Is Amare Global a Scam? [MLM Pyramid Scheme?]


Welcome to my Amare Global review!

There will always be a new MLM around that claims to have the best products in the market which are backed by science. This, however, does not mean that you can put your trust in every company that comes with such claims.

Well, it’s no news that so many people out there are looking for great ways to supplement their incomes. That is why opportunities such as amare global may seem like a good idea.

The question probably running through your mind right now is whether amare global is a scam. Is this new opportunity worth your time or will you be just wasting time and resources?

The reason I am here today is to provide all the information you are looking for in this company. MLM opportunities may be appealing ways to earn passive income and other bonuses provided.

On the other hand, you don’t just join an MLM company without carrying out some research. In this detailed review, I have already carried out my due diligence. Read on to discover all that you have been looking for;

Amare Global Review Summary

Company: Amare Global



Amare Global is an MLM company in the mental wellness niche. This review is mainly focused more on the business opportunity whether it is legitimate as what they claim or is it just a scam.

Recommended? No! (In terms of the business opportunity )

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What exactly is amare global?

Amare Global landing page

If you are hearing of amare global for the first time then you definitely must be wondering what this company is. Amare global seems to be quite a new MLM company in the market.

The company was founded back in 2016 by the head and CEO who is referred to as Hiep Tran. There are other founding executives listed including Mike Brown, Shawn Talbott, Mark Nguyen, and Rich Higbee.

Amare global considers itself the mental wellness company and this is apparently how they distinguish themselves from the many MLMs in the industry.

If you read through their website carefully you will see that they state how the company came to be. It was after Tran who is the founder was suffering from health and wellness issues. This is when he came up with the idea of starting Amare global.

When it comes to MLM companies you have to know more about the founder and people behind it before you can consider joining it. There is no much information I could find on Tran. We don’t know for sure if he has any experience with network marketing.

The only thing I could find online was that he was once a co-founder for a company named Meritus payment solution back in 2008. It was later bought out by optimal payments in 2014. From what I can see, Tran has vast experience in running big and accomplished companies.

This was a problem because he was working for long hours and it began to take a toll on his physical as well as mental health.

There is some controversy surrounding Shawn Talbott who is an executive founder at Amare global. This company has its scientific advisory board and is headed by none other than Shawn Talbott.

The board consists of mental health experts. What makes the past of Shawn Talbott so interesting is his involvement is a diet pill called CortiSlim. This diet pill was quite popular in 2000 for the many people who needed to lose weight desperately.

In 2005, Talbott had to pay huge sums of money in cash totaling 4.5 million after being sued by the Federal Trade Commission.

FTC alleged that the advertising claims on the CortiSlim’s ability to cause weight loss were exaggerated and unsubstantiated. In simpler terms, they created a supplement and blew its benefits out of proportion saying it supposedly cures almost all ailments.

At this point, we can only wish Amare global will not follow in the same footsteps as CortiSlim. However, it’s quite difficult to believe in a company whose head of the science department has a history of falsely advertising products.

Amare global products

Amare Global products

Amare global products are based on the health supplement niche. To be more specific their products are all focused on the gut-brain axis. I honestly don’t know what this is all about because I have never heard of such a thing. On the other hand, amare global seems to have a great explanation for all this.

They claim that according to science, there is a strong correlation between the gut and the brain. For you to be healthy, both of them have to healthy too. Recent studies show that our gut microbes include more than 100 trillion bacterial cells. These outnumber the human cells by a factor of 10 to 1.

The company goes further to say these microbes produce more neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin than the brain produces. These are the compounds that are responsible for how we feel, the energy we have and our moods. This means that a balance between the brain and the gut is the foundation for mental wellness and health.

Amare global says that all their products are backed by science and they even have ahead of the science department who oversees everything. They offer various products that help with stress, focus, sleep, lack of energy and people who suffer from mood swings.

I can’t possibly elaborate on all their products but I will just mention a few of them. They include VitaGBX, Mood+, GBX SuperFood, MentaBiotics and MentaFocus. There are many more products listed on the company’s website together with their prices.

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The amare global compensation plan

The compensation plan is long and complicated but you can find out all about it through their website in case you want the details. With that said, there are only two things that you need to know;

  • There is the 25% commission which comes from a 25% discounted price that you get from their products. Therefore, it’s more like your profit. For instance, you get to purchase a certain product at $75 and afterward sell it for $100.
  • The second way you will earn money on this platform is through downline commissions. In this case, you have to get others to join the program and build yourself a team of sellers.

It will not be easy to sell their products especially if you have limited experience in sales. The same goes for building a solid team on your downline. This only means you have to join this company prepared because the task ahead will not be easy.

How to join amare global

Joining this company is quite straightforward. You are required to pay an annual membership fee of $69.95 and afterward, you qualify for commissions through retail sales or better still recruit new members into your downline.

Additionally, you can purchase a launch pack for $749.95 but this is not compulsory. The launch pack consists of products worth $1349. Once you pay the membership fee, you get an app, personalized website and access to their back office.

What I don’t like about amare global

Success rates are low

This is no news for any MLM business. 98% of people who join MLMs are not successful and only end up losing their investments. This is a bad business model and that’s why only a few make money while the majorities are unable to make significant incomes. It is simply a bitter truth.

Amare Global review pyramid structure

Too much emphasis on recruitment

This is where many people fail because recruiting is not that easy. There is no denying that if you take a look at their compensation plan you will instantly notice most income comes from building a solid team on your downline. To have enough money flowing in, you will have to recruit many people into the program.

The market is already crowded

The reason why a huge number of distributors find it difficult to make money on such platforms is that the market is already too crowded. Selling their wellness supplements will be quite hard.

There are thousands of products within that niche and all of them are competing for the same clients. Keep in mind, most people are loyal to particular brands and convincing them to try something new will not be easy.

Shawn Talbott’s bad past

One of the company founders has in the past been involved in several lawsuits because of selling sketchy products and shoddy marketing techniques.

He is the head of the science department and this just makes me wonder. How are we supposed to believe their products truly work if the person behind them has a history of making exaggerated claims on products?

Their products are hard to sell

Sadly, this is the truth. It may be a bit difficult to make many sales because of their expensive products. You have to make profits out of it and that’s why what you sell has to be hyped up. Believe it or not, only a few people will be willing to buy supplements costing $100.

Final verdict

Many of you want to know if amare global is a scam or pyramid scheme. With the research I have done, I can conclude this company is not a scam. They are not a pyramid scheme either. They have legitimate products that they sell to their customers and don’t rely solely on recruitment.

However, be very careful with MLM businesses. There is a greater chance you will fail most especially if you lack experience in salesmanship and marketing.

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