7 Figure Machines Review : Just Another Scam?

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Welcome to my site, I’m Ross and today we’re gonna be reviewing the 7 figure machines. It’s a new course created by Tanner J Fox and Dan Silva. Both of these guys had courses in the past regarding Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Here is a video of What FBA is if you are not yet familiar with it.

After reading my 7 Figure Machines Review,  I hope you can have an educated decision whether to purchase it or not.

Product Website: 7figuremachines.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course and how long will it take me to go through it? 

This course is over 60 videos and around 10  to 13 hours of content. This will take you different amount of time depending how much time you have to put into this. Normally it takes two to four weeks devoting some time and going through it, learning, taking notes and going through it correctly. It is expected anywhere from two to four weeks to go through the entire course.

How long do you have access to this material? 

You’ll have access to this content forever. They are never going to take it away from you. You paid for it, it’s yours. You have all the content in here and the updates that come along with it forever and nothing will change that.

What is its refund policy?

7 Figure Machines refund policy is a 31 day refund. If you are unhappy for whatever reason, just let them know and they will refund you. They do not want you to be unsatisfied.

What if you have questions or problems? 

Well, you can reach out either Tanner or his partner Dan and they will answer you within 24 hours. You can always contact them whenever you need it with any questions, any problems you encounter. Literally anything we are here for you.

Can you pay with paypal?

Yes, you can pay with a credit card, debit card, you can pay with paypal completely.

What do you get when you invest in the 7 figure machines?

Well, the first thing you’re going to get is the 7 figure machines core training. Now you have 24/7 lifetime access and you’ll have access the owners as well. You have the ability to go through each and every one of these modules. There’s hours and hours worth of training that is step by step all the way from product research, finding suppliers, listing. And the list just goes on and on. Now you have all of these as well as a couple extra bonus videos were added and their exact resources and templates they personally use. So you have their checklist of products, their supplier email template, shipping and freight forwarding resources, product costs, accounting, etc. Now on top of that they’ve added some bonuses if you take action right now.

The first game changer they have is just their basic training.

Second is their income multiplier software. What this software does is different than anything else out there. This is their personal software they used.

Third is that they have a 7 figure set up calls, so you’ll get 100% invite only access to their live Q and A’s where they hold nothing back. Essentially they are ensuring you become successful, so no secrets, no nothing, just sharing everything with you guys.

Game Changer number four, business scout program, so you have access to their sourcing managers, saving you hours of research.

Number five are their contact templates. You’re getting all those templates . All of these and more.

Game changer number six is support. They promised to never leave you high and dry. They will always answer messages and we will help you along the way and hold your hand.

Game Changer number seven product research pro so we will handhold you through the entire process giving you an upper hand showing you exactly what to do.

Number eight is done with you products so you will have us to analyze your product and make sure everything looks like it’s right and make sure you are set up for success.

Number nine which is a bonus is the sales infiltrator software, so you’ll have instant access to our Amazon review software where they have a peer to peer review system to ensure that you rank and generate tons of reviews for your products.

Number 10 is a three week live case study that my partner and I are putting on where we’ll have live calls with coaches, other million dollar Amazon sellers, and they’ll tell us exactly what they’re doing in their strategies.

Number 11 is done for you campaign. They will do all the work, all the research, all the creation for your campaign when it comes to Amazon advertising. They will do that for you for your first campaign.

Number 12 is yearly Amazon training. So most programs will just leave you hanging in and take your money and then leave and let you do the rest. So for this, they didn’t want to do that to you guys. The provide every 7 figure machine member with yearly Amazon training. So you know what’s working and what’s changing.

And lastly, game changer number 13 is zero startup costs. If you need help funding your Amazon business, They will show you where you can get startup capital. So you do not have to worry about having any yourself.

What is included in the Membership?

MODULE 1 –Product Research

  • Product Research Criteria
  •  Product Research Checklist
  •  Amazon’s Algorithm
  •  Restricted Products, Gated Categories, Patents
  •  Product Research Using Jungle Scout
  •  Product Research Others Don’t Do
  •  Alibaba Product Research
  •  Finding Products By Spying On Competitors
  •  Differentiating Yourself
  •  Product Examples

MODULE 2-Suppliers And Shipping

  • Finding & Negotiating With Suppliers
  •  Air Shipping
  •  Sea Shipping
  •  Product Samples
  •  Product Inspection
  •  How To Bundle Items Together To Increase Profits
  • Designing A Product’s Logo And Packaging
  •   Amazon Fees & Product Costs

MODULE 3-Listing Creation & Account Setup

  •  Setting Up Your Amazon Seller Account
  •  Creating Product Listings That Sell
  •  Editing Your Listing/ Hazmat
  •  Creating Product Variations
  •  UPC Codes
  •  Keyword Research
  •  Advanced Keyword Research Tool
  •  How To Price Your Product
  •  Do Not Lower Your Price
  •  Refunds & How To Deal With Them

MODULE 4-Product Launch

  • Product Launch Strategy
  •  Reviews and How To Get Them
  •  Giveaway Launch Strategy
  •  Amazon Early Reviewer Program
  •  PPC Launch Strategy
  •  Get Rid Of Bad Reviews

MODULE 5-Navigating Seller Central

  • Navigating Seller Central
  •  Account Settings To Have
  •  Creating A Shipping Plan
  •  How To Deal With Hijackers

MODULE 6-Marketing & Advertising

  • Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) & Promotions
  •  Creating Your First Campaign
  •  Optimizing & Analyzing PPC Campaigns
  •  Amazon PPC Strategy Step By Step
  •  Email Marketing For More Reviews
  •  How To Bundle An Ebook


  •  Putting It All Together

MODULE 8-Advanced Strategies

  • How To Get Ungated In All Categories
  •  Brand Registry
  •  Insert Cards
  •  Selling Internationally
  •  Building A Brand

MODULE 9-Facebook Ads

  • Opening Words
  •  Branding
  •  Video Ad (Example 1)
  •  Video Ad (Example 2)
  •  (BONUS) Spying / Looking At Other Amazon Links
  •  Creating the creative (Shortcut)
  •  Engagement is key

MODULE 10-Extras

  •  My Biggest Amazon FBA Mistakes
  •  How To Start With A Smaller Budget
  •  Amazon FBA Bookkeeping
  •  What To Do With Lost/Stranded Inventory
  •  What To Do With Slow Products

MODULE 10-Resources & Templates

  • Product Research Checklist
  •  Supplier Email Template
  •  Sea Shipping & Freight Forwarder Resources
  •  Product Costs Excel Sheet
  •  Accounting Profit Tracker Excel Sheet
  •  Hijacker Cease & Desist Letter
  •  How To Start Amazon FBA Step By Step
  •  Resource Links

How Much Does it Cost

It cost $497 – one time fee. – Click here to buy this


Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of this is the price. It is a little expensive especially for beginners. You should consider your budget if you want to purchase this course.

Personal Thoughts

If you have a tight budget and still starting, i recommend my  no. 1 platform that I am using in my business. You can join for free.

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7 Figure Machines Review Conclusion

If you’re a complete beginner with FBA, 7 Figure Machines will be very useful to you. You can just watch it and just get everything going.  I would recommend  this course especially if you’re a beginner. If you’re somebody with an intermediate knowledge already, it’s gonna be hard to find a course that doesn’t have the beginner stuff.  I think the marketing in the Facebook ads are the biggest parts of this because  even if you can learn how to sell on Amazon, you can find the product research, but what are you gonna do once you actually have the perfect product? How you gonna get it out there? So, I think those are the biggest parts definitely. if you’re somebody who knows how to sell you’re gonna need stuff like this, maybe even look into Facebook Ads more. The extras and the resources are just things to sell the course a little bit better, make it look like you’re getting a ton of stuff they probably spent overall two hours on all those stuff

I would fully recommend the 7 Figure Machine course especially for beginners, advanced people definitely take advantage of the advertising marketing look more into the Facebook stuff.

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