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Hi Guys, I am Ross the owner of this website. I am no Guru when it comes to internet marketing, I am just an ordinary person with a day job like most of you.  I created this site to help beginners build business online.


About Ross

Ross is a Chemical Engineer Blogger. Helps people in his own little way.

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  1. Hey Ross
    Good to see the level of work you have put into creating your blog. Well done. I used to have a really good blog with lots of content but I lost it all a few years ago and it was not backed up. Who created the blog for you from scratch? Was it a simple and straight forward installation? Did you have to pay for the theme? If so how much?
    Are you making good money in Affiliate Marketing? What a contrast it is from Chemical Engineering – but hey kudos to you for having such great foresight and getting involved in digital marketing. Would be good to connect and catch up.
    Skype: Ladyjfb

    1. Hi Jo,

      Thanks for dropping by. I made this website from scratch with a free theme. The web hosting is from wealthy affiliate and also bought my domain name there. There is a step by step instruction so it was a bit easy for me.

      This website is less than five months old, though I am earning from it but not much since I do this part time only.

      Building an online business is what is taught at Wealthy Affiliate (aside from the hosting). No BS get-rich-quick-scheme, just purely business. I religiously followed the training and my traffic is slowly growing.


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