve seen before. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just this style of safe sales page seems to convert quite well for affiliates who are promoting the product, so you will see quite a few sales pages that are similar to this.

The creator claims that this weird robot technology can generate up to $ 420 a day with shocking consistency of 336 consecutive days of profit.

Auto Chat Profits review

Name: Auto Chat Profits

Website URL:

Owner: Hidden with a certain spokesperson Samantha

Price: $37 + upsells

Recommended? No

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What Exactly is Auto Chat Profits?

In those sales video, they said that it’s a secret point-and-click software to improve affiliate sales and that in under 6 minutes and 14 clicks you can get sales on your website.

It’s basically a done-for-you website to promote Clickbank offers, you’re gonna be able to put your clickbank affiliate ID into the website and another thing that they said is that there’s the chatbox software on the site to answer visitors questions.

What do you get when you join and become a member of auto chat profits?

When you log in, what you’re gonna see is this:

Auto Chat Profits Products

You have to enter your Clickbank username or ID, you’re gonna choose a domain name, and they give you an actual full domain name.

And then you’re gonna have to set your autoresponder code now you can use any autoresponder code that will from any email marketing service that you already have but if not then they’re gonna ask you to of course direct you to register.

Advantages of Auto Chat Profits

Auto Chat Profits is basically an affiliate marketing system with a unique twist of giving you a website with an automated chat bot built into it. These chat BOTS are quite modern in the marketing world. The way affiliate marketing in general works is you get your own website and you do promotions on the internet such as posting your links on social media, creating videos, blog posts, articles, paying for traffic, buying out the advertisements banner ads, and email advertising to get traffic to your website and then you divert people preferably to lead capture page, capture the email list and then you divert those visitors to a sales page where you will earn the commission if someone makes a purchase.

What auto chat profits have done is they have integrated a chat bot into the website they give you, so it’s a more of a personal touch and the aim is to hopefully increase your conversions of visitors into sales because they can help you answer questions.

It’s almost like a live support staff member being on your website that answer questions people ask before they decide to buy. It’s automated so it’s programmed to understand the most common types of questions and answers so it’s on so it can be operating 24/7 without anyone manually needing to be there to answer the questions.

Chat bots actually good, but one of the things that I think it’s good besides that is that it’s low price and of course, you can get your money back because it’s a clickbank product, up to 60 days money-back guarantee.

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Is Auto Chat Profits a Scam?

No. It is not a scam. However, the sales video is very much misleading. It promises you a lot of things, like how easy it is to make money online which is not really true. They just say what you want to hear to lure you in buying. Again, there are good stuff in this but is it worth your money? This is just like any other Clickbank product. There’s inflated income claims in the demo video.

I feel like it’s rehashed because there’s a couple other products that I have reviewed that look almost exactly like this product. One of them is the five-minute profits because what happened when you get inside of Auto chat profits, you have this exact same three-step setup.

What Traffic Method Does Auto Chat Profits Teach?

There’s nothing new as far as traffic because they teach solo ads in it. Which is exactly what they teach in the traffic methods in the 5-minute profit sites, and this particular product is not allowed to even be promoted through Aweber.

There’s nothing new as far as the traffic, it’s not anything innovative it’s solo ads which basically you’re buying clicks to your website and then hoping that somebody will buy something on your site. You have to really be careful with solo ads because you have to know what you’re doing. As far as getting what you pay for, and knowing which are legitimate and which ones are not, because you can go on and buy clicks and it may not be someone who’s legitimate and sending you garbage traffic to your site. You can lose a lot of money doing that,

Auto Chat Profits Demo

Here is the script of the video:

I don’t know how you found this private video but welcome. What if I told you that no matter what your age skills or experience, you could make money every day from the internet by exploiting a controversial 418 million dollar industry through the power of revolutionary robot technology.

It’s 100% legal, I guarantee this is completely new and unseen. This automated software is so shockingly consistent. It’s turned a profit for us every single day over the last 336 days. Let me repeat that we made money every single day over the last 336 days with our secret robot technology.

It’s so simple to make money with our robots, you can start using it today in under 6 minutes and 14 clicks but only if you qualify for a free license to use our secret software. A software which will build you a done-for-you website loaded with our revolutionary robot technology in under 6 minutes and 14 clicks. It’s a point-and-click software app designed to make fast money from affiliate marketing.

Hey, I’m Samantha Smith and I’m a spokesperson for auto chat profits, now you might be thinking this sounds like crazy. So I’m going to prove to you in a live demo that this could literally be the only set-and-forget software on the internet which actually makes money.

Then at the end of this short video, I’ll give you a free license to use our software. That’s right, you’ll have the chance to use our software for free. It’s so simple to make money with our software, you can start using it today in under 6 minutes and 14 clicks.

So keep on watching to the end of this short video or you’ll be sick to your stomach later. Now, you might think this sounds too good to be true.

So before we go any further, I want to prove to you that we know how to make money from the internet of insane stacks of cash.

I need to warn you though, what I’m about to show you will shock you. Here’s one of our affiliate accounts, the paychecks I’m about to show you are all Commission money paid to us as affiliates. Look here, you can see we’re on the page showing our paychecks. We get paid almost every week into our bank account. Here you can see the date the money was sent to us and how much was deposited into our account.

This shows that the payment has been processed, this is how much we’re getting paid week after week all from affiliate marketing. I’m not showing you this confidential information to brag but to prove to you that we know the secret to make consistent money week in week out.

So you can trust us, look at this paycheck for just one week. Do you know anyone who makes money like this in one week? Imagine how amazing it would feel to get paid this much money for one week of work. Again, I’m not showing you this private information to show off.

I’m sharing this live video proof with you to prove that we know the secret to make consistent money every week from the internet. Here’s another monster paycheck, most people don’t even make this in a year, let alone a week. I could carry on but I want to show you one of our other accounts.

Give me a second while I log in, look here, this is how much money we’re making every week. Look at how much money we make every day. It’s shockingly consistent money day-in and day-out. Take a look at how much money we make in a month. You need to know insider secrets to pull in money like this every month.

I’m a hundred percent confident that you, yes you, can make money too. You could make stacks of cash every day from the comfort of your own home.

All you need is the right software, something which actually works. If you manage to get a free license to use our point-and-click software, you could get started today in under 6 minutes and 14 clicks. Now, you might be wondering why are we doing this? Why are we giving away our most valuable money making software for free? Well this isn’t charity, we’re doing this because we want you to partner with us. As partners, we’ll help you and you’ll help us with our partnership.

We make a small Commission for every affiliate sale you make. It’s a nice little income for us, but don’t worry that money will never come out of your pocket. It’s a win-win for both of us. We only make money when you make money. That’s why we’ll do everything in our power to get you making consistent money day in and day out.

Now here’s the thing we need to partner with the right kind of person, otherwise we’re wasting our time to partner with us. You need to meet two conditions.

Condition one, if you’re the kind of person who will claim a free license and never actually use the software then click away from this video. Do it right now, this isn’t for you.

Condition 2, if you’re already making $100,000 a year or more from the internet this isn’t for you. Let someone else take your spot, someone who really needs this.

This is a simple point-and-click software designed for beginners, or for people who’ve tried to make money online before and failed. So if you pass both of those conditions, congratulations you qualify for a free license. Make sure you keep on watching until the end of this short video.

You might be wondering how can you trust us with 100% confidence that this can make you consistent money every day. After all, the Internet’s full of scams and false promises. So, we decided to do something that proves beyond any doubt that our software auto chat profits can make you insane amounts of money.


Auto Chat Profits scam price


I’ve just seen this program promoted in my email so I decided to make a review about it. I have been reviewing a lot of products already and work as an affiliate marketer, so I make money from home which is really excellent and flexible way to earn an income, so hopefully you can learn from my experience in looking at these products. I’ve been in this industry for quite a while, so hopefully this Auto Chat Profits Review help you out.

I don’t believe Auto Chat Profits is worth the money. I mean it’s $37 and of course you can get your money back but I don’t think it’s anything new that’s really gonna help you to make the kind of money that they say. I think the person Samantha that’s showing her account is from her selling Clickbank products like this to other people. That’s my Auto chat profits review I hope you guys to receive some value from this .

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