3 Simple Ways To Improve Your On-Page SEO


Let’s talk about the three on-page SEO tips I have for you.

1. Look At The Competition

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Go Google the term that you’re trying to rank for, check out around four or so of the top ranked pages. See how long their content is. Is it perfect? Is it like a journalist wrote it, no grammar mistakes, really well-written, compelling, and exciting to read? Is it like that, or is it completely generic and bland. It’s kind of subjective thing to judge the quality but when you read it and you read it like four of the top different sites, you probably will get a pretty good idea of the quality one versus another and then you can check out and think about your own content. Is it on par? Is it better? Is it worse? If everyone’s content is really good,you’re probably going to have to meet or exceed the quality that they have. The other part on top of the length is the keyword density, so if you use a tool like Jaxxy or SEO quake, you can quickly see the keyword density for various keywords that you want to check out. So my recommendation is to download that free tool SEO quake. Basically you could take a look quickly and see the keyword density, what you want to do is analyze the competition. If the top ranked sites are using a specific keyword the one you’re trying to rank for, I guess a certain percentage of the time say one and a half percent of at a time you probably should aim for that same keyword density and this is one of the reasons why you know people ask what’s the ideal keyword density. It’s hard to say, it depends on the keyword, it depends on the niche, and a variety of other you know variables out there. The best way to figure it out is to literally look at what Google is deeming a good keyword density, so google it, check the competition, checkout that keyword density.

2. Adding Images

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The second thing you could do is add images. As you’re looking through the different content, you’ll see probably there’s a few images on the page and generally, I think adding more images is a good thing so just from a consumer reader perspective having more images is usually more interesting as you’re reading the text it’s nice to have an image to let you know what’s going on, illustrate a point, and stuff like that. I would suggest adding more images and I would also suggest that you put keywords in the file name right. I wouldn’t go keyword stuffing in the file name, but if you have some sort of keyword rich long phrase that describes what’s in the image, that’s the right way to do it.

Additionally, you’ll want to fill in the alt text with some kind of keyword rich phrase and a caption as well. All those things help add to the overall on-page SEO and improve it at a minimum. I would say you should probably have like two or three images on any post depending on the post. There’s no maximum like if it makes sense to have that image in there, put it in. The only consideration is you don’t want to have really huge large file sizes which can make your page load slower, so be mindful of that. Otherwise, you can put ten images on a fairly long post and that’ll be great .

3. YouTube Videos

YouTube Logo

The third thing is to embed YouTube videos. I’m a big fan of this, there’s a couple reasons why.

Number one from an SEO perspective, it does add some relevancy to your post. If you’re reviewing a specific product and you put a YouTube video on that page, Google and YouTube understand what that video is about and the type of people watch that video. If you can match that up with a content that you’re covering specifically, if it’s like a product review, that’s great because, then it tells that video from YouTube tells Google what that page is about and that relevancy is a good thing to have.

It’s useful for the visitors, so if they’re looking for information on a specific product and you can put a video that is relevant and helps them understand that product you’re using, or something like that, it’s a good thing and if it can help them you’ll get a third benefit which is they’ll stay on your page longer. That is really positive since it is one of the ranking factors of Google, interaction from the visitors. Some of the interaction is staying on the page for a while, so if the visitor gets to your page, they click play, they’re reading your content and they’re watching the video. That’s great all around, they’re spending more time on your website, they’re consuming videos from YouTube. Google likes YouTube and it’s sort of good positive energy that you want to have.


So quick recap on page SEO tips, you’ll want to check out your competition from a word count perspective, take a look at the keyword density and the quality. You’ll also want to look at the images, see how many images they have, add more images if you don’t have many on your page already. And the last thing is to embed YouTube videos, it adds relevancy, it lets Google, and YouTube know what your page is about. It can help people stay on that page longer which is a very good thing for your website.

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