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I think it’s safe to say that we all love creating affiliate sites using WordPress but we also hate all the time consuming tasks of setting up our sites. First we have to delete all the demo content that comes with WordPress, adjust the general settings, create a contact, and privacy page and install all of the essential plugins.

Once that’s done, we still have to create posts for all of our content. Add content to each one of those pages, add an image to each of those posts and then add a video to each post as well.

And once that’s done we still need to go get an affiliate link for each product we’re promoting on the site, add that affiliate link to every single post and then go and add an opt-in box to each post to build your list.

It’s boring, it’s time-consuming, and it is stressful, and if you’re like me, you’re probably sitting there thinking there must be a better way to do this well.

AffiliRocket Review

What if you could automate all of those tasks, and what if instead of wasting hours doing all these remedial tasks, you could do it all in just a couple of minutes.

Well that’s exactly what you can do with the new a Affilirocket plug-in

What is Affilirocket plug-in?

With just a couple of clicks in the affiliate plugin you can do all of the WordPress setup tasks.

You can create all of your posts, it’ll automatically add content, images, and videos to every one of those posts.

It will automatically monetize each post and it’ll go ahead and add an opt-in box to each post as well.

So you’ve just taken something that could have wasted an entire day and done it with just a few clicks using the Affilirocket plugin.

Affilirocket Features

Automatically Preforms Initial WordPress Setup Tasks
With the click of a button, AffiliRocket will remove demo content, change permalink structure, install plugins, and create legal pages.

Automatically Create Posts For All Your Keywods
Users can quickly upload an article and image for each keyword and the software will automatically add that content to your post or page when it is created.

Automattically Monetize The Site
In addition, the software will automatically add affiliate products to each post using Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Ali-express and CJ.

AffiliRocket Demo Video


Front End
AffiliRocket ($17-$27 )

Unlimited Site License


Developers License Details:


  • Use the Software To Build Sites For Client
  • Use the Software on Sites That You Sell
  • Use the Software On Sites You Sell on Flippa
  • Use the Software to Create A Service Building These Sites For Others


AffiliRocket Theme ($37 )

With the AffiliRocket Theme Developers License You Can:

  • Use the Theme On Unlimited Sites
  • Use the Theme On Client Sites
  • Use the Theme On Sites You Sell

WordPress Theme designed for AffiliRocket Sites


iMarketers Club ($4.95 trial or $149 per year)

Message from Site Product Owner Kurt Crysler

Membership where members receive access to all my products.  Renews at $27 per month.

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Members of my iMarketers club get access to every product that I release for free. Every member of the iMarketers club will be able to go in and download that without having to buy it because they are a part of my club.

The whole reason I have the iMarketers club is because most people I talk to are confused, overwhelmed, and lost when it comes to building their online business.

I wanted to reverse that trend and hand you everything you need to be successful online in one place with easy to follow directions and a clear process to follow so with the iMarketers club, you can eliminate the obstacles and focus on building your online business the right way.

With the iMarketers club, you get step by step training courses, done for you templates tools to help you build and grow your online business, done for you marketing graphics, done for you products you can sell, and of course access to every product that I release plus tons of more training and resources and you also get to connect with others just like you inside our member’s only Facebook group.

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