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Hi, If you are looking for product information about Audiencer, you’ve come to the right place. I’m Ross by the way.

Welcome to audiencer review.

I want to give you a short review of what the app does and how it will help you or your clients make more money with Facebook Ads.

You know how popular Facebook is these days especially for e-commerce businesses and you know how many people struggle to make a profit with their stores.

One of the biggest reasons why people fail with Facebook ads is their targeting audience incorrectly. If you don’t put your product in front of the right people you’re just wasting time and of course money.

To solve this, Alex Costan created an app that not only cuts your research time in half  and if you’re in a popular niche, it gives you good interest to target without doing any work at all.

Audiencer Review Overview

Program/Product Name: Audiencer


Owner: Alex Constan

Price: $32 plus upsells

Recommended? Yes

Are you getting positive ROI with your Facebook ads or is it just one failed campaign right after another? Are you thinking to run Facebook ads but you’re too afraid and too uncertain if it will work for you?

Today I’ve got something that will not only change the way you run ads on Facebook but also potentially turn each and every one of your campaigns that you ever run into a winner.

How about clicking no more than a few times to put your ad right in front of those passionate people that will give you crazy amounts of engagement clicks and ultimately sales. How about diving into a new niche almost blind fold yet have an ad campaign that beats every other advertiser in that niche. Last but not least, how about getting so much traffic that it would probably require a server upgrade and even better get all that traffic for way less money that you’ve been spending previously.

lt’s not even a secret anymore unless you haven’t used Facebook ads before that targeting is every thing. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got unlimited money to burn and get all your ads designed by expensive designers over It doesn’t matter if you hire Frank Kern to write ad copy for your ads if you were targeting people from green land, your ice business simply won’t work.

The truth is, unless you know what your best audiences and where it is located you can’t be profitable ever. Here’s the thing though, it’s the targeting where most of the people do go wrong and it’s time consuming and harder to master. Facebook doesn’t make it any easier either, they definitely not going to hand you over all the interest on a platter. You’ve got to dig for those interests and dig deeper and in order to do that you will need to use the Facebook audience tool. A tool that is in itself a pain in the back to work with. It’s hours upon hours of finding interests one by one.

Validating them again one by one to see if they are really relevant and saving them to a text files, that’s easy a day or two wasted for single campaign right there even then you haven’t dug enough and you haven’t done it right because once you run an ad, it will show when you start getting low click through rates, low add to cart and higher CPC’s.

The thing is that the selected few were making a killing, making huge numbers don’t use audiences that are already beaten to death. What they do instead is locate those little pockets of audiences that are buried somewhere deep and are still intact and where the actual spenders hang out. That’s exactly what Audiencer does, to access those real spenders that are not easily accessible with normal research tools.

What is Audiencer?

Audiencer is the most advanced most organized in most deep digging interest excavator that will head you over profitable interest just a couple of clicks. This is great great stuff, no more jumping from one chrome tab to another copy pasting interest from Facebook one by one, no more searching interests one by one either.

Audiencer gives you the ability to gather hundreds of profitable interest in a single go while ditching interests that are profitable.

How Audiencer Works?

Let me actually show you how easy it is to find profitable interests with audiencer.

With just four clicks click:

First – name your audience and type in the ideal customer that you would like to target

Second is you enter your main key word.

Third is to hit search and get access to hundreds of relevant interests that you can use right away.

Fourth – you can one click copy or save all your interests to your Facebook campaign.

That’s it, nothing more nothing less, you are now well on your way to launch campaigns that are 99% of the time a winner. With this much accuracy, just imagine launching ECOM products, they get almost viral because you’re targeting is so spot on.People can’t resist sharing it and buying it.

See Video Demo


Audiencer Facebook Ads

How Audiencer Help You with Facebook Ads?

Deep Interests Extraction Technology

The first time you login to Audiencer you will know why nothing else comes close to it.

Finally uncover interests most people don’t even have access to, so you could profit from totally untapped audiences.

Get hundreds of profitable interests in a matter of minutes rather than days and be on your way to profitable campaigns every single time.

100% Cloud-Based

There is nothing to install and there is nothing to download.

Simply get your logins, login to Audiencer, and off you go to find profitable interests.

You can access it from anywhere in the world even on mobile devices so you could do research even on the go or (or whenever you have some “aha” moment about a particular niche).

Over The Shoulder Training

Make the most from your copy of Audiencer with over the shoulder trainings that explore all the aspects of this tool and how to best take advantage of its sheer power.

No-Limits Search

In FB’s audience builder, you are limited to the first 25 interests for a search and for suggestions.

With Audiencer, however, you don’t have any limits.

We use the marketing API to pull in maximum number of interests that may be useful to you. Just try “dogs” on FB and try it inside of Audiencer’s finder. You will see the difference immediately.

Zero Learning Curve

To really master FB’s default audience insights, you might need some expensive consultation from the likes of Jon Loomer.

This is why we have made Audiencer dead easy for use, even for complete newbies.

Type in a keyword and then dig as deep as you want with all the built-in tools. Simple as that.

Self-Learning Algorithm

Audiencer’s artificial intelligent engine self-learns.

The most interests you use in a campaign, the more results those interests give you,

Audiencer takes a note of that and gives you access to such interests faster when you use it next time. Basically the more you use it, the better it gets.

Built-In Proprietary Scoring

With our proprietary scores and relevance metrics, you will be picking up the best interests like a Pro FB marketer.

No more being uncertain if an interest is worth testing and if it should be included in your campaign.

Audiencer eliminates all the guesswork once and for all, with its built-in metrics.

Search Roulette

Having a blank canvas? Totally out of ideas ?

Can’t think of any niche?

Enter Search Roulette and get all your creative juices flowing. With just a single click, you will have access to niches and ideas, your mind never even thought of. Great for a quick head start.

Campaign planner

Want to create multiple ad sets for a campaign?

But wondering how to manage and track all the interests that went into a particular ads set.

Campaign Planner is the answer.

Easily keep track of your interests in your ads sets, even if they are in hundreds with this powerful feature.

Seamless Google and Facebook Audience Integration

Just by looking at the related pages on the Insights page, you can tell for sure if an interest should be part of your campaign or not.

This is why, with just a single click of your mouse, you can see if an interest you just found has the right audience size, along with the ability to search for it on Google and FB™ right away so you could figure out in an instant if it fits your overall strategy.

Or simply get suggestions from that interest only and see what else can you find.

Private Facebook Group

Access to private Facebook group so you could get all the help you might need from the team itself and hundreds of fellow Audiencers.

Stay abreast with the latest updates, announcements and research strategies from fellow group members.

All your audiences in one place

Audiencer helps you keep your research campaigns organized into projects and audiences so that you never lose or mess up your work.

You don’t need to keep track of endless text or excel files with data inside.

You can also manage your own or your client’s projects, products and niches separately to avoid any confusion.


1-Click Copy & GO!

Previously, you would have tons of tabs opened, Chrome almost freezing while you were struggling to find the interests file you saved somewhere on your computer.

With Audiencer, you have to click just one button to copy all your interests and paste them over to your FB campaign.

Makes it a breeze to launch a campaign one after another.

Audiencer FB Tactics

Advantages of Audiencer

World’s most powerful and most advanced FB’s audience analyzer and interests extractor
Uncover even those interests FB tries to hide during regular searches
Cut down your research time by 50% by, bypassing FB’s 25 interests results per query limit
Built-in proprietary metrics so you could choose only the best interests
Self-learning artificial intelligent interests engine that gets better the more you use it. Get faster access to profitable interests right off the bat.
Never be short of niches and ideas when you can have an unlimited number of them with the single click Search Roulette
Easily test and track even hundreds of ad sets with Campaign Planner
1-Click copy all your interests to your campaigns
Save and bookmark your interests for easy access
Projects keep your and your client’s work separate for ease of use
No need to keep track of endless text or excel files with data and interests inside.
Cloud-based, nothing to install or download
Regular monthly updates
Almost zero learning curve
Step-by-step video training included
Tooltips to help you make the most from the app
Facebook Support group 
100% Facebook TOS compliant

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Imagine one after another campaign turning green with a positive ROI. Imagine getting leads, imagine getting traffic for a penny. Imagine getting local clients begging you for your service because your local ad got shown exactly to those who are in dire need of services that you offer.

Not only that, as you might already know if your ad is relevant and it’s laser targeted, Facebook rewards you with more audience reach. That’s basically reaching way more people now for way less cost. You can achieve all of that and more with audiencer.

The best part is the price very reasonable.

Who do you think dive deeper into a sea diving competition, a guy on his breath alone, a guy with a snorkel, or a guy with a scuba diver tank? I think the answer is pretty obvious. Audiencer here is exactly equivalent of a scuba diver tank so you can dive deeper and deeper into the Facebook sea of data get to those deeply buried interests where the real money is.

I hope this audiencer review is helpful in your decision making whether to purchase this or not.

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