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Hi Guys, I am Ross the owner of this website. I am no Guru when it comes to internet marketing, I am just an ordinary person with a day job like most of you.  I created this site to help beginners build a business online.

Update: (Income from Wealthy affiliate alone) Not bad for a newbie and working part-time for this website:


About Ross

Ross is a Chemical Engineer Blogger. Helps people in his own little way.

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  1. Hey Ross
    Good to see the level of work you have put into creating your blog. Well done. I used to have a really good blog with lots of content but I lost it all a few years ago and it was not backed up. Who created the blog for you from scratch? Was it a simple and straight forward installation? Did you have to pay for the theme? If so how much?
    Are you making good money in Affiliate Marketing? What a contrast it is from Chemical Engineering – but hey kudos to you for having such great foresight and getting involved in digital marketing. Would be good to connect and catch up.
    Skype: Ladyjfb

    1. Hi Jo,

      Thanks for dropping by. I made this website from scratch with a free theme. The web hosting is from wealthy affiliate and also bought my domain name there. There is a step by step instruction so it was a bit easy for me.

      This website is less than five months old, though I am earning from it but not much since I do this part time only.

      Building an online business is what is taught at Wealthy Affiliate (aside from the hosting). No BS get-rich-quick-scheme, just purely business. I religiously followed the training and my traffic is slowly growing.


  2. Hi Ross are u in anyway linked to work mines? I ask because the description of work mines that I’ve found online is linked to Time 4work global inc

  3. Hi Ross
    how are you hope ll be fine i m aamir i want to know about hourbitpay.com ?
    and give me suggestion to join legit webs if you knows …!

  4. Hey Ross,

    Hope all is well.

    I’m curious about the the commissions. Do we get any commissions from the monthly fees referring people to the system? $9 TRIAL $47/97 MONTH
    OR are commissions only created from people that join our list and purchase upells and affiliate products from the niches we choose or anything else we promote? sorry about grammar

    1. Hi Vincent,

      I don’t know exactly which affiliate product or platform you are referring to, so I can’t really answer your question.

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